The Power of the Holy Ghost

ImageRecently, I have made a really good friend named Krissi Brunoe. We have a lot in common and she knows exactly how to uplift me and show me how much the Savior loves me when I’m feeling down. Tonight I hung out with her and some other friends, and then I took her home. When we were sitting in her driveway, we were talking about really spiritual things and I felt the Holy Ghost so strongly. However, I was not aware that I was about to have the most spiritually uplifting moment of my life.

I started driving home and began to pray out loud. I thanked Heavenly Father for blessing me with Krissi in my life. And I told Him I knew that literally every single person I meet is placed in my life for a reason. I continued to thank him for the blessings and the help emotionally He has given me recently while preparing for my mission. I started bawling. Not just crying. Full out bawling. It’s late, it’s dark, and I honestly could barely see the road at all because of how much I was crying. I knew at that moment that He was keeping me safe on my way home. I could hardly see where I was going, but I know I didn’t pass a single car the whole way home. Not one. I believe He was keeping me from potentially getting in a car accident.

So as I am bawling, I am literally gasping for air. Praying with all the strength I have in me. Thanking Him over and over, telling Him all of my concerns and worries and problems. I felt His love so deep in my heart like I had never felt before. It felt as if it was just expanding in my heart and I felt the most peace I have ever felt before. Talking about my worries, about my future, about my fears, and about my mission normally gives me so much anxiety. I usually feel so uneasy and scared. But it felt as if every part of my body was at peace. Totally calm. My heart was full. I had never felt so much love and happiness and peace in my entire life. I can’t even put into words how I felt. The tears continued to roll down my cheeks which was crazy because I have never been so happy to the point where I cry this hard so it was a really amazing experience.

I continued to ask Him questions about my future, about my life, about what I should be doing. What He wants and needs me to do. I had the strongest feeling in my soul and this thought kept repeating in my head : “Everything will be okay. You need not worry about your future now. It will work out how it needs to. You will be happy. Your Heavenly Father loves you and He will guide you.”

I needed to hear these words of comfort more than anything at this moment. I have been having so many fears and questions and anxiety about leaving on this mission. But all of those worries and fears have totally vanished. Like I said before; I have never felt more at peace.

I know our Heavenly Father lives. He knows each and every one of us. He loves each and every one of us more than we can even comprehend. I know he is everready for us to pray to Him. He will guide us. He will bless us. He will comfort us. I testify of His love and know Him to be a living, loving, and eternal God.

I say these things in the name of His beloved son, Jesus Christ, amen.


One thought on “The Power of the Holy Ghost”

  1. I’M SO THANKFUL I HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE!!!!! I’m grateful the Lord has such a perfect plan that He blessed me to have you as a friend! You are so amazing, and are such a great example to me! I’m so glad we have gotten as close as we have in as little time as we have! I seriously consider you one of my best friends. I love you Matt. ❤

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