The dogs here are basically all possessed!

This is a traditional knitted mask from Otavalo…..funny huh.

jey. como les van? que bien. so yeah, the mission is still fantaaastic! But i am going to start off with ANOTHER dog story. Because the dogs here are basically all possessed and freaking crazy.
So Hermana Alva and i were walking to a member’s house one night, at like 8:30…so it was pretty late because we are supposed to be in our house at 9. anyway! we were walking down this dark road and we heard dogs barknig. i ignored it because they are ALWAYS barking. then hermana alva started screaming my name. I turned around and these two HUGE dogs came spriiiiiiiiiiiinting out of this garage at us. OH MAN. My heart was beating sososososo fast. All i could think was “welp. tonight i am losing a leg. or an arm.” ha okay that is dramatic, but REALLY! i was ready to just get attacked because i didnt have time to pick up a rock or anything. Then i felt this rush of energy (fight or flight mode…) and i raised my arm super high and acted like i was throwing a rock really hard at the dogs. (at this point they were in arm’s length) Then the ran in the other direction and left us alone. WHAAAA……i was so scared. i couldnt believe that actually worked. Then we get to the top of this hill (only like 30 seconds after this happened) and this little girl runs, crossing the road…and almost got HIT by a truck! Seriously, the truck SLAMMED on its breaks and was inches away from hitting her. aw man. My heart had run all the way to Quito by this time. I had never been so surprised/frightened ever!!! Two major things had happened in the past minute. Luckily, no one was hurt…
I had to eat liver this week for lunch. it was awful. i got sick afterwards too. never again.
WE ARE FINALLY RUNNING. i convinced hermana alva to go to the new park here! it used to be an airport so it is HUGE. I run all around and she stretches. I am so content.
Here, if you want to shake someone’s hand and it’s dirty, they give you their wrist to shake. it’s funny. is that normal in the US? I dont know
So GREAT NEWS! They are reopening the orient and the coast for hermanas!!! it was closed before because it was too dangerous. I am soso happy! but i probs wont go there for another transfer or two, if i do go. We have transfers in two weeks and my Zone Leaders, Hermana Leaders, Mission President and Hermana Alva are telling me to prepare myself because i will probably be training. AH QUE MIEDO. nah, if i do train i am reallllly excited!!!! but. I just have my own little fears about the age difference or if i really know everything well enough to teach it or if theyre american and i lose my spanish or…well dumb stuff. I know the Lord will help me. It`s just a little scary. but HEY no promises that i will be training! Just something people have been telling me i MIGHT do.
Blackberries taste differently here, so that’s a let down. They’re sour. and…not as good.
That’s really all for this week.
Spiritual thoughts for the week:
D&C 64:7–Do NOT judge people for their sins or weaknesses. Judge them for their accomplishments and strengths.
D&C67:3–This may be why sometimes it takes longer for our prayers to be answered. I found this to be soso interesting and really helpful to know.
D&C64:31-33–I think we all would be happier if we applied this to our lives.
D&C 64:8-12–Holding so much bitterness in our hearts brings us nothing but irritation and sorrow. Read especially verse 10.
Alma chapter 14–WOW. I have read this story before, but WOW this week it hit me hard how powerful this chapter is. They saw and experienced SO MUCH SUFFERING. But the power of faith is stronger than we think! It truly can bring prison walls to the ground. Amazing, amazing chapter. Everyone should read it. It will strengthen your faith.

As for our investigators, half of them didn’t go to church so they dont have baptismal dates anymore. But the other half are GREAT! Jeison is going to be baptized this saturday!! He has such strong faith and he can sense people’s feelings, which is cool. He said he can tell me and hermana alva truly have good hearts which is nice. i hope so. haahha His sobrino (sorry i forgot the word) MiguelAngel is getting baptized the 28th! And Jhonatan the 23rd. (It is so funny because there are so many people here with English names and they just butcher the spelling because that’s how you’d pronounce it in spanish.) So, no, those are not typos. Anyway! Jhonatan is getting baptized on a monday (yes, we will be sacrificing our PDAY FOR HIM) because our ward is going to the temple in Guayaquil on the 26th and he wants to get baptized so he can go! Gosh, he is so great and his faith is SO STRONG. He wants to serve a mission. He goes to church on his own (and shows up half an hour early even–which is unheard of because Ecuadorians have their own time and always always always show up late)…he rocks. so that’s that.
Life is still great and there is nothing i would rather be doing. This gospel heals lives. This gospel brings hope as well because we can live with God again after this life..and be with our families for the ETERNITY. Not only that, but every single person who has ever lived has a chance to hear the gospel after this life too, and change their lives through repentance, faith in Jesus Christ, baptism, and receiving the Holy Ghost. What a gift. How merciful is God? It is incredible.

CAN’T WAIT TO SKYPE MY FAMILY! Love you all and hope you have a very, very merry Christmas! 🙂 Enjoy your gifts, stuff your faces till you gain twenty pounds, and always always remember Jesus Christ. Remember the gift that HE gave us. The gift of Repentance, and the gift of Eternal Life. Thanks to His Atonement, we can repent. And thanks to His resurrection, and His example of how we should be baptized, we can live with God again. For ever and ever. How amazing is that? He loves us all and I love you all too! 🙂 Stay strong in your faith and never, ever lose hope. Love always,
Hermana Dunne 🙂
stay happy! bought fake raybans this week. theyre tiiiight just found these iphone icons, wuddup bought a today. K LOVE Y’ALL! bye for real!

These beautiful mountains and clouds always make me miss snowboarding!!
These beautiful mountains and clouds always make me miss snowboarding!!

DSCN9535 DSCN9530

This T-rex and plastic bottle tree are at the new park…pretty cool huh.

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