Bye everybody…..

Bye everybody.....

I left this morning at 5:15 and had to be there at 3:15! My whole family came to see me off. I didn’t even cry, I was just excited for my adventure. I actually got to call my mom when I got to Dallas and talk to my sister too. I think another sister missionary was sitting at the gate waiting with me so that calmed me down a bit. I was feeling a little nervous. (these are things Madison said. This is her mom typing this of course) We’re so proud of her. She’s in Mexico City as I type this and hope to hear from her soon.

6 thoughts on “Bye everybody…..”

  1. To Madison’s mom:
    I don’t even know Madison, but our kids met up at BYU-I and they are good friends (Ryan Payne). I am “friends” with her on Facebook, and I’ve had a few conversations with her. I’ve enjoyed reading her blog comments. You must be a proud momma!! She’s going to be a great sister missionary!

    1. Oh cool. Yes she’s told me about Ryan and how much fun she had with him:) Yes I am a very proud mama. She emailed us tonight and said she’s super happy and very excited and made it to the Mexico MTC safe and sound.

  2. Oh, and I’ve copied and pasted her farewell talk and I’m going to print it off and send it to Elder Payne. He’ll love it!

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