She’s been on her mission for 2 months already!!

Wow what a week!!  we had exchanges this week with the sister leaders and i was paired up with hermana pando. We had a heart to heart about missing family and working hard and she helped me think of some ways i could cheer up. One way is to DRAW. i miss drawing sosoossososo much so this week i drew a picture of Jesus! 🙂

Next story. So we were on the bus this last thursday because we had a zone meeting and then we celebrated someone’s birthday and we were headed home. Hermana Black and Hendersen are in our ward so we are super close. They were on the bus as well as another companionship. Anyway. The bus was suuuper crowded and we are always told to put our backpacks on the front of our bodies and make sure to stay away from people because they rob. Very well. So this old woman and man come on the bus and they WILL NOT sit down or choose a spot to stop. It was suuuper odd. She kept coming towards me (ps they target gringos) so i moved and made sure i had my backpack on the front of me. I also have a sling bag i always wear. I dont know why, but i had it zipped up this time. i NEVER zip my bag, but i felt like i should that day. So the lady is about to get off the bus, and she is like trying to get past me so i try and move out of her way, but she follows me and i realize she is TUGGING ON MY BAG. She was literally trying to put her hand in my bag but couldnt because there was a zipper, so i pulled her hand out and she got mad and said “PASE” like “goooo” and i said “NO. No tengo que bajar.” when i should have said “HEY EVERYONE THIS WOMAN IS A THIEF” well shoot. She BOOKS it off the bus with her husband and the doors close. I immediately told Hermana Black what happened and she just laughs and goes “yeah! you’ve got to be careful! Dang. i better check if she robbed me.” laughing, she reached in her bag…CAMERA, KEYS, MONEY, AND PLANNER GONE. They lady actually robbed her. She said she remembered that lady kept following her and she felt tugging, but thought nothing of it. So the next time the bus stopped, we BOOKED it off the bus and took of RUNNING. It was like 90 degrees, we are wearing skirts and it’s windy, my shoes are falling off….but we ran probably six blocks. We searched for them for 45 minutes and didnt find them. So yeah. That was a pretty sad moment. Buuuuut it has helped me be a heck of a lot more aware now. 

So on October 26 I woke up feeling sick to my stomach. Not like i was sick with anything but like i felt like something really awful happened. Did anything bad happen to anyone around 9:30am? I got a blessing of comfort later in the day and felt okay…but i just felt like something really awful happen. Information appreciated.

So this week I was also asked if there are flies in America….PEOPLE PLEASE. Jk. but for real, the people here think America is PERFECT. It is nuts.

I teach an English class every saturday night with two other american missionaries and it is SO fun. It is fun and feels suuuuper weird to speak english again, and the people CRACK ME UP.hahaa pronunciation is my favorite part. it’s funny for everyone.

I have been out for 2 months now! yyayayayaya. haha i love it here.

K. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Everyone and i mean EVERYONE needs to read the talk “Why I am a mormon (based on a talk given by Douglas Brian of Ogden Utah” Seriously it is so amazing and i LOVE the take this guy had. He took it from a realist’s point of view. PLEASE, everyone read this. Take five minutes out of your day. And while you’re at it, read 1 Nephi chapter 13. verses 12 and 13 talk about Christopher Columbus, 16-20 talk about the revolutionary war, and 20-42 talk about the Bible and the Book of Mormon and how they will be united. Reeally cool, interesting chapter of the BOM.

Speaking of the BOM, if you pray about the book of mormon and find out that it is true…then EVERYTHING IS TRUE. The BOM is true, then Joseph Smith really was a prophet because he translated the book. If JS really was a prophet, then he REALLY saw God and Jesus Christ and they REALLY told him to restore Jesus Christ’s church on the earth. So if that is true, then EVERYTHING this church stands for is TRUE. Everything in this gospel is true. How amazing is that. Gosh. The book of mormon is so powerful. I truly believe that the book of mormon can heal people. Just like Elder…Holland..or Uchtdorf said, Hearts can be healed just as bones can be healed. Think about it, a bone is healed by giving it more strength and time. Now how are hearts healed? Well, our spirits communicate through feelings and thoughts. And usually a broken heart is because of hurt feelings or negative thoughts. Therefore, you need more spiritual strength. Only God can heal that. Truly. So, the more you read the scriptures (and i can testify to this), the more you are LITERALLY FILLED with God’s love and the Holy Ghost. That love and those positive feelings literally fill our hearts and our minds. How amazing is that. And those feelings will strengthen the pain. And just like bones, it takes time. We need to be spiritually nourished daily so over time, we can be completely or mostly healed. How great is that? I strongly believe that this is true. The only way I can TRULY cheer up when i feel sad is by reading the scriptures (book of mormon AND the bible) and feel God empower me with positive thoughts and feelings. It is truly amazing. God is real. God is living. And God is aware of how He can communicate with us. We communicate with Him through prayer, and He answers and strengthens us through answering with amazing feelings of love and peace. How amazing is that? I think it is incredible.

Hermana Alva and I walked to one of the family’s houses during church and told them to join us. They said they were still getting ready (they were already 45 minutes late to church) so we had to go back because we have a class to teach the second hour, and they said they would meet us there soon. On our way out of that housing area, a woman said “Yo quiero escuchar la palabra!” or, “i want to hear the word!” So we told her we would visit her later. WE NEVER HAVE PEOPLE REACH OUT TO US LIKE THAT. So that was awesome. Later at church, the family never showed which was suuuuper sad. We can never trust their word 😦 But after church, we met with this woman, her name is Daisy, and her three daughters. We taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and after, I asked that when they receive an answer that the book of mormon is true, if they will follow Christ’s example and be baptized. She didnt even hesitate! She said yes immediately along with her daughters. HOW GREAT IS THAT?!?! Oh man. When something sad or bad happens, something great always happens afterwards. 

Aside from this family, we are also teaching two other families and it is AMAZING to see the sacrifices people make so they can change their lives for this gospel. When a person knows it is true, they will do anything to be able to get baptized. It has touched my heart so much. There is a man named Bolivar who trains chickens to fight for a living…yes that is LEGAL here…and he asked us if we think it is a bad job. We didnt want to make him feel bad, so we told him to pray about it. He is looking for a new job now. ALSO. Almost everyone we find here is not married but are living together with children. Bolivar and his wife, Margot, have decided to get married now too! AH! it is just soo great. I love these people. 

Most of the families we are teaching are Colombian. The Ecuadorians dont usually want to hear what we have to say, but the Colombians alllways do. Most of them are here as refugees or moved here for safety. Apparently, there is a war going on in Colombia right now and it is SUPER BAD. Like, random people by the dozens get shot daily for absolutely no reason but to strike fear in people. It is so sad hearing these people talk about how their old home used to be…a lot of them still have family living there too which is so sad. They have to call frequently because they’re afraid that their family members are going to be shot. I can’t even imagine being in their situations, but they are SO STRONG. And have the STRONGEST faith i have ever seen. I look up to these people so much. i LOVE them. I want them to find peace and happiness so badly, so i have been working a lot harder. Trying to get to know them better, share my testimony more, find ways to help them emotionally and also economically. There are also a lot of couples who want to get married but they dont have the money for it. So we are going to have a baking sale or something soon to raise money for them. Missionaries have done that in the past and it helped a ton. 🙂 Gosh! I seriously can’t express to you the feelings of love i have for these people. And God loves them even more, which is incredible.

So there ya go. Poured my heart out for y’all. Also, fun fact: in 2 Nephi 12:2 if you look at the words” mountain, established, mountains, hills” vertically it spells UTAH. How cool is that. And the verse is talking about temples! super cool. Hermana Alva showed me that. She is trying to read her scriptures in English more and she found that. prettttyyyy cool.

Anyway! I hope everyone is doing SUPER well! Pleeeeease pray for the people i am teaching and please pray for me to be able to say and do the things they need. I love you all!! Till next week. 🙂


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