She’s in Mexico!

Hi everyone!!! This keyboard has letters and symbols in different places so this is super confusing to use…but <i am LOVING it so far!!! <i]m at the CCM and I have never been so happy or excited in my entire life! They literally do just throw you into the language here. I{m here with one girl who is going to my exact same mission who <i already met over facebook before and two other elders. they{re great. we flew from dallas to mexico city together and none of them really know any spanish at all so i have been translating everything because the guys who picked us up speak VERY little english. haha All in all, I AM SO HAPPY AND I CANNOT WAIT TO START THIS JOURNEY!!!! <i love you all!!! Sorry i keep doing weird signs, i{m trying to type like i normally do, but i can{t cuz it is different…anyway! <i love you and stay strong for me, okay?! <i{m doing great!! so don{t worry!! 🙂 love always, Hermana Dunne (ps everyone here calls me “hermana dune” and I GOT MY NAMETAG! eep i{m oofficial now. okay till PDAY! (whenever the dev that is….)

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