One whole month in Ecuador!

Okay, so sorry bout the novel last week. I enjoy pouring my heart out. This week i can’t because wellll i am pretty short on time. So here goes:

This week tuesday and wednesday I had a fever and my whole body ached and i couldn’t do squat which really sucked because we had SO MANY good citas. Like, shoot! We had new families, menos activos…the whole shabang. So that was not fun. But we got to work more in the carpeta de area which was nice.

The rest of the week went really well and we met a lot of our goals for once.

On another unpleasant note, this monday hermana alva and i were walking down the street and all of a sudden something breathed in my ear really forcefully and growled. At first i thought it was hermana alva and i turned and said “CHOOSOH HERMANA! PORQUE?!” she was more confused than i was. apparently she didnt make that noise. but I FELT IT. It was STRONG. So i got SUPER FREAKED OUT. We said a prayer and all was well. The next day when i was feeling sick and couldn’t do anything, i was laying down to take a nap while hermana alva was in the bathroom. i heard the same growl really it filled the whole room. WHAT THE DEV.I was sooo scared. So i sang hymns till i fell asleep. Later that night when i was sleeping, hermana alva had woken up three different times. The next day she told me that when she woke up those three times, she heard taht same growl and it came from different parts of the house. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. yeah, i wanted to cry. I was sooo scared. So THENNNN we come home later that day and our bathroom door was locked. NO ONE ELSE HAS KEYS TO OUR HOUSE. The wind couldn’t have closed it either because it was LOCKED. FROM THE INSIDE. So yeah. We freaked out and called our zone leaders and begged them to bless our house. Buuuut, they told us that our faith is strong enough because we have the power of the Lord on our side. So we said a prayer and basically blessed the house and ever since then? NOTHING! Let me tell ya, satan has his creepy little spirits on this earth to scare us, BUT the power of God is INFINITY TIMES STRONGER. So that happened. And God reigns conquerer.

also this week, i had a dream that i was in the mall with my family and all of a sudden the floor COLLAPSED and then we saw this HUGE wave of water destroy the mall and come towards us and then we died. and i woke up. and i was so sad. But then i thought “hey! i could invent ____________ to save lives in these situations.” okay, so i may not be able to save lives but i could help people survive a little better than someone who isn’t prepared. Anyway, i started a book of ideas because that is what i want to do. i finally know what i want to do! i want to find ways to help people during natural disasters. Find ways they can be safer. be more prepared. survive. After i prayed about it, and i felt super good in my soul soooo i will try and pursue that dream.

sidenote, i definitely dance in the stalls if we go to the bathroom in public. it’s cool.

So, we have cambios next sunday. I AM SO PUMPED!!! Because we get to go to Quito friday and i get to see hermana stephensen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))) i miss her so much. okay. enough of that, but we will have changes and who knows what will happen. i will most likely be in the same area and just get a new companion, because hermana alva has been here for SEVEN months. Buuut there is also the possibility that i will be training beause they need trainers right now. AH! who knows. Technically i am supposed to be trained for six more months, but we will see.

Another sidenote, i think i am allergic to papaya because members always make us papaya juice to drink and my tongue always stings and hurts. hahahahhaa it is not very pleasant.

another song for y’all, “mix cumbias tribales”. like it or leave it.

On a spiritual note, I have never read Moroni chapter 10 all the way through before this week. GOSH is it amazing. Seriously, there is POWER in that chapter. i was so amazed. Everyone needs to read it, okay? Especially verses 9-18,20-23,26-27,30-34. What a gift.

I have been focusing more on Doctrine and Covenants more. I have never read it all the way through, so that is my goal. There is SO MUCH power in that book. Seriously, after i read it I feel like Heavenly Father is standing right there with me. I have also been reading the book of mormon over again. But i am marking anywhere it says Christ or God’s name or refers to them like “He” in red. I am marking obedience in green, and moments where i go “wow..” in blue. I am also counting how many times it refers to Christ in the book of mormon. I am only in 2nephi and i am already in the thousands! haha. so cool. I challenge you all to do this. Get a new book of mormon, or the one you have, and look for just ONE THING as you read through it. Go through the whole thing and mark whatever it is. It puts a whole new paradigm to it. super cool.

So this week was also sad because Marisol’s baptismal date fell through 😦 Her dad all of a sudden decided against it, which really really sucks. But we have been teaching a woman named Carolina who is hard core catholic along with her sister and mother. Her boyfriend is a member of the church and at first she had SO MANY questions for us! and alllways asked us “where does it say that in the bible?” most times we would find answers to her questions but we got sick of it and basically said “you told us you love the bible, you should know where it says this! you can find it!” haha. but she thought it was funny and took the challenge. anywya! she accepted a baptismal date!!! AH it is a miracle. And she really has a testimony. finally. AND she comes to church. That is the biggest thing here. baptismal dates fall through sooo frequently because they dont ever come to church. but it’s okay! because we have  a plan to solve that and it is working.

Make sure investigators of the church always have friends. always. that is key. teach with members, visit with members, introduce them to members…..make sure they have friends to support them within the church. there is too much adversary outside of it that will sway them away from things that are good.

That is all for now. Until next week!

Ciao!! –Hermana Dunne



Me and Alejandra and Lesly.  Lesly has a baptism date!




Here we are in our favorite panaderia.  The lady didn’t really want to take a picture.



Here I am flying:)


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