I’m dying my hair black!!

service project
service project

“Go thy way and do as I have told you, and fear not thine enemies; for they shall not have power to stop my work.”-D&C 136:17

Something I am learning through this experience is to not fear others’ opinions. Contacting people (going up to random people and talking to them about the gospel) was probably my least favorite thing starting the mission. I love it now. I love seeing how people react. I love seeing people who give me the hail mary. I love seeing the people who ask me when I can visit them, with tears in their eyes. I love seeing people who say they’re never at home, but then when I ask them more questions I find out they’re actually home every night and i CAN visit them. (hehe) I love seeing people tell me they’re Jehovah’s Witnesses and glare and walk away. I love it all. I am here, with my companion, to share a message of joy, hope, and eternal peace! If they turn me down…that’s their loss! A lot of the reactions really just crack me up. But it’s when we find those people who really do want to hear, those who are looking for a change in life, and it makes all of these sacrifices worth it.

Speaking of sacrifices, we are making sacrifices these next two months as a mission. President says they do this every year in February and March. He makes the rules even stricter this month and then in March we only get some of the rules lifted if we reach certain goals. We can’t listen to EFY music anymore this month 😦 Only MoTab. Last year we weren’t allowed to email boyfriends or girlfriends….luckily that doesn’t apply this year (phew…). We can’t have any activities. There is only a slight possibility of having an activity if we reach our goal he’s set for us in baptisms. There are a lot more rules and i don’t want to go into details, but basically…I have nothing.

We are also supposed to make our own sacrifices on top of the sacrifices our mission president gave us. I have decided to fast every sunday for the next two months, and to get up at 6am instead of 6:30…doesn’t seem like a big sacrifice, but i’ll let ya know IT IS when you get home every night absolutely exhausted and it’s only 9pm…and then you have to make it to 10:30 because you have to plan and fill out papers and stuff….meh. So anyway! Those are the sacrifices I’m making. I also need YOUR help, kay? Here’s where you all come in: PLEASE DO NOT email me about:
-the olympics (i’m going to cry)
-march madness (i dont even ever watch that…waste of your time…) (ps that one was a joke) ha………….ha
-new songs/types of music
-new movies
………………………………………………..basically, just please don’t email me anything unless you’re just letting me know how you are, or if you have something spiritual to share! Sorry, but this is to keep me focused. Honestly, when President Richardson told us we had to make our own sacrifices too, I thought, “what is there to sacrifice?!” All I have are YOUR emails, aaaaaaaand……and…….time and sleep. It’s not like i could give up watching tv cuz well….we can’t watch tv. Or…….bread. Let’s be real here. We live off of “aguita y pancita” here. Gotta be realistic. So that’s that!

Today we had changes. I’m staying here in…good ole’ Ibarra. “el duro”….and I will be finishing Hermana Zaragoza’s training! Hermana Henderson left to Imbabura where the wards only speak Quichwa..so I’m nervous for her. aaaand super super sad because she was my best friend out here. 😦 Really today has just been so sad, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry. But everything happens for a reason, and the Lord’s work will go on.

Exciting news….CARNAVAL IS STARTING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, don’t think I’m excited in the slightest though. -__- For Carnaval here, they throw water balloons and then cover you in flour or this weird foam stuff that comes in bottles like silly string. Me and Hermana Z were walking through this sketchy part of our sector this week and I heard this malcriado yell “LA GRINGITA!!!” I turned around, BOOM. HIT. I was soaking wet and my arm hurt from getting hit with the water balloon. Luckily, they didn’t have flour on them….but this water balloon ish has been happening all week and apparently they do this until march SO THAT’S REAL COOL. I’m dying my hair so i fit in. All black. Get ready.

That’s all I’ve got for y’all this week. Take care and turn to God in all that you do. Love ALWAYS,
Hermana Dunne! 😀



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