Cherishing Time


As the time gets closer to my departure, I am coming to cherish the time I have with the people I love more and more. It’s easy to forget that time is precious, people are precious, and life is precious. I don’t mean to throw the word ‘precious’ around, either. I mean it in the traditional sense; “Of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly.” I have always felt love within my family and home, and I’ve always known how blessed I am to have this amazing family in my life, but I don’t think I have really, truly put it into perspective until now. They are so dear to me, as are the other friends and family in my life that I love. I have always believed that every single person we come across throughout our lives is put into our lives for a specific reason. The people who love you, those who annoy you, those who do favors for you, those who deceive you. Everyone has an impact on your life and makes you who you are. I know that my family has had such a positive impact on my life and I want to thank them for that.

As I am really cherishing the time I have with my family, I am also cherishing the time I have living in this beautiful city. Eugene is really beautiful. She has all of my favorite quirky, delicious restaurants. There are bike lanes and running paths everywhere. It is just so perfect. I’m going to have to adjust to not having these things around me that are so familiar to me. And even though I will be missing these things a lot, I know I will come to love Ecuador and the different forms of beauty she holds as well.

I am cherishing the luxuries I have in my life now too. Like simply being able to drink out of the faucet. In Ecuador I will have to filter or boil the water before I drink it, or just drink out of bottled water. Such a simple thing like that can still be a pretty big adjustment. For example; I have to make sure the water is clean before I put it on my toothbrush–I can’t just use faucet water like I do in my usual routine. This isn’t a huge deal, but it’s still something I will have to adjust to.

One more thing I’m cherishing right now is time itself. Time goes by fast. Really fast. We all know this!! But it is so much more evident to me now. There are only so many hours in a day and with this date getting closer and closer, running errands has been taking up my entire day! I never realized how fast time goes by when you’re busy. This makes me sad and happy. (Again, the very bittersweet feeling) I’m excited because if these 18 months go by fast, I will be seeing my loved ones again very soon! Which realistically, it is pretty soon. In the big picture, 18 months of my life is nothing. Then again, I know I will grow so close to the people, the culture, and the environment–I won’t want to leave! I know that my love for them will also grow with my love for this gospel and for Jesus Christ. It will probably be hard leaving Ecuador and going back to normal life. It will be so amazingly fun serving others and making others feel of Christ’s love for them. Not having to worry about myself or focus on myself will be nice too. So, I will also be cherishing the time I will have on my mission. I won’t ever get those 18 months back, so I am ready to give it my all and work as hard as I possibly can.

Okay, my venting is over now. I just really wanted to stress how crucial it is that we recognize how precious everything is around us. Everyone and everything in our lives. Take time to appreciate the people and the environment you live in. These passing days are days we will never get back. Cherish them.

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