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Hey y’all! I hope you all had an absolutely FANTASTIC Christmas. I did too, in case you’re wondering. I only cried A LITTLE when I got all spiritual with my family on skype! Seriously the people here feel like my family and I had a really great time spent with them! I even got to eat with some members who cooked american food WUDDUP. But seriously, this week was so great and we had two confirmations this sunday!! YESS finally. So before I say anything else….today we had cambios so it is CHAOTIC and Hermana Alva left for Otavalo and Hermana Black left for Quito. I’m here with hermana Henderson for now and we waited TWO HOURS in the terminal for her new companion who just didn’t know where to go…so that was an adventure. So right now i’m in a trio until thursday…..THEN I’M GOING TO QUITO BECAUSE I’M GOING TO TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
So this wednesday night I will go to Quito and then thursday i’ll find my new companion!! I am honestly SO excited but SO terrified. I don’t want to train someone older than me….i don’t want to train a latino because they’ll underestimate me for my Spanish…i just have too many fears BUT I am trying to focus on the positives and my strengths because I feel very, very inadequate. But I am also SO PUMPED! Finally I get to plan how I want to plan, go where I want to go…..I rearranged the house how i wanted it. hahaha i just feel so FREE!!
All of our people with baptismal dates fell through because they didn’t come to church, except for Mercedes Galarza who was supposed to be baptized on saturday buuuuut she ran into a few problems. But she’ll be baptized this saturday so that’s exciting!! Her daughter, Estefania, is getting baptized the week after her.
OH so this week we went to Urcuqui. Our sector is HUUUGE. It is so frustrating. No one who has been in our sector before has ever gone to Urcuqui so it’s kind of like we’re the pioneers of that area…We have part of Ibarra, all of Milagro, and all of Urcuqui and WE NEED MORE MISSIONARIES! Holy smokes. So we took the 45 minute bus ride to Urcuqui and I talked to this lady who’s the president of a pueblo and she told me her pueblo is half an hour away from the center of Urcuqui (where we went)…and thennnn she told me of other pueblos that are STILL part of Urcuqui but are 2 and THREE hours away. what the heckkkkk!!!! We aren’t even allowed to be on a bus that long without permission. So that is rough. We found a mother and a son who wanted to get baptized…but they didn’t want to make the drive to church soooo their date fell through. It is crazy how many missionaries are out, but how we still need like a million more! So that was a little disconcerning, but HEY life is actually fantastic, the gospel changes lives, and everything is the will of God.
So, i haven’t mentioned food in a while. I think it’s time to share some of my favorites:
-Corn (on the cob) with cheese (kind of like feta and mozzarella mixed…idk it’s weird) and avocado. Super good. and you just eat them all at the same time.
-cereal and yogurt (you sub milk with yogurt…it’s like super liquidy)
-bread dipped in agua aromatica (manzanilla, menta, cedron, horchata, etc…)
–sidenote:horchata is NOT like the mexican horchata. it’s like fruity….and very disappointing.
IMPORTANT: Okay, so sorry that this email is so crazy and all over the place, as usual. BUT….every time i get a package i have to pay five dollars. So if you send packages with THIS address, i don’t have to pay money…you can send cards here too. THANK YOU! :

Hermana Madison Dunne
Robles E4-151 y Amazonas
Casilla 17-07-9921
Quito, Pichincha
South America

I don’t have much more news to say other than that I am very very happy with life, my zone is fantastic, the investigators are better, and the members feel like family. I’m still improving on my Spanish and I can understand the Colombians better now. They are the most flirtatious people with the way they talk it’s hilarious. “si, señora. no, reina” but gosh they mix all their words together, talk super fast, and their voices go up and down, up and down….they’re super entertaining.
I got Hermana Alva to start saying “Oh my gosh!” instead of chuso. but it sounds more like oh my goch. it’s cute. she’s cute.

For our last activity as a district, this sunday we went to a member’s house and had a bonfire. We had smores! kind of….we used what we had…and the zone leaders gave us our changes there. It was super cool…i’ve missed fire. a lot. plus, it was out in San Antonio which is more country so we could see the stars ten times better and I LOVE seeing Orion’s belt. I feel so much comfort when I see that…it’s like i’m back at home.
The adorable little puppies that used to be in our house were stolen, so that’s the saddest thing ever.
How’s my Jerome Jarre doin? Hope he’s still awkwaaaaard. Brie. Summer. Fill me in.
One of the investigators i’m teaching wants to get baptized suuuuper badly but her parents won’t let her. But she told me that when she turns 18, she’s getting baptized, then serving a mission 🙂 She rocks. Plus, she’s 14. Summer. Hit her up on instagram @Angiebiebswag
speaking of justin bieber, he came to Tulcan and then Quito recently….just in case anyone cares…..
Okay! onto the spiritual stuff because my stories are SOSO boring now.

I have been having a lot of really spiritual moments this week. I just felt so HIT with the spirit. First of all, how GREAT is 2nephi4?? oh my goodness. Really focus on verses 19-23,26-35….it is soso powerful. so great.
I also LOVED reading in 1 John 4. It shows what it TRULY means to love God. It is so great.
2 Nephi 31:12-15 is also so incredible. Really ponder what this means. What do you really have to do as a disciple of Christ? As you follow him through baptism, what does He realllly ask of us? In verse 14, ponder this a little more….what causes us to deny that which we believe to be true? If we aren’t following God’s commandments, we are really denying the truthfulness of His commandments which is an insult to God. If we really treasure God’s words and know them to be true, then we should act on them. If we don’t act on them, then what is the purpose of this life? God gave us this life to be happy. To have joy. He gave us commandments to have more joy and freedom as well. So if we aren’t following the commandments, we aren’t happy. And if we aren’t happy, we’re not fulfilling the purpose we have on this Earth.
Why is this gospel so important? Because Jesus Christ our SAVIOUR restored HIS church on the Earth again. We have a PROPHET to guide us once again. We have the priestood–the literal POWER of God that God gives to men. The power and authority to act in God’s name. Only by someone who has this power, can one be able to live with God again. It was this way when Jesus Christ had His church on the earth and it is once again here on the earth. After Jesus Christ died, as well as all of His apostles, no one in the entire earth had this power. Everyone who had the priesthood had died. So the priesthood was taken from the earth. Without a prophet to guide us, without apostles, and without the priesthood–the church of Jesus Christ did not exist on the Earth. And once humanity had the opportunity to break free from spiritual bonds and have religious freedom, in 1820, Joseph Smith was able to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ under the direction of Jesus Christ HIMSELF. How absolutely incredible is that? It was absolutely CRUCIAL that there was a restoration. There had to be. We are so blessed to have the same church Jesus Christ had on the earth, once again….and to be guided by Jesus Christ himself, through the prophet Thomas S. Monson. What an amazing thing it is that we have the same exact church as Jesus Christ again on the earth.
And EVERYONE needs to know this! Everyone needs to know that Jesus Christ has put His church again on this Earth! With a prophet once again! with the Priesthood! What a blessing! The members of this church need to share this miracle of a message. That Christ lives. That He directs this church. That we can be with our families eternally. That following the commandments of God and always striving to do what’s right is the only possible way to have eternal happiness and live with God again. We should be excited to tell everyone about this! That there is hope! That there is more joy! That this gospel changes lives.
As i was skyping my family, i started to cry as I talked about how I have seen this gospel change lives. I realized that I can think about people how Christ would see them…think about them in an eternal perspective. When I truly began to realize how great of a change they were making in their lives…how they were slowly happier and happier…how they thrived to read the scriptures, thrived to see what we had to teach next…when I saw that light in their eyes shine a bit brighter, I truly felt God’s love for them and I wanted the best for them soooooo badly. When you see people as God would see them, everything changes. As a representative of Jesus Christ, I testify that the more we see people as God sees them, the more peace and love and joy we feel in our lives. We aren’t as selfish. Everything isn’t the end of the world. Trials are seen as blessings and a way to grow. We feel God’s love more and we are eternally happier. I love this gospel and I know that it changes life. I can’t say enough how important it is to me that everyone i know has a chance to hear the hope this gospel brings…that everyone hears this message. It will change your lives and you will be eternally happy.
This week I also read “The Justice and Mercy of God” by Jeffrey R. Holland. It is so powerful and it really changed my perspective. It’s so great. (mom please attach this to the post! thanks!) 🙂
I hope everyone has a great end of the year and starts it right by finding their purpose in life. Make that your goal. Talk with God. Ask what HE wants for you. Find time to be better. Find time to read your scriptures. Find time to pour out your soul to your Heavenly Father. Find peace. Find solace. Find eternal happiness. Until next week! Much love,
Hermana Dunne 🙂


s'mores with the Zone
s’mores with the Zone
saying goodbye to Hermana Alva:(
saying goodbye to Hermana Alva:(

Here is the article she wanted posted:

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