This is Me!

My name is Madison Amy Dunne and I am happy. :}

I grew up in beautiful Eugene, Oregon…

With two loving parents, and two obnoxiously fun sisters…

As well as lots of great friends and family.

I then went off to college at BYU-Idaho for a year and survived the negative 20 degree weather.

It went from this in September…

…to this by late October.

I also met some really amazing people! Here are some pictures of only a few of them…

Elder Christopher Esteves

My roommate Miss Talia Hansen

Elder Connor Schroeder, Elder Wesley Anderson, Elder Chris Esteves, Elder Peter Gregory, and Elder Orion Biberston

Elder Troy Prigmore and Elder Ryan Payne

Elder Kyle Schroeder, and…

Elder Wesley Anderson!

As you might have noticed…almost all of these people have the title “Elder” in front of their names because, well, they’re all on missions! And guess what?! I have exciting news…

I am serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months in the Ecuador Quito North mission speaking Spanish. (Hopefully you knew this coming onto my blog in the first place…ha ha) If you draw a horizontal line across Ecuador right at Quito– what’s north of that is my mission from the coast to the mountains. I’m unsure what towns or cities I will be living in until I get there.

This is the most pivotal decision of my life, and I expect to grow a lot from this experience. I know this is something I will look back on the rest of my life, and I know this is something I need to do. I have prayed a lot about this decision to serve a mission, and although it may be very difficult at times, it will also be incredibly rewarding.

The first six weeks of my mission, I will be in Mexico getting trained in the Missionary Training Center; Learning how to teach, and learning the language. After October 8th I will head off to Ecuador. You can ask my parents for my new address once that happens.

After I serve a mission, I hope to get my dream job working for National Geographic and travel the world taking pictures. Enjoy life everyone, and treat everyone as you want to be treated!!

Love, Madi

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