She’s in Ecuador!!

HOLA HOLA HOLA! Estoy en Ecuador ahorita. mannnnn. I got a three hour nap ISH on the plane. it was super hard to get good rest. But if you don’t count that, I have been awake for well over 24 hours soooo it is SUPER hard to keep my eyes open. The flights were good. The planes are ten times better than any plane I have ever been on. they have everything. And they are so much more comfortable and the food is great. Buuuut I did get suuuper sick like I thought I was going to throw up on the flight into Quito. Buuuuuut I am feeling a little better now. I can feel the difference in altitude and I am definitely a little sick from it but it is so great being here. It is so beautiful and so nice. I went straight from the airport to this chapel. We are here learning health stuff and then we are going to go to the President’s house for dinner soonish. We learn more about the area and rules and stuff tomorrow and then Thursday I find out where my area is and who my companion is!! I am BEYOND excited. I wont be able to email again until Monday though. Love you all got to go. BYE! 🙂

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