LAST WEEK IN SPIRITUAL PRISON….pix: Madi with her cousin’s friend, Beatles remake & fire hydrant with mirror…always the photographer

HOLA HOLA HOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! LAST WEEK IN SPIRITUAL PRISON!!! Don’t get me wrong, it is fantastic here and i will miss a ton of people, but DANG am I ready to get out into the field and teach REAL people!!! AHhhh and get GENUINE latino food. Can’t wait. And I can’t wait to be on my own with my companion. I feel like i will be able to focus soooo much better!

So we have this thing called TRC (i dunno why) and members from mexico city come to the ccm and we teach them. It is suuuper cool and we are given a broad topic so we can teach from pretty much any angle. It is suuuper nice meeting with genuine spanish speakers because they speak a heck of a lot faster than our teachers and i seriously have to concentrate SO hard to understand them…It is a lot easier teaching REAL people rather than our teachers because i feel like it is so much more genuine. And our lessons flow nicer, we remember our spanish more….with our teachers it is kind of awkward cuz it is role play and we know they are analyzing us so they can tell us what to work on.

I have learned three piano songs!! woohooo! i can now play “sweet hour of prayer”, “god be with you till we meet again” and “we thank the, o God, for a prophet”…..i am so happy! hopefully i will not have to play the piano in ecuador though because i cant read notes. i just memorized these songs.

I can speak spanish a lot better now

I am learning a lot more than i thought i ever could about this gospel. There is SO MUCH TRUTH in the book of mormon. I am reading a lot more in the bible now too and it is amazing the words that are in there. Seriously encouraging words that have brightened my day numerous times.

I feel the spirit so strongly in every fiber of my being when I read the book of mormon and when i bear my testimony! There is NO denying of the truthfulness of this church. I wish SO BADLY that everyone I knew would open their hearts and just give this church a chance and learn about this gospel. Heavenly Father loves everyone SO MUCH and He yearns for His children to learn more about His plan for us.

I went to the temple again today and I said a prayer while I was in there. I thanked Him a lot and then I prayed for Him to help me know what i needed to work on this week to prepare myself to leave this next week. I received a lot of inspiration and i just started to cry. Prayer is SO POWERFUL. HEAVENLY FATHER SPEAKS TO US. He is ALWAYS LISTENING. ALWAYS. And he NEVER forgets about ANYONE no matter what they have done in their life. He is ALWAYS ready to welcome us back in his arms. Can’t say that enough. Running out of time, so till next week!!! 🙂 (i will probably get to email one last time before I head out to Quito! EEP!! (FREAKIN OUT OVER HURR) Adios!!!



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