Happy Christmas

All week I have been quoting “Happy Christmas,Harry.” “Happy Christmas, Ron.” I taught all the latinos to say “happy” instead of “merry” hehe…So this week I forgot my book with all my thoughts so i don’t have my spiritual thoughts or funny things that happened with me 😦 So i will try and remember SOME things.
First of all, Hermana Alva and I have been working so much better together!! We have found so many new people and almost all of them had dates to be baptized. We had thirteen people with dates….the most we have EVER had at once was four. So that was pretty crazy. But most didn’t show up at church this week so we have five now. But that is still great! And they are all SO GREAT. Gosh, i admire the faith people have here soso much! seriously. We are teaching one family of 5, a mom and four children, who have incredible faith. Their dad died, which is suuuuper sad, but the mom, to stay strong, prays every morning starting at 5 am and prays until 6. THEY’RE CRAZY. She has two sons of 20 and 8 years old and two daughters, 15 and 9. They are so loving and invited us over for Christmas dinner tomorrow!! 🙂 I will be making brownies. 😀 They’re gonna make turkey and …other stuff. I don’t remember ahha but i’m excited!
I got a package from mi familia and Wes this week!!! :))) But i am saving them until tomorrow, of course! It’s gotta feel a LITTLE more like Christmas. ha. Anyway, thanks guys for the packages! 🙂 I also got a card from Elder Nevins and Hermana Hill and President Barnes, so that ROCKED! I love you all! Thank you so much for keeping my spirits up!! 🙂
Today as a zone we went to this place called Cotacachi, which is known for their leather…goshhhhhhh i wanted to buy everything. ha but then we took a little bus…well it’s called a bus but it’s a truck and we sit in the bed and there is a little cover so we don’t get toooooo cold with the wind…………to this lake! Lake Cuicocha. It’s a lake in a crater and has an island in the middle. It is SO GORGEOUS. I will try and send pictures today but we are super limited on time. We have to be in the house by 6 tonight and 5 tomorrow. The people are crazy here and I guess it’s not safe. 😦 But we got permission for a member to pick up every companionship in our district to have a dinner together tonight at 6 so that will be fun! 🙂
Speaking of being limited on time…this week T. Dods told me that my emails make her hyper because I sound either hyper or rushed..WELP it’s both! We are always rushing and I am always hyper because Pdays are awesome…! So sorry if i have too much energy in my emails, y’all. Ps- When i write, at times the Holy Ghost is so strong…like it is just so strong so I might also seem hyper because of that!
Sidenote, this week i was walking down the street with Hermana Alva and we passed this really drunk guy. She was walking on the sidewalk on the street side and I was closer to the wall. I saw him looking at me all weird but I just looked away and walked with confidence…because when you walk all shyly they pick on you so much more. Then he did “pssst psssst” (aka the most disgusting sound ever..i am NOT a dog, thank you.) Then as i walked past him, he grabbed my waist and like squeezed me!! I was SO surprised and elbowed him and spilled his beer. Then hermana alva ran around me and pushed him and said “DEJE!!” Then we walked away…she is so cute. She said Deje and pushed him so delicately. hahaha she is precious and always protecting me. A few weeks ago, we were walking downtown and it’s always crowded and this man made a SUPER loud kissing noise in my ear (practically touching me) as he walked by and since he walked so fast i didn’t have time to react but hermana alva was a little behind me and she hit him. HAHA! She’s great.
So I don’t have much time to talk this week. I have to go now but I hope everyone has a really great Christmas and that they really ponder about what Christ did for them. Take a walk alone and go pray in a forest. Go kneel in the snow and have a moment with God. In the forest with snow is also like the most quiet place ever. Highly recommend it. So sad there isn’t snow here. My face is burning. Buuuuut I love the people here. They feel like family. AND I GET TO SKYPE MY FAMILY TOMORROW NO BIGGIE. Anyway, remember what Jesus Christ did for you. Remember he has felt all your pains and sorrows and not only did he do that to save us from sin and physical death, but he also did it to know how to comfort us. Good deeds aren’t ever coincidences. God inspires those good deeds to answer prayers. Alma 7. Love you all so much. have a great christmas! 🙂 Love, Hermana Dunne 🙂


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