Hey! Welcome to my website. My name’s Madison Dunne, and here’s a little about me:

I grew up in Eugene, Oregon (go ducks!) where I grew to love the outdoors and creativity. I love being in nature, and I love playing sports. I’ve always been a creative person: I love painting, drawing, writing poetry, song lyrics, and music, etc. I’ve also always loved sports; I competed in soccer, track, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, and (my favorite) lacrosse.

Another one of my passions is sharing what makes me happiest with those around me. I served an LDS Mission in Quito, Ecuador for 18 months, so before, during, and after that time I have loved sharing my religious beliefs. I also love learning about the beliefs of people from various religions because I think there is beauty and opportunity to learn from people of all walks of life. Aside from religion, I love learning about healthy eating and physical wellbeing. I create recipes and workouts that help me feel strong, healthy, and happy, and I share those things with my friends as well as my Instagram followers.

I think it is important to be a force for good in whatever path we choose in life. I also think it is important that more people feel God’s love and that can be more tangible if we treat others with kindness, respect, and being genuine.

I decided to go into Public Relations because I love problem-solving and finding efficient solutions to problems; this is something that improves both communication and creates greater peace. I want to use my knowledge to help people improve the way they see others and the world. I want media to be more of an active influence for good in our lives in order to combat depression and anxiety little by little.

I also love learning languages. I think that through language, we understand cultural perspectives that differ from our own which lead to being open-minded and more understanding of each other. I grew up learning Spanish in a bilingual school, and I took a few years of French as well. I lived in The Holy Land, Jordan, and Egypt for five months and following that experience, I decided to take an Arabic class. I’ve been teaching myself Portuguese the past year because I have Brazilian friends and I would like to connect with them better. I hope to learn German and Russian to connect with my ancestors more as well. Language is a beautiful thing and I hope to use it in everything I do throughout my whole life.

If you have any other questions about me, feel free to contact me. Thanks again for visiting my website!

Currently in Utah!