From small and simple things, great things come to pass.

Hey everyone! How y’all doin?


So this week I ate fish eyes. Here when they serve fish they just fry the whole thing head, tail and all. They told me i had to eat everything soooo to be polite that’s what i did but the whole time i was praying that Heavenly Father would help me not vomit. haha.


For Easter there were also a lot, A LOT, of drunk people. It was really sad actually. All sprawled out all over the streets or stumbling into taxis. So anyway, we were walking down the street and this drunk man made this super loud whistle at me and it was super awkward and then he said, “mijita, quieres aguita?” He offered me the two bottles he was holding. i think it was liquor.


We were contacting this week also, where we go door to door asking if people if they want to hear our message, and we came across this one house. SHOOT. This man answered the door and said “ustedes son misioneras de la iglesia de los desviados?” or “you are missionaries of the church of the lost (or on the wrong path)?” HABLEME EN SERIO. He started telling us how the Catholic church is the only true church and how we need to come back to the fold and then he started saying a lot of really crass things so I told him thank you for your time, have a great day. and he kept yelling at us as we walked away. I was just laughing but my companion was so upset. It is insane how awfully mean people can be out here…and for no reason either! We invite people to learn about Christ and how families can be eternal and some people just explode! It’s insane. So that happened.

This is how I had to enter my new apartment when I arrived on my first day….

how I entered my new apartment


All the kids here ask me if PCA the school from “Zoey 101” is real. hahhaah apparently that show here is really popular. so that made me laugh quite a bit.


This week has been so bipolar, weatherwise. It is really really hot during the day and then at night it pours and is all windy and I cant feel anything…but we visit nice people who give us hot bread and warm drinks 🙂


If you have access to internet and are not a missionary, look up “porque estoy vacilando, cual es tu tusa” by a band from “esmeraldas, ecuador”. it is super catchy and all the buses play it. haha

our epic pic

Our epic pic!

So this week the spirit was really strong during our lessons! It was so nice. It is the BEST feeling in the world testifying of this gospel and its doctrine and principles, feeling the spirit seriously giving you the words to say, and seeing the change in the expressions of the people. THAT is why I am serving a mission. For those moments. Where you see a change in the person when they realize and can truly feel that what you are saying is true. It is the most beautiful feeling and sight.

While I was studying this week I read Isaiah 49:16 and it is SO true. How could the Lord EVER forget us when he was nailed to a cross for us? You may feel abandoned or alone, but you are never abandoned by God or Jesus Christ. He loves you. He suffered FOR. YOU. He thought of you all throughout His atoning sacrifice and He will never forget you.


Something else that we must do is remember Jesus Christ in all the moments possible. During church yesterday, our stake president told us why this is so important. He said that as we think more about or read more about Jesus Christ, that we will begin to imitate Him. We will begin to reflect His attributes and be more and more like Him with each day. I know this is true because I have seen a difference in my life by doing this in the mission. He also taught us that we must pay a lot of attention to the small and simple things because from small and simple things, great things come to pass. We hear this all the time, but I have never understood how crucial that statement truly is. When we stop reading the scriptures daily, saying our daily prayers, dressing modestly…little by little we go backwards. If we are not strengthening ourselves spiritually daily, then we are doing the opposite and slowly we will go farther and farther away from God. However, if we pay attention to the small and simple things like reading and praying daily, we will notice that we become stronger and stronger in our faith and that we will have the light of Christ eminating from us more brilliantly.



Anyway, if what i said didn’t make sense or you didn’t have time to read it all, just make sure you understand this: the small and simple things are most important. Focus on those things and focus on Jesus Christ in every moment possible. Strengthen your testimony daily and you will see a difference in your life, I promise you that as a representative of Jesus Christ.


Till next week! Stay strong! 🙂 Love,

Hermana Dunne

You can truly change people through simply serving them and loving them

Not much time this week because I had to take a survey! So, i’ll get to the important parts of the week.


Well, Cristina didn’t end up getting baptized. Her parents don’t support her at all and there was a lot of contention in the home because of her decision, which is really sad. It was really sad to hear what she is going through, but we are going to keep working with her and supporting her in whatever decision she takes. I truly love her and only want the best for her, and I know that this gospel truly brings the greatest amount of peace and joy that we can ever acheive in this life. I told her we will support her in whatever decision she makes, but that we are only there because we want the best for her. We’ll see how this next week goes.


Okay, when I get home I will noooot be watching scary movies. That’s a fact. As missionaries, we are “set apart from the world” with a blessing which seriously makes us more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. It also makes us sensitive to any other form of spirit. I was in a member’s house eating and in the next room over, someone was watching a scary movie….I honestly felt a really dark presence and knew it was coming from the movie. Movies like that are super captivating and can actually scare us, and it is because it invites bad spirits. It invites bad energy into the room and it is not good for our souls. We should be occupied watching movies or listening to music that uplifts us and makes us happy. Search out the things of God because anything that doesn’t make you feel true joy or happiness is not of God and we shouldn’t waste our time on it.


This week I learned that you really can change someone through love and through actions. If someone doesn’t treat you right, it can be hard to act towards them with love. I promise you that if you look past the things they have done to hurt you and just try and love them, that God will bless you with that attribute of charity. If someone treats you badly, you look past it and serve them, they will have a change of heart. Love them and realize that they are also a child of God and they just need love. People are bitter because they have gone through hard experiences in life. So cheer them up! Hug them, write them a note, wash their dishes, make their bed, compliment them, let them see that you truly love them! Even if you don’t at first, as you serve them more, I promise you that God will bless you to have love for them. It is the most incredible thing we can do. You can truly change people through simply serving them and loving them. And I know it is easier said than done, but if you can do this you will not only see a change in them but you will see a change in yourself. You will have more patience, more love for everyone, and you will be a lot happier in life. You won’t hold grudges, you won’t have that weight in your heart causing you to be bitter towards them. It is a true blessing and an example that Jesus Christ Himself has given us. Just love others. That is why it is the second greatest commandment. Because if you love everyone, you will do all that God and Jesus want you to do…and you will have a happy life.

Side note for ya’ll….Hermana Dunne has a companion that has been very challenging do deal with so needless to say, she is learning a ton from her experience with her. –Lisa (her mama)



This week I also read in 1 Nephi 5:2, 4-6 and learned how we should treat someone if they have a concern or complaint. study it and apply it to your lives. Study how Lehi reacted to the situation.


I also read in 1Nephi 6:4 and really loved what it said. that is the whole purpose of the book of Mormon…to persuade men to come unto God and be saved. How beautiful is that? It is incredible that we have the blessing of such a book. I encourage everyone possible to read this book and reflect on what they learn from it. I know it changes lives. It’s changed mine. Study it daily and I promise you that you will see a difference in your lives, as I have.


I just want to finish with two scriptures.


1 Nephi 17:3 “And if it so be that the children of men keep the commandments of God he doth NOURISH them, and STRENGTHEN them, and PROVIDE means whereby they can accomplish the thing which he has commanded them.” really reflect on that scripture. It has power.


The other is 1 Nephi 1:20 : “…the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, BECAUSE of their faith, to make them MIGHTY even unto the POWER of deliverance.” This scipture too is so powerful. Really reflect on these and realize what that means for you.


I hope you all had a really great Easter and that you continue to grow in your Faith in God and Jesus Christ…because THEY LIVE. I know it with all my heart and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Love, Hermana Dunne! :}

no pictures again….her sd card has a virus:(

Take the time to analyze your lives

First off, FANESCA IS AWFUL. Just want to make sure that everyone knows that. Don’t ever get excited over fanesca. Dreams will be crushed. La Fanesca is a dish that everyone does here for Easter. It is a soup with 12 grains…to represent the 12 apostles…and they throw fish in there. head and all. you pick the bones out as you eat the fish…be careful! I mean, some fish is alright but this fish’s taste is super strong so i wanted to throw up. But hey, if you like fish and loooots of grains, dig in.



Second, well. There isn’t much that happened this week.



We are working with a 10 year old named Naomi. She has grown up in a catholic school which has really confused her. Her mom has been returning to church recently, and wants Naomi to be baptized. Naomi was pretty opposed because all she has known is the catholic church. Most of the schools here are dominated by catholicism. They are obligated to get baptized, do the first communion, and go to mass. They are basically brainwashed and aren’t even given the opportunity to search out religions that really seem right to them. So, we were teaching Naomi and she was telling us how she doesn’t want to get baptized just because of her mom. We explained that what she said is right. She should NOT get baptized for her mom. It should NEVER be like that. ever. I felt the spirit work really strongly through me and give me the words to say to her…I haven’t had an experience as strong as this one in a while. I told her that she needs to pray about this gospel and ask God if it is true. He is the ONLY being that knows all truth. He wants us to know the truth, so he WILL respond. always. I told her that this isn’t a matter of changing religion. This isn’t a matter of “who’s the better church”. The spirit really testified to her through my words and she told us she would pray and that she wanted to get baptized. We’ll see how it all went this week.



I feel so blessed to be a missionary. This is the most exquisite joy I have ever felt! Like i said last week, I can feel your prayers strengthening me. I can literally feel angels around me. I know that God lives and is so real. I feel so much closer to God because I have been able to study the scriptures three hours a day. I testify that there is true power in the scriptures. The Bible is so sacred and so great. The Book of Mormon changes lives. It heals hearts. It strengthens us when we’re weak…This book is one of the greatest blessings I have had in my life. And to think that prophets dedicated their lives to writing it for us…amazing. Think about that. They dedicated their lives to preserving this book so we could know of the truth and be saved too! The true church of Jesus Christ is here on the earth! Pray about it! Read the Book of Mormon! Find out for yourselves. It is all true and I know with all my heart and soul that it is.


Take the time to analyze your lives now and change what needs to be changed. God loves us. Jesus Christ lives and will come again. Stay true to the gospel. Do what is right. Avoid anything that will take you down the wrong path. Stay away from temptation and stay true to the path of righteousness…you will find peace and happiness there. We are only safe through Jesus Christ’s gospel in this life and we are guaranteed eternal happiness, peace, and rest if we stay true. Don’t give up. Keep pushing forward and keep strengthening your testimony continually. Don’t give room for the devil to weaken you.


I came across this scripture this week and it hit me hard with the Spirit. 2 Nephi 25:29 “The right way is to BELIEVE IN CHRIST, and deny Him not…worship Him with al your might, mind, and strength, and your WHOLE SOUL.”


The soul is both the body and the spirit. We must not only spiritually strengthen ourselves through prayer, scriptures study, and going to church…but we must show it.

Act as Christ would. Serve others, and love them. Be kind and respectful. Help others realize that through your example, you truly are a follower of Christ. Let us reflect this in our personalities and our way of being. Be christlike. Show your loyalty to Him in ALL that you do.


I love you all so much and hope you all have a very great week. I pray for you all day and night! Show God your loyalty starting today. Be stronger, be better, be more loyal, and be an example. With all my heart,

Hermana Dunne! :}

**sorry no pictures this week:(

Love God and Jesus Christ and rely on them completely.

I really really miss painting and regret not taking any paint or brushes with me. Just a hint for family members who like to send packages. ahem.

I heard taylor swift this morning and wanted to cry i was so happy.

here it is cool to have one ear gauged.

I have hardly any time left! So. here goes.

This week wasn’t easy, but it was better. I can literally feel the prayers of family members and friends strengthening me. Literally feel them. It is something i have never felt before, so thank you. I feel that I am getting stronger emotionally and spiritually and I know that this mission truly is one of the greatest blessings anyone can have during this life. It is one of the most exceptional experiences. I don’t have a mom to vent to, a dad to go to for advice, sisters to tell everything to. I don’t know anyone here. I am alone. The only person I can rely on now is God and Jesus Christ. That is the only possible way to stay happy. Is to love God and Jesus Christ and rely on them completely. That is how i meet the people that are so in need of this gospel. That is how i grow to love the people I meet here so much. That is how i wake up each day with a smile on my face and the energy of excitement to get out and help people come to the knowledge that the true church that Jesus Christ Himself established on this Earth IS HERE AGAIN. i love this gospel. I wouldnt change this experience for anything. I get stronger with each day and I appreciate this life more and more with each day.

Conference was absolutely incredible and I cannot tell you how many times I received personal revelation. I especially loved Elder Uchtdorf and Holland’s talks. They really spoke to me.

We can choose to find happiness in unhappy situations. We should be grateful for our situations. The more we thank God for our situations rather than thanking for just the blessings we receive, the happier we will be. Every situation in our life is a blessing. We learn and grow with each experience. And if we endure, trusting in God and the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we will become stronger and closer to God. We will be happier in life, and we will work more and more towards being the person God has destined us to be.

There is so much more I want to say, but no time. I love all of you. Thank you so much for praying for me and sending me messages–your support is so appreciated. Keep drawing closer to God and never lose sight of what’s most important. This life will be over soon enough and we will see God face to face. Choose every day to do that which would make Him proud because the day will come that you and Him will go over everything you have done in this life. You only live once, (YOLO….swag) but for real. You only live once, so do what will benefit you in the life after death. Build your foundation upon eternal doctrine, lifestyles, and concepts. The other things in this life will not benefit you in any way after you die. Remember:

You don’t have to wait until death to find joy, peace, and rest.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Much love,
Hermana Dunne 🙂

You all seriously keep me going!

If there is one thing I have learned this week, it’s that the mission is one of the greatest blessings anyone can have. You definitely have your HIGHEST of highs, and lowest of lows, and right now I’m struggling with the lowest of lows. I don’t know WHAT I would do without the people we’re visiting, the mission president, my family, or my friends. You all seriously keep me going. Prayer and scriptures have been an enormous help as well. In the mission, you truly are alone. It’s just you and Heavenly Father and if you don’t rely on Him, you will suuuuuffer. I know this is true. I have been pouring out my soul morning and night, begging Heavenly Father to help me. I know He is. I can feel your prayers as well. I am definitely feeling a change in myself. I honestly feel like I am changing into who I want to be and it is the most amazing feeling…but I know that I will only achieve it if I stick it out these next five weeks.

Changes are hard. But there are some quotes and scriptures that have been getting me through this week. When things are too hard to stand, get down and kneel…and pray. That is the biggest blessing we have. We get to talk to the person who created us. How incredible is that?

Here are some of the quotes that have been helping me. And lemme tell ya, i have to read them night and day to keep me going:

“Let us remember that others have passed the same way, have endured, and then have overcome.”-Thomas s. Monson

“We truly need him EVERY HOUR, whether they be hours of sunshine or of rain.”-Thomas s. Monson

“For everyone that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.”-Luke 18:14 (Jesus Christ)

“The things which are IMPOSSIBLE with men are POSSIBLE with God.” -Luke 18:27

I know that this gospel is true because if it wasn’t I would not be here and I would be miserable. I know that through my diligence and perseverance, that God will bless me. Times may be almost unbearable, but they are made bearable with the help of prayer. I have the strongest testimony of this. I know that God is aware of me. I know that we must go through hard things in order to grow and be better. It isn’t the most enjoyable thing, but I find joy in becoming closer to God, feeling His presence more in my life, and actually feeling the change in my heart. I have more patience, and I am able to solve situations better.

Sidenote, this week my companion broke the door down because it wouldn’t open and she kicked it open. So that was good.

That’s all i have time for. love y’all! stay strong, stay true to God, and find the blessings in the hardest of times. Keep to the faith. Love,

Hermana Dunne