Three months in Ecuador

Hey. First of all, I’d like to apologize for how depressing my email was last week. I should not be sending stuff like that…I shouldn’t let my feelings get the best of me when it’s email time. So, sorry about that… :/ I promise I’ll be better! Nevertheless, this week wasn’t a ray of sunshine either….hahahaha…oh man. Here’s the rundown of my week:

It’s always cold here. The fog is really thick and adds to the cold. Our clothes can’t dry because there’s no sun to dry them, so they stay cold and wet in the shade and smell bad and we have to use blowdryers to dry them. My comp decided to put her clothes inside our house to dry her clothes and, well…our house is always humid and that added to it. So, since we were breathing denser air, and it’s always cold and foggy outside…I got sick again. Woohooo. So, I’ve had a bad headache, sore throat and stuffy nose since…last monday, I think. I haven’t gotten much better, but I did get a blessing which helped. Here is the worst day this week though…hahaha…:

So, I got up feeling sick, right? Not the best feeling. But I’m all “No! Today’s gonna be great! Put a smile on your face and do the dishes!” So I turn on some happy church music, start washing the dishes…there’s a puddle at my feet. (no, it’s not what you think, i promise.) I open the cubbord under the sink to see what the ish is and WHAT DO YA KNOW?! The rat, I’d been telling our dueña about all these months that was in the pipes of the sink, FINALLY chewed a hole through the pipe! Wudduuuuup. So all the water from me washing dishes pooled up underneath the sink and flooded all over the kitchen. I called the dueña and she didn’t answer. So I called the President’s secretaries and they basically said there’s nothing they can do and to call the dueña…. -__- so, I waited for her to call me back, and when she did I gave her the whole she bang. I also told her I didn’t know where the rat was now and she totally disregarded that and told me someone would be there soon to fix it. Someone came and fixed it later…all is better. We had to make up for the study time we missed because of the rat incident. So that made us late to lunch. We get to lunch, they’re not ready so we have to wait an hour for them, which pushed back our appointments for the day. We eat, I’m all thinking “kay! everything has gone wrong today, which means NOW comes the blessings, right?!” We go to our first appointment-not there. Second? not there. We go to the church to teach the English class. Wait an hour….no one comes. By that time I’m feeling a lot more sick and just so out of energy so I texted the zone leaders and asked them if I could go home…they didn’t answer so we decided to go finish our appointments! We get outside? It’s raining. And foggy. And super sketch in the neighborhood we were going to. Nevertheless, we went. So we have to take this detour to this person’s house because the neighborhood is actually really sketchy and the men are SO molestos there. It’s so bad. And the dogs are crraaaazy territorial. So we avoided all the dangerous areas and FINALLY get to her house. Knock. No answer. Knock five other times…no answer. Okay I’m thinking “I’m gonna cool off. Time to go enjoy the view and calm down.” (we were at the top of a hill and there is a really pretty view of Milagro.) So, I walk down the hill a little bit to get a better view–BOOM! This dog hops over this little hill and COMES AT ME. Then BOOM–another dog, BOOM–a third dog! Like, what the dev!!!!! They all came at my barking and suuuper furious, and I raised my arm as if I had a rock like six times to get them to go away and nothing worked so I just prayed in my head “Heavenly Father, if they maul me, please just don’t let me get rabies” I backed up and just hugged my companion…and they were gone. I had goosebumps allll over my body at this point and my head was pounding even worse. I was at a loss of energy and happiness and felt so defeated. But, this week the President raised the numbers of our goals so I was determined to do something. We hadn’t taught one lesson all day. So we visited our other citas…of course no one was home or no one had time. But, we contacted people like crazy. By the time we hit 17 contacts, the zone leaders finally called us told us to go home. We went home and got to bed early.

Even though all of that happened and it was seriously the WORST day ever. There were miracles, and you have to remember that all is the will of God. All of that was supposed to happen because we were giving it our all and if it doesn’t work out how we want it to, it’s for a good reason and only God knows why it happened.

During the time that we were contacting, we found an older woman getting out of a taxi with some really big, heavy bags. We asked if we could help and she said “O Diosito misercordiosito, gracias por bendecirme. Si, angeles, por favor ayudame.” So we carryied the bags up these steep mud-formed stairs to her house. It is the most humble house I have seen yet. It literally is just boards and mud and anything else she can find to add shelter to her home. She thanked us many times and asked us to come see her sick relative who had been in an accident. We got inside the house and met him. His name is Julio Vicente Martinez Flores. I have never met anyone with as much faith as he has. We sang “I know that my Redeemer lives” to them, said a prayer and then basically just heard them out. They told us all the problems they’re facing and all the problems they’ve faced in their lives. I was so close to crying. I was drawn to the book of Mormon and opened it up, waiting to see what God wanted me to share. It was a scripture about repentance and baptism. No. I did NOT want to share that…i didn’t think it was the right time, so i opened the book to another page. It talked about the same thing. I opened it one more time and it was the same thing. I should have listened to that prompting, but I didn’t know how to introduce it and I didn’t follow the spirit when I should have. I shared a scripture, I think it’s in doctrine and covenants 121, where it talks about how even the gates of hell can open to us but all of the things we go through are for our good. They started crying and told us how we are angels and how they needed to hear that. We told them we had to get going and the man interrupted me and asked where are church is and when he can go. We told him and then ended with a prayer. That was probably the most inspired prayer I have given so far. I just cleared my mind out and listened to the Holy Ghost to know what I needed to say…the words I spoke were not my words, I promise you that. When I finished, they were crying again and the man said “Do you guys baptize?! I want to be baptized. When can I be baptized?!” WHAAAAAT?? Then the woman chimed in, saying she wanted to too. The woman didn’t come to church, but the man did. And if he follows through with his faith, continually, he will be baptized the first of February. I told him that by his faith and by a priesthood blessing he would be healed.

We fasted as a zone for our investigators, and especially for Julio Vicente. Sunday he received a blessing and he said he has never felt so great in his life. He’s walking with more ease and has more energy to do all that he needs to know. I know that the priesthood is really the power from God and I know that God is still a God of miracles. Julio is practically healed. I know that the strength of the priesthood is incredible, but whether or not the blessing has an affect on us is also the amount of faith we have and the will of God. I know this gospel is true, and that even through the worst of times, we find miracles. We just need to hold onto our hope and our love for God and know that He has a plan and we just have to bear our pains with patience.

Stay strong and loyal to God. Keep being happy and write me letters so I know how you all are 🙂 With all my love,

Hermana Dunne



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