TRANSFERRED!!! Calderon, Quito

Wow!! So to start off, I’m not in Ibarra anymore. FINALLY i got a change. Buuuut it is already really rough. ha. I am in Calderon, Quito and apparently the ward there is huuuge YES WARD, NOT BRANCH ANYMORE, and the members are super nice so i’m really excited for that! My companion is Hermana Palao from Honduras. I’m stokkkked!

Well. right now i am just in Quito by the offices right now because we just got here and are only emailing for a little bit and then we are going to go straight to our sector to teach. yey yey.


It was really sad saying goodbye. My first hija in the mission…we both cried…my first zone…first sector…first converts…first EVERYTHING. so it is rough to say the least. But i feel very blessed to be out of Ibarra. I learned what I needed to there. I am ready to move on and grow in other aspects of my being…because I already see some things that I will be tried with this change.


This week we had a service project for Vicente. We reconstructed his stairs made of mud no mas and fixed his leaking rough. Poor thing, his living circumstances are awful. He was going to get baptized this saturday! Buuuut he didnt come to church because…well…i was talking with him at the service project and i called him crazy jokingly…apparently that is a HUGE insult here and I am super naiive -__- Sooooo he told us he wouldn’t be at church this sunday because “he’s too crazy” and he needs time to relax…so that’s super sad. but if he wants to get baptized and still be loyal to God, he will. His faith is strong and hopefully one innocent insult won’t stop him.



this week we also were able to do something really great. the whole district invaded our sector. I assigned them parts of our sector, we split up, and we all contacted like crazy. we saw miracles.

One of the miracles is that we had an AMAZING sunday. Normally we have 70-80 people at church…there were 117!! absolutely insane. we also saw all of the less active families we’ve “rescued” and all the less active families we’re visiting.


Aside from miracles, we also had kind of an awful experience. So lately in the house we had been hearing noises in the kitchen at night, and things being moved or making noises around the house at night. I had seen shadows pass by the window like silhoettes of people, but no one was there because you can ALWAYS hear when people walk by. aaand the worst things are that hermana z had been waking up almost every night just CHOKING like crazy..on nothing! it was so scary. Saturday night we were in the house and hermana z was standing in the kitchen and felt like an energy brush over her head, she looked up and saw a dark shadow fly across the cieling and disappear..we tried to rationalize it but there was no way that it could be explained logically. so we booked it out of the house because we felt sick to our stomachs, called the zone leaders and they came over with the district leader and blessed our house. they got sick to their stomachs and had headaches when the entered our house so THAT’S awful….then we fell asleep to hymns so we could actually sleep. when we woke up everything felt lighter and happier and it was all grrrreat!


This week i also ate cow intestines. not a fan…not a fan.


So spiritually, I am doing great. I have been guided by the spirit soooo strongly lately. Our lessons are a lot more fluid and hermana z and i speak with the spirit so strongly now. we started praying to know where we need to go and the results have been crazy..when you truly are obedient and listen to the spirit, you see miracles.


Everyone should search “feed my sheep” by elder holland. it is the most pooowerful talk and brought me to tears. he gave it in the provo mtc.


I don’t have much more time to email so i cant say all i wanted to say…but i want everyone to know how crucial it is that we know our identity, purpose, and destiny. If we know these three things, we will be the happiest people in the world.


“This life is the time for men to prepare to meet God.”-Alma 34:32 What are you doing to prepare to meet God? Ask yourself that and see what you need to change about your life to feel more prepared.


To know your identity, go to Acts 17:29. we are literally offspring of God. we are His children.

Now what is our purpose? 2 nephi 2:25…to have joy. alma 34:32 NOW is the time to preapre to meet God. Genesis 17:1, Matt5:48-…be perfect. will God command us to do something that we can’t actually acheive?! NO. never. Ephesians 4:12…become perfect through learning how in church. John 17:22-23 we will be made perfect.

That leads us to our destiny, to be perfect, and as if that’s not enough, heavenly father promises us more! Romans 8:16-17 as long as we stay loyal to God, we can be heirs of all that God has. I have taught a lot of lessons outlined exactly like this and when the less actives or investigators truly understand this…they change.

No pictures this week, we’re super rushed sorry 😦 I hope you all have the chance to study those scriptures and realize how much potential you all have! I love you all and pray for you often. 🙂 love always,

Hermana Dunne!


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