Mexicans just GET icecream!!


So last week i forgot to mention that we do a service project every tuesday and they are ALWAYS fun. We hopped in the back of this truck with a garage in the back of it (sorry i cant explain it any other way) and the back was completely open. we literally would hop out of the back as he was driving and we would collect all the water containers from all over the mtc neighborhood. (we have filtered water bottles in our casas) it was SO MUCH FUN. We would run ahead of the truck, grab the containers, throw them to each other through an assembly line, and then hop back in the truck and more people would hop out and go for it. I loved it because i have missed running a lot. but OH MY GOODNESS. ahahhh okay this is so sad but we all laughed so hard…..Hermana Hill (my companion) was trying to jump into the truck as we were driving and her arms latched onto the truck ahead of her feet and she totally ATE IT. I was like “HERMANA!” and jumped out and helped her up. But we were allll laughing (including her) so it is okay and she is fine 🙂

I set a goal to learn three songs on the piano before I leave the ccm! So far I have “sweet hour of prayer” and “We thank thee o god for a prophet” down!!! They are pretty easy. but i actually cant play them exactly right. I play some minor chords and make it sound cooler!!! so yeah.

Mexicans just GET ice cream. Like, they have perfected ice cream treats. They know that the cone should be chocolate covered in the WHOLE inside of the cone and that there should be a big chunk of chocolate at the bottom. They mix the most ingenious flavors….they just….GET IT. So if you ever want something good, go to the mexican tienda, otherwise you are only settling.

Okay on the more spiritual side of things, I am starting to realize how dramatic of a change this mission requires. Like, i literally have to learn to control my thoughts. I have to train myself to be focused so that I can allllways feel the spirit and I can know how to help people. It is really weird that I only have two weeks left here. I am kind of freaking out. This last week i realized that I am definitely progressing, but i am not progressing as much as I could be. I could be working a lot harder. So that is what i have been trying to do. I need to focus on and strengthen my relationship with Heavenly Father right now. That is what should matter most. So i am trying really hard to let go of my socialness and be a little more constructive with my time.

I think that being constructive with time is a good thing for everyone to have too. I watched some videos on this week and i loooved them. So please look up and watch “mountains to climb”, “your potential, your privileges”, “My brother Hyrum”, “Enduring Love!!!!” “Extraordinary gift!!!” and “daily bread:pattern”. Soooo great. especially make an effort to look up the ones i added !!!!! to. okay? okay 🙂 EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THEM.

Something else that i am trying really hard to do is work through being tired. There are days and times where we have some extra time where we could take a short nap if we wanted to, and i am not trying to say napping is bad or like rag on anyone, but when my companions take naps, i try really hard to push through the tiredness and read my scriptures instead. I have been thinking…I cant just sleep whenever i’m tired when i am actually on the mission. So i need to train myself to work through that so i can be stronger. I really enjoy it and I feel like the scriptures give me energy. It’s cool. 🙂

Something that my district leader, Elder Pope, said was “God never changes, people and situations change.” I really really liked that. When people think it’s weird that we have changed rules and stuff in our church, it doesnt discredit that our church is true or that god isnt always constant. People and situations change and Heavenly Father decides what is okay when. That is why it is crucial to have prophets. okay well i love you all soooo much and i cant wait to hear from you again next week! i am trying really hard to write shorter emails but its hard. it will be rough in the field. kl ove you all!!! :)) till next week!!

From now on please send anything to this address since it takes over two weeks for anything to get to me here in Mexico.  They won’t forward anything to me that arrives after I leave for Ecuador.

Hermana Madison Amy dunne

Ecuador Quito North Mission

Calle Francisco Robles E4-151

(y Avenida Amazonas)

Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo


the parenthesis part is only there if you are sending a package! 🙂ImageImageImageImage

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