I am learning so much in all aspects of my life!

Carnaval started. It’s great.

I get eggs and water balloons and flour thrown at me all day. Seriously, just put me in the oven and make me into a cake. I’m halfway there. It is so gross. the people here are CRAZY! there are NO limits. I am pretty bruised. hahaah but it’s all good!!


So today for pday OHMYGOSH we went to the chapel for a “bbq” and we ended up being greeted by buckets of water and soap. We were soaked. Then we played some soccer…and turns out the bbq was at our branch president’s house. So, we walked to his house and everyone was waiting at the door…little did I know they had been waiting to ambush us. They have a house of 3 levels, so there was a person on each level and as we walked through the door, BOOM. buckets of water rained down on us. hahahha we have been walking around with the stuff in our backpacks covered in plastic bags because it is seriously bad. everything gets wet. So we raced up to the second level and waited with buckets for the elders to show up. The members greeted all of them with buckets of water and soap and carioka (it is in a bottle like silly string but it is just straight up soap/foam). The elders walked in all wet, and BOOM. we hit them with more. that’s when war started. Seriously it was insaaaaaaaane. A little background so you all know, this house is pretty big and is basically like a courtyard with lots of rooms so a lot of families live there….it is like the parents live their and all their children and spouses also live there…anyway, it’s the Farinango family and they are my BEST FRIENDS. i love them. So. basically, the elders freaked out and ran upstairs screaming and i was scared for my life, so we ran into the kitchen and filled up more buckets and took it out on them and they came with bigger buckets and everyone in the house was screaming and throwing buckets of water and soap all over each other and slipping everywhere…seriously it was like a movie. i LOVED it. i was laughing so hard. Then we all calmed down, sweeped the water out of the rooms, and ate lunch. haha i can’t describe it well, but that was seriously the BEST pday activity i have ever had. hahah gosh. so fun.


This week i also stepped in a huge mud puddle in the night and i had to go to an appointment after and tie my foot up in a bag. it was disgusting. and freezing. super funny though.


I also hit 6 months on the 28th…CRAZY STUFF. Time is seriously flying by and i have way too many mixed emotions…i dont want to leave 😦 THIS MISSION IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME. I am learning soooooo much in all aspects of life. I am loooooving the people and the culture (except the always being late and not staying true to your word part….) And I am loving seeing the change this gospel makes in people’s lives. it is seriously incredible and i care about these people so much. I want to keep doing this FOREVER. soooooo good thing I still have a year!! haha.


Just a little FYI, changes are in three week and i CANNOT wait! I  have been in the same sector and zone my whole mission…i am ready to go somewhere else. I might stay, but I highly doubt it. This is actually the hardest zone in the mission. President Richardson told us that he sends his best/hardest working missionaries here because he knows how hard it is. Also! This zone holds a record in the church. hahahha…..It is the only zone in the world, IN THE HISTORY OF THE CHURCH, that has stayed a district this long. It has not progressed or grown hardly at all….so that’s a fact for ya. Needless to say, we are working as hard as we possibly can!


OH. okay so there is this colombian man that i pass a lot because he is always on the street where we walk and he always talks super fast…like a salesman…and tells me how blonde and beautiful i am and to stop following him…AND IT IS SO GROSS AND ANNOYING. So this week he was doin his ish again and was saying “preciosa” and “mona” (which means blonde girl)  and i was soooo annoeyed. I turned around and said “Deje, por faVOR.” Then he shut up. so maybe i need to be sassier with people like that…because i guess it works.


Sooooo! Every week we have a district meeting where we are given a training on how to be better missionaries and people and they’re always super great! The district leader and the zone leaders usually teach us….and guess who’s training the district this week?! THIS GIRL! I am suuuuper nervous, but super stoked!! I can’t wait. I feel like it is going to be a really good experience. I am trying to force myself more to do things that make me uncomfortable…because i know that’s the only way i am going to grow and be a better person, and the skills i am learning on the mission will help me afterwards for the rest of my life as well. I like accidentally volunteered to do it and then the zone leaders took me seriously…so yeah. that’s that.


OH! We had interviews with President this week. It was so great and I loved it 🙂 i looooove learning new things and finding out how i can be better…it is the greaaaatest. And at the end, he gave us pouch mail and one of the asistants, Elder Thomas, was all “don’t get too excited…it’s mostly for hermana dunne”….that’s the joke in the mission. i allllllways have pouch…packages and letters. So anyway, he wasn’t lying. I got FOUR packages and FOUR letters this week! you guys are SO GREAT. Shoutout to my family (LUH YOO), Jan (Christmas is still going on, wuddup), Nana and grandpa (i have all the candy and dog treats i could ever want), and wes (that confetti surprise is going to cost you). oh, and shoutout to chase madrigal. WUDDUP


Anyway! I am just super happy…and sorry this email is all unorganized again. i am relaly out of it. i am actually super paranoid because of carnaval…cut me some slack.




1 Corinthians 3:16-17 is so awesome. When something is wrong with a temple of our church or when they do some renovations, the temple has to be rededicated, right? Well, it’s the same with us. The Holy Ghost cannot live inside an unclean person. We may have been worthy before, but if we change something and start doing things we shouldn’t–the Holy Ghost cannot live inside of us. We have to REPENT and REDEDICATE our lives. think about that.


So I don’t have much more to say. But to sum things up:


Heavenly Father loves you. He wants you to live up to your potential. Live in a way that you can feel His spirit. Make good choices, like seriously people just wake up and do what you know is right. Heavenly Father wants to bless you, so start keeping His commandments so he CAN bless you!!! I love you all and know that you can live up to your potential too. I am making goals to become a better person and live up to my potential more as a daughter of God…I encourage you all to do the same. Make goals, figure out how to be better, and act on that decision. God will bless you.


Have a water fight. I know it’s snowing, but it’s carnaval. you have to celebrate. don’t forget the rotton eggs and flour though.


Con muchisimo amor,

Hermana Dunne :]



stepped in a mud puddle
stepped in a mud puddle
all my packages!!!
all my packages!!!
typical meal. smoosh the avacado and the cheese on the corn...yummy
typical meal. smoosh the avacado and the cheese on the corn…yummy

Juan y Alexandra making fried bananas for us. sooo good.
Juan y Alexandra making fried bananas for us. sooo good.
The house where we had the water fight.
The house where we had the water fight.