3rd week in the CCM

Hola mi familia!!!! 🙂

Okay so first of all, i want to apologize for saying “buey”…apparently it’s not the nicest term…according to the nativos here. haha whoops.

So, this week has been really super great. I have actually been sick the past two weeks with a headache, sore throat, and lots of congestion…but I got a priesthood blessing from my district leader, elder pope and his companion elder madrigal and now i feel better 🙂 woohoo!! Okay so last pday i emailed you on 9/11 and forgot to mention how weird that felt. All last week/weekend we had been celebrating Mexico’s dia de independencia! Which was this monday and it felt so weird because there were decorations EVERYWHERE for mexico and not one thing to remember nine eleven. I know i know, i’m in mexico, what should i expect? haha but it was just super weird. I had a moment of silence in my heart…along with all the other americans here. BUT OH MY GOSH okay so i want to be latino soooo badly. like, friday night we had this HUGE celebration in the gym which was basically a party and it was the weirdest thing because i didn’t think they would allow missionaries to do that. haha but they had natives perform traditional dances–and just fyi, one day i will dance like them and wear those HUGE frilly dresses. awe man. i wanted to get up on the stage with them and dance sooo badly. haha MAN. And people sang and we all sang their national anthem….it. was. great. We sat in the stands with the natives too so they were going CRAZY and i can say that it satisfied my craving of yelling at football games. my throat hurt so bad haha i was still sick then so it probably wasn’t the best but it was fantastic. It was HILARIOUS though because there is this native elder that I have been seeing everywhere and we were sitting in the stands with him and he keppppt asking me to smile for him…like, he was just taking pictures of…me. haha it was the weirdest thing. so after the celebration he asked if he could have a picture with me and then all of a sudden ALL of these nativos starting asking me and my companions to take pictures with them. it was hilarious. we felt famous.

Spiritually, i am growing a lot. I really think i am starting to understand the spirit more. Like, i really have to put all my trust in God and pray with all my heart that he will help me learn and teach. I have taught lessons where i asked for HF to help me know what questions to ask or what to say back to them or what scriptures to find that will help them and SERIOUSLY every time I end up saying or finding something that i never had thought of before. Like, a question will pop into my head and i can´t stop thinking about it so i ask it and then EVERY TIME i have done that, the investigator has opened up and/or started crying. All i have to say is that this REALLY IS the Lord’s work and I REALLY AM just an instrument in His hands. He knows the intentions and thoughts and feelings of the person i am teaching, so it is crucial that I listen to the Holy Ghost and I am listening to the promptings I get. Gosh, like I have had a few times this past week where i have felt a little down but then i just think of how I need to be better than that. And how this time is so short and i better work hard otherwise i will come home with regrets. And how i can’t be distracted with my worries or my problems or the things i miss on this mission because i need to be worried and involved and concerned with the people i am teaching. I have no room to be selfless. I just don’t let myself think that way. And if i ever do, i just pray for HF to guide me to a scripture that will cheer me up, and every time i pray about that and then randomly open my scriptures, there is ALWAYS a verse screaming comfort to me it is insane. Like this last week, i opened to St. Luke 24:36 which says “peace be unto you.” I was like….no….way. So i tried it again and randomly opened to 2nd John 1:3 which says “Grace be with you, mercy, and peace, from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.” like WHAT THE ACTUAL DEV. Heavenly Father basically spoke straight to me through the scriptures!! I am amazed at the level of spirituality i am experiencing here. I love it. soso much.

Shout out to Nana and Grandpa for sending me the most amazing package ever and making my whole district happy! WE. LOVE. FOOD. hehe okay i promise i eat a tooon, but i actually have lost 5 pounds since i’ve been here. Nuts, huh? I don’t get it. I will try and eat more…

Also, shout out to Jan for sending me two letters before my own family! Hahahaha Cheered me up for sure. Also, whoever said it was a good idea to bring earplugs, YOU’RE RIGHT! If i didn’t have them to sleep with, then i would probably be up an extra hour. This city is sooo noisy. And people are allllways honking their horns…and it lasts for seriously like a solid ten seconds. I don’t get it. People need to cool their jets! I also use the earplugs for during class when i’m trying to study. My district is absolutely insane and very very loquacious. (SAT word, ya dig, dad?) It is starting to trend. ahha I gave my friend Elder Foster some ear plugs to use during class too. they’re nice ish.

Just so everybody knows, THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE!! I can say that with my whole heart and soul. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind! So everyone needs to read this book. It will change your life forever, I promise. Pay attention to how you feel when you read it and make sure you read the introduction and moroni 10:3-5. You won´t regret it. Read about how Christ visited the Americas too!!! 3 Nephi chapters 8-11. AH this book is so great. I don´t know why I didn´t read it sooner than this last winter. Absolutely amazing. And full of adventure, and history, and spirituality, and real life problems, and action, and romance…the whole she bang! Gah. I love this book.

On another note, everyone should probably listen to the whole EFY 2013 CD…I want these songs on my ipod so badly! But I can´t download them for some reason. You should probs send me a CD mom 😉 SO GOOD. You can find them on lds.org under the search “youth music” then the first link…i think. haha look em upppp and dowload emmmm

i play soccer or volleyball every day and i LOVE IT. it is so much fun and i know it is the only exercise i get all day so i go as hard as

Con parte del amor de mi corazon, Hermana Dunne!!!

(Los otros partes son por Wes y Jesucristo y Dios!! Lo siento!)

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