HELLO EVERYONE!!! I hope you are all having a GREATTTT week!! Monday doesn’t have to be the worst day of the week…you can read my blog and cheer up…just sayin…

Putting the orgullo aside, HOW ARE YOU ALL?! Gosh, i miss you so much. All of you. Wow, hhaha okay, highlight of the week?

I ate hoof soup…yes. the hooves.

So, every day we have a “mamita” for lunch, but on tuesday she couldn’t give us food. So, we went to some restaurant nearby. Most restaurants here in Ibarra are really just rooms attached to houses with garage-like doors. They open up the room, put a table and chairs out and cook out of their kitchen for you. You usually just go in and say “Quiero un almuerzo.” It’s not like the U.S where you choose whatever you want–whatever they have, you’re eating. So we didn’t even ask because it’s usually just a soup, then a plate of rice, chicken, beans, bananas, and a coca cola. Nope. Not this time. So the hoof still had some leg bones attached and whatnot…it was not pleasant. Buuuuut then the woman told us to eat the bone marrow…weirdest thing? That was the best part! It tasted like hard boiled eggs. The rest was SO tough and literally i couldn’t even chew it. The one piece I ate, I had to swallow it big because I couldn’t chew it. hahah SO GROSS. Never again will I ate that.

Also, something I have been doing this week is buying bread every day (claro!) ……for the dogs. hahaha Since there are SO MANY dogs where we go, and literally I can’t even count how many times I’ve almost been attacked now, I pull a gretal. Ya know, hansel and gretal…(sp?) I just throw the bread at them and then they follow me. hahah It was the most hilarious thing actually. At one point, hermana Zaragoza and me were walking through this neighborhood with this pack of dogs following us. Everyone on the streets were either laughing, smiling, and just shaking their heads…I can’t say I’m ashamed of it though because I AM NOT GETTING ATTACKED!

Moving on. Another highlight of the week? I got pooped on by a bird. Apparently it’s good luck. But, I mean, I wasn’t a fan of bird poop in my hair. Not a fan.

SOOO! Okay this week I got THREE packages!!! Shoutout to Hermana Hill (my comp from the ccm) for sending a box full of dove chocolate, oreos, hot cocoa mix, and popcorn!!!! What the heck! She is amazing and the best person ever.  Also–mom, I FINALLY got the “1” package from Christmas!! Sorry, I’m not setting up the Christmas tree…buuuut I LOVED THE REST! Oh, and I think it took so long because they opened it. Half of the presents you wrapped were ripped open…so I’m going to send you another message telling you what i got JUST in case 😉 I also got your Valentine’s present and the Reese’s taste SO GOOD. I miss peanut butter. so much. AAAAnd I put the Valentines decorations up 🙂 Love you all! Thanks for that! 🙂

Okay, so other than those things I can’t remember anything else of much importance…

I read D&C 123:17 this last week and it hit me hard. It says “Let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power.” Cheerfully. I really like that. I am trying to keep my positivity up when things don’t go the way I want them to also because I am doing the things that are in my power…and I am working as hard as I possibly can. And if they don’t work out, it’s either because it’s the will of God or because what happened was in the power of someone else. Not me.

I really think I am learning who I am on this mission. I came here to change lives, but the people, culture, and experiences here are changing mine. My companion is helping me realize some quirks I have and some of the things she points out don’t make me feel the best. But they give me the desire to change. In my last email I talked about change and how anyone can do it. I know that to be true, and I am currently in the process. Yes, it’s hard. But nothing worthwhile is easy, so you just have to suck it up and be better.


I have been focusing on those two words a lot these past few weeks. I set them as my goal for every week. It may be broad, but it covers everything for me:

Be better spiritually: I want to have an unbreakable testimony. I am learning, as I meet some people who ask a lot of questions, that I really don’t know as much as I should. But I know that is a process. Thomas S. Monson himself is still learning. The prophet, people! We should always be learning more about our Heavenly Father and His plan for us. So how am I going to achieve an unbreakable testimony? I am going to study the topics I consider to be my weak spots. It’s amazing the power that’s present as we read scriptures with the Spirit. If you want to know, and be certain of it, say a prayer and ask to have the Holy Ghost with you and then read on. Read scriptures about that topic, and the Holy Ghost will help you know what you need to know to be strengthened in that aspect of your testimony.

Be better physically: We are supposed to work out every morning and truuuuly I have probably worked out on my mission about 7 times. I am trying to get up with more energy, being happier and motivate my companion to work out with me because it’s a rule and rules are there for a reason! We really do have more energy if we work out, and we are happier.

Be better emotionally: I focus more on the people here to stay away from being homesick. I focus more on my companion’s needs because I am training her and she is mi hija so she is most important right now. It’s pretty crazy knowing that I am in charge of 22 year old and she is going to reflect the things I do. I need to be a good example for her. I am doing more things that I like so I can relax more and have a better attitude every day! I draw, write poems, make collages, jumprope, play soccer….and i try and make some things more into games. haha like showering for example; seeing how fast i can shower and trying to get faster at it each time (i have to…the water is ice cold)

Be a better friend: There are some people here in the mission who like to know everything about everyone and sometimes it seems like gossip or, chismes. I am staying away from that because it doesn’t help anyone. And who cares that someone is doing something wrong…that’s life. Everyone messes up, you’ve messed up, i’ve messed up…get over it! I try my best to be friends with everyone…to love everyone even when they might be rude. There are some members and some investigators that aren’t my favorite to visit because well…you don’t get along with EVERYONE in the mission. haha, but I love them still. They may have said some rude things in the past, but we gain character and strength through killing people like that with kindness. It says in the scriptures a million times to love the ones who hate you. The ones who dispitefully use you. And guess what? When you do that, you feel happier and you can soften their hearts. Get to know one another better. Get to know why someone is the way the are. Don’t judge. Judging may be habit as human beings, but you can push those thoughts away and think of the best in the people you meet. Everyone has good in them. Everyone. You just have to get them to open their hearts to you and you’ll feel true Christ like love for them. And how do you get them to open their hearts to you? By serving them. By getting to know them–showing that you caaaare about them.

This “be better” thing might sound a little funny and maybe some of the things I said are just….silly….but I mean it. Honestly, I don’t know exactly who I am. And I am trying to become the person I want to be. I am trying to be better in every aspect of my life and this is the perfect time to do it. There are so many humbling experiences on this mission and they are changing me. But I have to actually act on some things I want to change too. We can sit back and let the world shape who we are, or we can take the initiative and make the changes ourselves–and in the end, we’ll be happier that way. Be who you want to be. Be who God wants you to be. Be better than you are with each day that throws opportunities at you to change.

“The best antidote I know for worry is work. The best medicine for despair is service. The best cure for weariness is the challenge of helping someone who is even more tired.” Gordan B Hinkley

How beautiful is that? We need to be more like that. You worried? Take the initiative and do something about it. Work hard. Feeling down? Serve someone! There is power in that…and you can only feel that if you truly serve someone willingly and see them as God sees them. You feel defeated? Exhausted from life? Exhausted from work? Exhausted from raising a family? Exhausted from the trials you’ve faced? Help someone who is going through something harder. It seems like working would only make you more exhausted, but there is more spiritual energy that comes through love and through service. Our bodies and souls don’t work alone on physical energy. Remember that a “soul” is both body and spirit. There are two parts. When your body’s tired..when your mind is exhausted or depressed, find energy from the other source, your spirit, until you’re strong again. Just LOVE everyone! Stop judging people. Stop holding grudges. Stop gossiping. Stop making excuses. Be better!!

So, be better. Be the person you want to be. Find out what God wants you to do. Learn to love and understand everyone. Jeffrey R. Holland once said, “If the bitter cup does not pass, drink it.” Get through your trials with dignity and come out conquerer.

The only other thing I have to say is that today we played capture the flag. I played in socks and I now have quite a few heridas. but hey, VALE LA PENA! Stay cool, stay happy, and be better! 🙂 Ta ta for now,

Hermana Dunne

ps–My name is actually Annie. Because everyone here pronounces my name that way…with a little hint of a “D” before Annie. It’s whatever. Love you all!

taught a lesson
taught a lesson
Nik & Aaron
Nik & Aaron
my family
my family


Hey friends,  Thanks for being awesome and always trusting in God. I miss you all a lot and am SOSO glad to hear from you!! I even got to hear from more people from the ward this week (thanks amber and susan!!) and some random people i don’t even know who found my blog! haha (wuddup, Devan) It’s really nice to hear people respond to the experiences I’m having. I like hearing the different perspectives, so thank you. Really. 🙂 So to be honest, hahahaha, this week really wasn’t much better at all. BUT I am staying positive! I know EVERYTHING has its own time and place and right now I am meant to be experiencing what I’m experiencing. Trials help us grow stronger and trust in God more.

Here are three things I learned this week:

1. I can change anything I want about myself. Anything. 2. The Atonement is beautiful and the most precious gift I have in life. 3. I am NOT perfect, but God has given me weaknesses to be humble and learn to be better.

I have seen the theme “I can change” in everything. Really. In scriptures i read, in talks i studied, in lessons I taught, in talks this sunday…everywhere. And I know Heavenly Father is speaking to me through all of this.

I read the talk in an 1982 Ensign by Elder Holland called “Cuando esteis angustiados”…i don’t know what it is in English. But it is SO. POWERFUL.

We. Can. Change.

(mom, please attach this talk if you can find it)

Something he said in the talk, that I really liked, is that we can’t just say “that’s just how i am!” as an excuse. We become the people we want to be, and we mold ourselves through influences around us, through our thoughts, and through the actions and choices we make. If we don’t want to be a certain way, WE DON’T HAVE TO. I had heard that a million times before my mission but this time it really hit me how true it is. It may seem hard, but it’s not. If you want to change something about yourself, I think this is the way to go about it:

1. Decide what you want to change.

2. Plan how you can achieve that attribute.

3. Actively think about the change you want to make throughout the day.

4. Find opportunities throughout your day that allow you to exercise the attribute you want.

5. Pray. Pray. Pray. Plead the help of your Heavenly Father. He listens, and He will help you.

6. Avoid influences of things in your everyday life that will influence you to act against the change you want to make. (ex: tv shows, music, friends, activities…etc)

7. Write down your goals. Make them achievable. Make the reasonable. Make them small and slowly work towards something bigger.

8. Study the scriptures. When we study how Christ was and how prophets were and how even though they went through a million different circumstances, but still came out on top–you can apply it to your life. You also allow the Holy Ghost to enter into your heart and HEAL it as you read the scriptures. Scriptures truly have healing power, I testify that to be true. You also feel God’s love stronger, and sometimes that’s the only thing that can get you through the day…keep you pushing forward…knowing that someone loves you. And that “someone” is the Allpowerful God. A perfect being. And He is perfectly pleased with an imperfect child of His…as we are striving to be better, He is up in the Heaven smiling down on us, cheering us on.




“You can tell God how big your storm is, or you can tell your storm how big your God is.”


Think about that. Don’t let your trials drain your confidence. Let them humble you, work on what you need to work out, and come out stronger. You are BLESSED with trials and weaknesses, so take advantage of those life lessons and come out stronger. Take everything to God. He knows ALL and He knows better than man how to deal with those hard life situations. The more you trust in God, the more you will be happier in life and see the blessings he has given you. I promise you that.


This week, if there is one thing I want you all to get from my email, it’s that we can change anything. And change comes through trusting in God, doing the right thing–and I mean the thing that will truly bring you ETERNAL happiness in life–, and taking action. Don’t put off changing anything until the summer. Or until your birthday. Or until Christmas. Or until Easter…change it now. Or you will always procrastinate it. Change is something that comes with time, and that time must start now so you can develop that change and be happier sooner. Love your God, trust in your God, and focus on what is most important in life. I know that each and every one of us goes through rough times, but YOU CAN CHANGE IT. Either trials come our way because we are doing things that aren’t in line with what God wants us to do, or we need to learn something and grow from it.


An old proverb says that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Take that advice, apply it, and search out your blessings through turning to God. I love you all so much and wish you all the best in life. Stay happy, Stay loyal, and keep bettering yourself each day. Even Jesus Christ, the Son of God, had to go through trials in order to be perfect. He was spit upon, beat upon, whipped, mocked, rebuked, tempted, falsely accused, and even crucified…and now He is even more perfect than He was when he first came to this Earth. Because He was able to go through all of that, experience everything and i mean EVERYTHING we have ever or will ever experience in life–and then He experienced his own trials on top of that–and at the end of his life, he still pleaded the forgiveness for the people that crucified Him. He remained humble being the king of kings, and He loved those who hated Him.


I pray that we all be more like Him. Love those who hate you, and overcome the trials you’re given and be stronger. Be stronger and wiser than you are now and learn from the experiences your Heavenly Father has blessed you with. He knows we need them to be stronger. So be thankful for the trials you’re given and keep your chin up, knowing you have a Heavenly Father who loves you and a brighter future ahead.


I love you all! Cuidense mucho, ya? Con toda mi corazon,

Hermana Dunne! :}


ps–Can anyone tell I got sunburnt today?? -__- Lobster status. Hope I boosted the self confidence of all of you. hahahhaha. really though. Take care!



favorite ice cream sold on buses.
favorite ice cream sold on buses.

Here is the link to the talk by Elder Holland


Three months in Ecuador

Hey. First of all, I’d like to apologize for how depressing my email was last week. I should not be sending stuff like that…I shouldn’t let my feelings get the best of me when it’s email time. So, sorry about that… :/ I promise I’ll be better! Nevertheless, this week wasn’t a ray of sunshine either….hahahaha…oh man. Here’s the rundown of my week:

It’s always cold here. The fog is really thick and adds to the cold. Our clothes can’t dry because there’s no sun to dry them, so they stay cold and wet in the shade and smell bad and we have to use blowdryers to dry them. My comp decided to put her clothes inside our house to dry her clothes and, well…our house is always humid and that added to it. So, since we were breathing denser air, and it’s always cold and foggy outside…I got sick again. Woohooo. So, I’ve had a bad headache, sore throat and stuffy nose since…last monday, I think. I haven’t gotten much better, but I did get a blessing which helped. Here is the worst day this week though…hahaha…:

So, I got up feeling sick, right? Not the best feeling. But I’m all “No! Today’s gonna be great! Put a smile on your face and do the dishes!” So I turn on some happy church music, start washing the dishes…there’s a puddle at my feet. (no, it’s not what you think, i promise.) I open the cubbord under the sink to see what the ish is and WHAT DO YA KNOW?! The rat, I’d been telling our dueña about all these months that was in the pipes of the sink, FINALLY chewed a hole through the pipe! Wudduuuuup. So all the water from me washing dishes pooled up underneath the sink and flooded all over the kitchen. I called the dueña and she didn’t answer. So I called the President’s secretaries and they basically said there’s nothing they can do and to call the dueña…. -__- so, I waited for her to call me back, and when she did I gave her the whole she bang. I also told her I didn’t know where the rat was now and she totally disregarded that and told me someone would be there soon to fix it. Someone came and fixed it later…all is better. We had to make up for the study time we missed because of the rat incident. So that made us late to lunch. We get to lunch, they’re not ready so we have to wait an hour for them, which pushed back our appointments for the day. We eat, I’m all thinking “kay! everything has gone wrong today, which means NOW comes the blessings, right?!” We go to our first appointment-not there. Second? not there. We go to the church to teach the English class. Wait an hour….no one comes. By that time I’m feeling a lot more sick and just so out of energy so I texted the zone leaders and asked them if I could go home…they didn’t answer so we decided to go finish our appointments! We get outside? It’s raining. And foggy. And super sketch in the neighborhood we were going to. Nevertheless, we went. So we have to take this detour to this person’s house because the neighborhood is actually really sketchy and the men are SO molestos there. It’s so bad. And the dogs are crraaaazy territorial. So we avoided all the dangerous areas and FINALLY get to her house. Knock. No answer. Knock five other times…no answer. Okay I’m thinking “I’m gonna cool off. Time to go enjoy the view and calm down.” (we were at the top of a hill and there is a really pretty view of Milagro.) So, I walk down the hill a little bit to get a better view–BOOM! This dog hops over this little hill and COMES AT ME. Then BOOM–another dog, BOOM–a third dog! Like, what the dev!!!!! They all came at my barking and suuuper furious, and I raised my arm as if I had a rock like six times to get them to go away and nothing worked so I just prayed in my head “Heavenly Father, if they maul me, please just don’t let me get rabies” I backed up and just hugged my companion…and they were gone. I had goosebumps allll over my body at this point and my head was pounding even worse. I was at a loss of energy and happiness and felt so defeated. But, this week the President raised the numbers of our goals so I was determined to do something. We hadn’t taught one lesson all day. So we visited our other citas…of course no one was home or no one had time. But, we contacted people like crazy. By the time we hit 17 contacts, the zone leaders finally called us told us to go home. We went home and got to bed early.

Even though all of that happened and it was seriously the WORST day ever. There were miracles, and you have to remember that all is the will of God. All of that was supposed to happen because we were giving it our all and if it doesn’t work out how we want it to, it’s for a good reason and only God knows why it happened.

During the time that we were contacting, we found an older woman getting out of a taxi with some really big, heavy bags. We asked if we could help and she said “O Diosito misercordiosito, gracias por bendecirme. Si, angeles, por favor ayudame.” So we carryied the bags up these steep mud-formed stairs to her house. It is the most humble house I have seen yet. It literally is just boards and mud and anything else she can find to add shelter to her home. She thanked us many times and asked us to come see her sick relative who had been in an accident. We got inside the house and met him. His name is Julio Vicente Martinez Flores. I have never met anyone with as much faith as he has. We sang “I know that my Redeemer lives” to them, said a prayer and then basically just heard them out. They told us all the problems they’re facing and all the problems they’ve faced in their lives. I was so close to crying. I was drawn to the book of Mormon and opened it up, waiting to see what God wanted me to share. It was a scripture about repentance and baptism. No. I did NOT want to share that…i didn’t think it was the right time, so i opened the book to another page. It talked about the same thing. I opened it one more time and it was the same thing. I should have listened to that prompting, but I didn’t know how to introduce it and I didn’t follow the spirit when I should have. I shared a scripture, I think it’s in doctrine and covenants 121, where it talks about how even the gates of hell can open to us but all of the things we go through are for our good. They started crying and told us how we are angels and how they needed to hear that. We told them we had to get going and the man interrupted me and asked where are church is and when he can go. We told him and then ended with a prayer. That was probably the most inspired prayer I have given so far. I just cleared my mind out and listened to the Holy Ghost to know what I needed to say…the words I spoke were not my words, I promise you that. When I finished, they were crying again and the man said “Do you guys baptize?! I want to be baptized. When can I be baptized?!” WHAAAAAT?? Then the woman chimed in, saying she wanted to too. The woman didn’t come to church, but the man did. And if he follows through with his faith, continually, he will be baptized the first of February. I told him that by his faith and by a priesthood blessing he would be healed.

We fasted as a zone for our investigators, and especially for Julio Vicente. Sunday he received a blessing and he said he has never felt so great in his life. He’s walking with more ease and has more energy to do all that he needs to know. I know that the priesthood is really the power from God and I know that God is still a God of miracles. Julio is practically healed. I know that the strength of the priesthood is incredible, but whether or not the blessing has an affect on us is also the amount of faith we have and the will of God. I know this gospel is true, and that even through the worst of times, we find miracles. We just need to hold onto our hope and our love for God and know that He has a plan and we just have to bear our pains with patience.

Stay strong and loyal to God. Keep being happy and write me letters so I know how you all are 🙂 With all my love,

Hermana Dunne



My new companion Hermana Zaragoza and I with Hermana Mercedes Galarza who just got baptized.

Hola everyone!!!!! wowwww….so this week was so full of SO MANY EMOTIONS. Lemme just start by saying this:
A mission is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It is also the most amazingly beautiful thing i have ever experienced.
A little clarification, mom, dad: I’m not in Quito! I just went to Quito to pick up my companion. I was only there for two and a half days.
Here is how my week went:
We had changes and I said bye to Hermana Alva 😥 So that was really sad.
So, the next day, tuesday, I found out that I had to leave early for Quito because it would be almost impossible to catch a bus new years day.
That night I got to stay with the Hermana Leaders and their other four roommates! It was soso great. We even stayed up late and burned a viejo. hahhaa…so here for new years they buy dolls and burn them. They’re real jeans and shirts that they stuff with paper and then they put really funny or reeeeeally scary looking masks on them and they burn them in the streets. Yeah, just burn it wherever you like. We chose the sidewalk right in front of our house…so weird. Anyway, the “viejo” is supposed to represent the old them and as they burn it, it’s as if they’re starting over. You could look down the street and see thousands of fires and fireworks. It was beautiful. I also had normal carton ice cream for the first time since i left and it was deliiiiish!

But, man! It was so great being with them. I truly learned a lot. I also learned how after they teach lessons in taxis, they say prayers with them. So, I’ve been doing that and having so much more success. The people can see that you really do care about them. And they really open their hearts when I ask what they want me to ask for in the prayer. It’s crazy…and the spirit is sooo strong. It’s really beautiful. I think it is so great that people open up so much to us. They trust us soooo much! And it’s not because of how we talk or look or act. It’s because they can feel and KNOW that we are good people and that God has sent us to meet them.
Thursday I picked up my companion!!! Her name is Hermana Zaragoza. This has probably been the hardest week of my mission, and possibly my life. It’s so humbling training someone. I’ve learned how hard it is to keep a smile on your face and keep teaching when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.

On a happier note, I went to the ArcAngel again today with my zone and it was goooorge! I needed that. We also played Ecuavolli…which is just volleyball with a higher net, a soccer ball, and you don’t use normal technique because it hurts too much so you just punch it. It’s so much fun! I am burnt again. Gringita, I am.

Something I learned from my zone leaders when I talked to them is that the more we apply the Atonement to our lives, the happier we are. I didn’t understand how to though. And i feel as if most people don’t understand it either. I really encourage you all to thoroughly study the Atonement and see how you can actually apply it to your life. That’s what my goal is for the week, and I will find a way to find more meaning than I have already found in it…and let you all know what i’ve found. It’s interesting because I felt like I understood the Atonement really well. Jesus Christ came here for us, He suffered for us, He paid the price for us, and He resurrected. But there is so much more to it. Find scriptures and talks on Christ’s Atonement and apply it to your lives more.

I don’t have much more to say, but I do want to say this:
When things start to get so hard for you that you just want to break down and cry….when you feel like there is no hope…when you feel as if nothing will change and you’re stuck: Pray. I already bore my testimony on prayer before, but I am going to do it again. When I felt all of these emotions, and then some more, I prayed with all the energy of my heart. I knew I couldn’t teach if I wasn’t happy. I prayed for almost an hour, just pleading with God to help me, and when I finished there was peace in my heart. I felt at ease again. I felt better, but I didn’t feel healed. As soon as I went out and started finding ways to serve people and teach people, I felt almost healed. Service is one of the greatest things we can do. It truly does heal us. I promise you that. When you serve someone, you feel more love for them and they feel the same for you. They make you feel loved and wanted when you don’t feel any of that before. You feel accomplished and happy because you are helping someone. It is such a great gift. And to put my heart back to where it needed to be, I got a blessing of comfort.

These things are key.

When you feel as if there is nothing that can make you happy again, when you feel as if all odds are against you, or when you feel so alone and so hopeless…



get a priesthood blessing.

THAT is how a heart is healed again. THAT is how you bring your spirits up. THAT is how God works. and THAT is my prayer for all of you. That you can see these actions work miracles in your lives too. God is a God of miracles. Always has been, always will be. Find those miracles. Use your faith and ACT. Be an example for others, make GOD proud, and I promise you will find true joy and an eternal happiness.

I love this gospel. I know that the support of my family, friends, leaders, and God is what keeps me stable and that the only reason I am still fighting out here is because I know that this gospel is true, I know God lives, and God really is helping me day by day. Without Him, I am nothing. Without Him, I would not meet the people I meet or teach the people I teach. Without Him, I would not be able to say the words I say or speak how I speak. Without Him, I would be home right now. I know this is where I need to be. I know that everyone should go on a mission and experience this because not only am I maturing spiritually, but I am learning how to be a better person. I am learning how to deal with real life situations that I can’t run away from. And when it’s only me and God working together, there is nothing that can bring me down. He makes me strong and I owe Him all that I am.

I leave you all with my testimony that this gospel is true and that miracles do happen. That hearts can be healed even when you have the worst of thoughts and experiences because God loves us and He will find a way to help us if we just exercise our faith in Him. I love you all so much and hope you’re all doing great. Please pray for me, for the Rama El Ejido, and for the people of Ibarra. We need it.

Love always,
Hermana Dunne! 🙂

me and a stray puppy
me and a stray puppy

Me and Hermana Zaragoza....yay the Christmas tree is still up
Me and Hermana Zaragoza….yay the Christmas tree is still up