They call me Muneca Barbie:) (week 8)

My comp and all the members call me the “muñeca barbie”. it is hilarious. no one has ever called me that…buuuut yeah. they call me that cuz they love my hair and i am white. We are going to start having an English class so i am super excited for that! We had a baptism for a boy named Josue Alexander. he is cool. People allllllways say “hello” or “how are you” or “I luff you”….and it is really annoying cuz it is always creeps so i am starting to say “bonjour!” so they think they are mistaken. jejjejjejjjejjejjejjee.

OKAY CRAZY STORY TIME. So this woman we are teaching told us how she was going to go on a trip for school and how she was really worried and asked us to pray that she would be safe. we prayed A LOT for her. Guess what happened? She ended up missing the first bus for her trip and was all annoyed and had to take the second bus. Turns out, the first bus got in a reeeally bad accident a lot of people died. So sad but so crazy. Prayer IS REAL. God IS REAL. God REALLY ANSWERS PRAYERS.

I ate guinea pig for the first time. Here it is called Cui. it is…well it tastes like chicken but it is really hard to chew. haha aaaaand the foot and claws creeped me out JUST A LOT.

Okay time for the spiritual portion of this email…

This week I have had a total change of heart. To be honest, this week i have been SO HOMESICK. I felt so awful in the morning and at night. I was only happy when i was teaching or talking to people. Finally one morning i was studying with Hermana Alva and i just BROKE DOWN. i was bawling my eyes out and she hugged me and asked what was wrong. I told her how i feel so homesick and how i dont know how to focus better on the mission and be happier. We read  ALOT of really uplifting scriptures that seriously helped so much. When you are sad, open the scriptures and read because they have POWER and bring the Holy Ghost closer to your heart so you can feel peace and comfort. The scriptures we read are:

1 Chronicles 28:20

Omni 1:26


Isaiah 58:11,41:9-10

Ephesians 3:7

Hebrews 10:35-36

1Timothy 4:13-14, 6:12

2Timothy 2:10

James 5:11

Phillippians 4:13

After that i felt a lot better but i still didnt feel totally okay. I just felt so weak. So inadequate, so on the verge of crying all the time…so alone. That night I prayed with ALL my heart and soul. I told everything to Heavenly Father. How alone i felt. How i wanted to speak better spanish. How i was sick of coming home soaking wet and cold (it downpours here). How i wanted to focus better on my mission. How i wanted to wake up happy. How i wanted to connect more with the people. And of course i cried once again. After praying and expressing everything i felt, i felt at peace and i went to bed. People. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS. I can´t say that enough. The next day i woke up with more of a desire to serve. i woke up happy. i went to work and read talks and scriptures which were exactly what i needed to hear. When we went outside on our way to lunch, IT WAS SUNNY. I hadnt seen sun until that day! We get to the mamita´s house for lunch and her daughters played with me and made me feel at home and feel loved. We shared a scripture with the mamita and bore our testimonies and she started to cry…it touched her heart and she touched mine. i felt like we connected better. We talked to someone on the streets and this woman was so humble and searching for happiness in her life. She said she wanted to meet again as soon as possible. After we talked to her, we turned around the corner and saw a rainbow peaking out of the rolling hills….so beautiful. Hermana Alva told me when she sees rainbows it means God is proud of what we are doing. We met someone else that night. His name is Javier and he has a wife and a son. He is the COOLEST person and cheered me up so much. We visited one more family that night and we had bread and hot chocolate…exactly what I wanted. Heavenly Father gave me a BILLION reasons that day to thank Him. He gave me no reason to complain. No reason to feel alone. No reason to be sad. I realized how selfish i had been. Heavenly Father loves me so much. He has blessed me SO MUCH. I am finally starting to love the people more and find better ways to make them feel loved and to teach them about this saving gospel. I am finally starting to focus more and wake up HAPPY and EXCITED to share this gospel. This gospel has brought me SO MUCH JOY in my life. I should be EXCITED to share it with others! I am starting to try and put things into perspective more and focus more on the positives. Because focusing on the negatives does me no good. It makes me sad and stressed and lowers my confidence level. When i cant say something right in spanish, i should laugh and say it how i think it goes anyway because people wont care. they see that i am trying and they will understand me. The past three or four days have been soooo much better and I love this mission. I know it is making me stronger. I feel stronger spiritually, emotionally, and physically and i know i can only go uphill from here. I am sooo humbled by the people here. They have dirt floors, bad water, cold beds, cold showers…but all they see is their blessed families and God. They thank God every day for LIFE. Why dont i thank God for giving me life each day? I am definitely learning from the faith these people have. They are incredible examples to me and they are helping me humble myself a lot more. I love it here. It is beautiful, the people are the most genuine people you will meet, and I have God always on my side. It couldn´t get much better than this. Mom and Dad, Thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve this mission and thanks for giving me the life i have. I wont waste time here. I am working harder and I WILL make you, and God prouder. I love you so much. 🙂 Till next week! Love always,

Hermana Dunne 🙂

p.s.  today we were praying and i amm teaching my comp english and so she prayed in english. she said “please bless us with hell” i wanted to bust out laughing so baaaadly. but i diddnt. she meant health. she is a sweetheart. also it is pretty asnnoying because the peoplehere add “ita” to eeeeverythin as a term of endearment or to make something sound cute. like “hermanita” or “lindita”…ayyyyyyyyyy k bye bye! love u!

Having cake after this boys baptism
Having cake after this boys baptism
A fun trip to Peguche
A fun trip to Peguche
Hermana Dunne & Alva
Hermana Dunne & Alva

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