I’m seeing miracles left and right!

Buenas tardes! Espero que todo este bien con todos! Les extraño FUL. :}


Okay so seriously this week has been absolutely fantastic.

To start off, I ate cow stomach soup. Okay, that actually was awful. Couldn’t take the texture and gagged a few times.

I heard the Beach Boys this week which was awesome.

I miss 40’s music so much.

For Valentine’s day my comp made me a smoothie and heart shaped pancakes. presh. The zone leaders also gave everyone in the zone (elders included) roses which was sweet. Haha


So this whole sacrifice thing is SO HARD but SO REWARDING. Seriously. I am seeing miracles left and right. I only have time to write one down though:


So one of our investigators who had a date to get baptized is in the hospital. We couldnt decide whether or not we should visit him because we didn’t have much money. So we prayed and received the answer that we needed to go. I told hermana Z “we’re going to meet someone on the way back from him. we have to go.” I barely remember even saying that…i only know i did because she told me later! So anyway, we get there and teach him a lesson in the hospital. The spirit was WAY strong and he started crying after we sang a hymn for him. I was so pumped up with the spirit…like i was determined to find someone that day and change their life. So after his lesson rocked, we left the hospital and started walking towards our house. We passed this man standing outside of his mechanic’s shop and i stopped and told Hermana Z we NEEDED to talk to him. I just felt really drawn to him. So we started getting to know him better and ended up teaching him about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a really great lesson and he was wayyy receptive. Everything made sense to him, and he understood the importance of it all. The craziest thing is that the Spirit was SUPER strong…we were on the street…that never happens. So at the end, he told us how he was trying to be better and we asked him if he wanted to take a step closer to Jesus Christ and be baptized…he excitedly told us YES!!! THAT was a miracle. Unfortunately, he belongs to the other Hermana’s sector, but that doesn’t matter! That is someone who is going to take the amazing life changing decision of baptism. Gosh, so we kept walking around after that–super pumped up and ready to meet more people who are ready to take this decision. And guess what? We found 5 more new investigators. We have also been trying to be more bold and ask people to be baptized the first time we talk to them on the street (or in a contact). Some wanted to think about it, but one of them said yes!!! I had never felt so guided by the spirit in all my mission. I know with all my heart that his truly is the Lord’s work and that I am just an instrument in His hand. I really just have to pray, let him direct me, make sacrifices, and He’ll get done what He wants done. Amazing.


I truly feel like these sacrifices we’re making are making me a better person. We’re:

-Fasting two times a week

-Getting up at 6 instead of 6:30

-Praying individually for each person we are visiting morning and night (which takes about a half hour)

-Avoiding bread 😦    (i only eat bread if i’m offered it now..so sad..)

-Only listening to music from General Conference


I’m starting to work out every day again too…kind of doing a boot camp with my comp. It’s seriously fun. haha We play soccer and jumprope and do pushups…..eetz tha bessssssst.


So all of this is really great, and we are seeing so many miracles….but it is seriously exhausting. I literally come home every day mentally, physically and emotionally worn out. My comp and i both barely have enough energy to plan for the next day….to do anything! It’s not just exhausting getting up early and walking everywhere but as missionaries we are seriously like therapists sometimes. It’s hard to not let their emotions attach onto you when you love them so much. But gosh do i feel so happy. Like Wes said, I have never been happier! I come home feeling like i truly gave the Lord my all. I will never waste a day in my mission because I am really here for such a short time and I need to devote all I have to the Lord. This mission doesn’t affect us missionaries only temporally in this life…but for the eternity. It is important to know that each day has eternal significance and i will never forget that.



During sacrament meeting this sunday, a member spoke on trials and it really touched my heart. I’m going to leave you all with the parable she gave because I absolutely love it:


There was a boy who always complained in life. He was never happy because he had gone through a lot of trials. He wondered why God gave him such a hard life. Why he had to suffer so much. His father gave him a lesson about trials so he could understand this better. He put three pots in the stove with water and boiled carrots in one, eggs in the other, and coffee beans in the third. After they had all been boiled and cooked well, he called his son over to analyze what had happened.


Each of the subjects had gone through the same process. They were all boiled with water, but each came out differently.

1 The carrots started out hard, but came out softer than before.

2 The eggs started out fragile and came out harder.

3 The coffee beans started in clear water and ended up changing the color of the water completely.


His father said,

“We all go through trials in life. We all go through the same things, but everyone reacts differently. There are some who are like carrots; who start out hard hearted, but after going through a trial, their heart is softened and they end up closer to God. There are some who start out fragile, and when they are hit with a challenge in life, the come out with a harder heart, being resentful and farther away from God. Then, there are those like the coffee beans. They go into their trials, not letting them affect them much because they change the way they look at things. They change the situation and their perspective just as the coffee beans change the water. We have a choice as to how we want to react to our trials and difficulties in life. We can choose to open close our heart to God, or we can choose to change the situation. We can change it by seeing our blessings, finding a way to solve the problem we are confronted with, and to trust more in God. When we do all we can to get through the hard times and we trust in God, always staying loyal to His commandments, he will help us.


I leave you with my testimony that I know this to be true. We can always change the situations or trials we are faced with. God is forever with us, forever listening to our prayers, and although He won’t take our trials away, He can make our burdens lighter. May God bless you all. Pray day and night to the God that gave you life, the God who gives you daily breath, and the God of miracles. Trust in Him in all you do. I love you all so much. 🙂 Have a really fantastic week! Love,

Hermana Dunne


pictures: celebrating the ZL’s birthday a few weeks back, my favorite family ever! La Familia Coral: Esteven, Dario, Alexandra, y Juan. seriously cool. aaaand sun rays coming out of the clouds above Milagro! GORGE. A tire wall we made for a service project. I love y’all german style. ta ta for now!

the tire wall we made
the tire wall we made
i love you in german
i love you in german
view above Milagro
view above Milagro
ZL bday party
ZL bday party

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