Many men whistle at me and make weird creepy sounds….

Hello everybody!!!! okay please excuser my spellingerrors, i am on a super crappy computer and i have to litterarlly pound on the key to make it work. !Okay! so this week has definitely been a rollercoaster. Ecuador is beautiful.The people are SO humble and SO kind. There are many men who whistle and make weird creepy sounds at the missionaries…and it is annoyingbut that is okay haha we just ignore are the thoughts i wrote down from this week;

so my house isa part of another house and it is in the back. it is prety new and smells likse dust and paint. haha kind of hard to breath but it is pretty nice. we only have cold water. sooo showers are nightmares. wes told me i should shower every day. so did the mission president. and  my family but uhhh YEAH NOT HAPPENING. It is awful hahaha but it is kiind of fun. i just feel like i jumped in tamolitch pool is all. the water here is reall ycold the weather is super off and on and it will b e really hot one second then literally a minute later it is POUIRINGH. the children here are SO much mnore polite and they are so cute and happy all the time! There wasa girl in church…during sacrament meeting…playing with a centipede. hahahahha oh man it was soooo weird.the culture is very differebnt. I am super hujmbledhere. OH! i am in Ibarra!!!!if you can find the supermaxi on googlemaps, look across the street where there is a street that goes into a neighborhood and go down two blocks thento the left and my house is on the right. haha my companion is from peru. WUDDUP DAD, PERUUUU!!!!! viva! and her name is hermana Alva. She is very quite and calm and tedious and dainty., haaha she is pretty cool and i know i needed to be companions with her. she helps me have confidence when i feel down in the dumps. She has a problem in her throat though so she has to eat suuuper slow and she cant have acidic foods or driniks. it is so funny because here lunch is the biggest meal. for breakfast we usually have a piece of toast and maybe a fruit. the lunch is at 1ish and we dont ahve dinner. but HOLY SMOKES after lucnh i am not hungry until the next day around 12 or 1. so nice. why dont we do that in america? problem is that i get sideaches after eating ahha it is so much food. bu yeahi love it. and the food is SO FREAKING GOOD. SO BACK to hermana alva, I finish my whole lunch in the time that she finishes literally about one fourth of her food. so i either talk with the people or if they arent in the room i nap. hahaa. oh ya! wwe have people called mamitas who are from the ward and the cook lunch for us every day. super nice. the bread is way too good here. same with te pastries and the postres. the other day i had a bread thing with cooked chieese on the inside and suger on top- ahhah so gooood. okay so we walk and take buses everywhere. oh maaannnn i would love to see your faces on these buses. they are INSANE. they stop for a second for you to get on and then once you are barely in the bus, they start to drive off. and u ahve to whip out a quarter for them and then either make it to your seat or stand as he drives away. it is so chaotic and so much fun. their driving is horrid and so you fly all over the palce but i absolutely love it.  the other day i trieda fruit called a granadia. you crack it open and slurp the juice and seeedsout. haha it is actually so disgusting looking but verrrry delicious. 😉

so work. we are basically opening a new sector because our mission zone is having so many changes so our ward is super small. we teach a classe evcery sunday. it is fun. for some reason i keep saying. ummm my spanish is improving a lo.t i am so gald i have a native companion to help me. sometimes i get suuuper excited after teachinga lesson and i turn to her and say “oh my gosh!i felt the spirit so strong!!!!” and she just gives me a blank stare. everyone here that i teach is very humble. thereare so catholics who are pretty rude sometimes, but i just smile and laugh. they have their beliefs and are following God and i respect them. but they could be nicer! but every family i have taught lives in a house taht is basically very broken down walls and whatever they can find to use as a roof. dirt floors. they have cloths or blankets to separate rooms. usually just a living room/tv room/kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. three rooms. and it is all probably the size of our front room, family. crazy huh? they always are SO KIND THOUGH. i am so humbled by the faith these people have. they are sooo grateful for what they have. it amazes me. i feel the spirit so strongly with them. Heavenly father is so proud of them.

so i am not gonna lie, i didnt cry over being homesick until i came out into the field. When i get thinking about home or wes or how long i am here for i start to get super emotional. which makes me so mad. i wantto be here. i need to be here. and i am trying really hard to strengthen myself this week, with the help of HF of course. I have realized taht when i am thinking more of the people i am teaching and i and actually teaching and talking to people, i feel heavenlly fatherslove so strongly and i dont want to leavethe people here. they are so sweet. so kind. make me feel at home. i love them with all my heart. i also love how everyone greets each other with a hug and you touch cheeks and make a kissing sound. everyone is so kind. you always say ciao. and well yeah i just love the culture here. there is nothing i would rather be doing right now. i love this gospel and i know that this is the ONLY way, i promise the ONLY way to find true, eternal happiness. i am so blessed. and so is everyonewho has thisgospel.

okay random. Everyone says “CHOOsoh!” and flicks their wrist super hard like they burned themselves. it makes some weird sound. haha iti is just used to express emotionand it is like saying “shoot” haha it is so fun. i am the only gringa who can do it right hehehe. okay so people are always really surprised with my accent. i think it is so fun. i always catch people by surprise when i speak. and they say i speak castellano and that it sounds prettier to them,. teeheeahhh! okay i have to go. i will try  and send pictures but no promises. i love you all! CON TODO MI CORAZON,

hermana dunne!Image


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