Conference was Inspirational and Fantastic


Awe man. HELLO! How is everyone? Gosh dang. Conference this weekend was absolutely FANTASTIC. I have never felt the love or power of God more strongly than I did this weekend. What amazes me even more is that no one coordinates their talks!!But there is ALWAYS a theme. Wow. Everyone’s words are TRULY inspired of God.

Okay, before I get all spiritual on you, SHOUT OUT TO MY FATHER!!!!!!!! His birthday is in 3 days!! Happy birthday dad! I love you sososososo much 🙂 thank you sooo much for all the love and support you have given me. I love you and it is so great being able to relate missionary experiences with you. I think about you every day and how much you have impacted my life! Stay cool and keep being friends with my friends so there will still be friends for me when i am home…chiste….but fo real. do yo thang. and have fun in MEXICO!!

Okay, this week has been great. Like, the week was already going super well because I feel like I am learning so much and this week I have been preparing to FINALLY go out into the real world…I just feel so accomplished. and then I got to finish my ccm experience with a BANG! and watch conference!!! OH MY GOODNESS. Like, I needed that so badly. I think without conference, i would be a lot more nervous and anxious today, but i am actually just SO excited to leave. I want to share this message with people so badly.


ALSO i have been dyyyying to sing with the choir here but there isnt a choir. they choose different districts every week to sing… so on sunday, there was a district who was going to sing before conference and we were watching them practice, so i begged Hermana Finley (an hermana in our district) to go ask them if we could join. she did and they said yes. DREAM COME TRUE. we sang the efy medley song in spanish. it was beautiful and i may or may not have teared up.

Going back to conference…WOW. VERY VERY INSPIRATIONAL. Oh my goodness. I dont care WHAT religion you are, you NEED to watch or listen to or read the talk that was given by Uchtdorf possibly called “come join with us”…….maybe not. but it was given 10/5/13. amazing. everyone, i am not kidding. You are missing out on spiritual and mental and emotional upliftment if you dont watch this. i beg of you to watch it. Mom, PLEASE attach this talk to my blog post. Thank you!! Please also attach my other favorites: Edward Dube, Holland, Bednar, D. Todd Christofferson, Dallin H. Oaks, and Linda S. Reeves (all on 10/5). Here are some of my FAVORITE quotes from conference (keep in mind i had to write super fast so they might not be perfect quotes):

“The scriptures are a key to spiritual protection” -Boyd K. Packer –The scriptures are CRUCIAL for us.

Christofferson–I love how he emphasized how we really do need to be different. We need to stand out. We need to strive to be the best we can be and do the best we can because there is enough of the other stuff in the world.

“Believe in miracles. I have seen so many…Hope is NEVER lost.”-Jeffrey R Holland–When he said this, it was SO powerful. you know he is saying that from the very core of his soul. Then, he talks more about trials and hardhisps and says “If the bitter cup does not pass, drink it.” WOW. powerful words.We can work through our hard times through the power and help and hope we receive THROUGH the Atonement.

“The Lord allows us to be tried and tested, sometimes to our maximum capacity…BUT He doesn’t leave us in the ashes.”-Lina S. Reeves–WOW. She said this with so much power and all her heart. It is so true. Even when it feels as if it is the worst possible thing you could be going through, Heavenly Father is RIGHT THERE helping us through it and he is not going to let us just crash and burn. We need to hold to our faith in Him though. Always.

So all of those were from the first session on saturday and then on sunday i decided to go to conference with questions. I think it is SO important to go into it with questions because then you can see and hear when God is talking to you through the speaker’s talks. I had EVERY SINGLE ONE of my questions answered. And it was so direct and exact that I was in awe. Heavenly Father knows every single one of us. He knows who we are, how we are, what we want, what we need, when we need trials, when we need help, when we need comfort…everything. I am in awe of His glory and His love for us.

Here are a few more quotes…i am sorry i have SO much to say!!!

“All men have their fears. But those who face their fears with courage, HAVE DIGNITY.”-Dallin H. Oaks–I needed to hear this. I had a lot of fear of going to Ecuador, but after reading this powerful session of conference, I feel rock solid.

ahh! Richard J. Maynes’ talk was AMAZING too!! read that ish asap

OH MAN! This one—-“God speaks. He spoke anciently. He spoke to Joseph, and He speaks to you.”-David M. McConkie

Adrian Ochoa’s talk was also sooo great! I love how frequently he said “look up” in alll the circumstances…aw man. so good.

Okay there is so much more i could write but i have no time. But seriously…everyone should watch conference, whether they are lds or not. It is the most inspirational thing ever. and the words come STRAIGHT from God. They are so inspired. I am kind of sad because I have never really paid attention to conference much or applied it to my life in the past. But SERIOUSLY. This is like Christmas from God! It is suuuch a blessing to be able to hear these inspirational words and know how to deal with things in our lives…and to know that we have a God who loves us enough to bless us with a prophet to guide us. I can’t express my thanks enough. Without this gospel in my life i would be nothing. I NEED this gospel and Thomas S. Monson, and God. So thankful. Words cannot even begin to describe my gratefulness and love for this gospel and for the Atonement. I will never be able to put into words those strong emotions. We are blessed. Just know that. And know that God never, ever, forgets about us. He is always there. You just need to look up. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Well next week i will be in Ecuador! Finally. Till next week. Con todo mi corazon,

Hermana Dunne!

Here’s the link Madi wanted me to put on here so anyone can watch the Conference talks.


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