Take the time to analyze your lives

First off, FANESCA IS AWFUL. Just want to make sure that everyone knows that. Don’t ever get excited over fanesca. Dreams will be crushed. La Fanesca is a dish that everyone does here for Easter. It is a soup with 12 grains…to represent the 12 apostles…and they throw fish in there. head and all. you pick the bones out as you eat the fish…be careful! I mean, some fish is alright but this fish’s taste is super strong so i wanted to throw up. But hey, if you like fish and loooots of grains, dig in.



Second, well. There isn’t much that happened this week.



We are working with a 10 year old named Naomi. She has grown up in a catholic school which has really confused her. Her mom has been returning to church recently, and wants Naomi to be baptized. Naomi was pretty opposed because all she has known is the catholic church. Most of the schools here are dominated by catholicism. They are obligated to get baptized, do the first communion, and go to mass. They are basically brainwashed and aren’t even given the opportunity to search out religions that really seem right to them. So, we were teaching Naomi and she was telling us how she doesn’t want to get baptized just because of her mom. We explained that what she said is right. She should NOT get baptized for her mom. It should NEVER be like that. ever. I felt the spirit work really strongly through me and give me the words to say to her…I haven’t had an experience as strong as this one in a while. I told her that she needs to pray about this gospel and ask God if it is true. He is the ONLY being that knows all truth. He wants us to know the truth, so he WILL respond. always. I told her that this isn’t a matter of changing religion. This isn’t a matter of “who’s the better church”. The spirit really testified to her through my words and she told us she would pray and that she wanted to get baptized. We’ll see how it all went this week.



I feel so blessed to be a missionary. This is the most exquisite joy I have ever felt! Like i said last week, I can feel your prayers strengthening me. I can literally feel angels around me. I know that God lives and is so real. I feel so much closer to God because I have been able to study the scriptures three hours a day. I testify that there is true power in the scriptures. The Bible is so sacred and so great. The Book of Mormon changes lives. It heals hearts. It strengthens us when we’re weak…This book is one of the greatest blessings I have had in my life. And to think that prophets dedicated their lives to writing it for us…amazing. Think about that. They dedicated their lives to preserving this book so we could know of the truth and be saved too! The true church of Jesus Christ is here on the earth! Pray about it! Read the Book of Mormon! Find out for yourselves. It is all true and I know with all my heart and soul that it is.


Take the time to analyze your lives now and change what needs to be changed. God loves us. Jesus Christ lives and will come again. Stay true to the gospel. Do what is right. Avoid anything that will take you down the wrong path. Stay away from temptation and stay true to the path of righteousness…you will find peace and happiness there. We are only safe through Jesus Christ’s gospel in this life and we are guaranteed eternal happiness, peace, and rest if we stay true. Don’t give up. Keep pushing forward and keep strengthening your testimony continually. Don’t give room for the devil to weaken you.


I came across this scripture this week and it hit me hard with the Spirit. 2 Nephi 25:29 “The right way is to BELIEVE IN CHRIST, and deny Him not…worship Him with al your might, mind, and strength, and your WHOLE SOUL.”


The soul is both the body and the spirit. We must not only spiritually strengthen ourselves through prayer, scriptures study, and going to church…but we must show it.

Act as Christ would. Serve others, and love them. Be kind and respectful. Help others realize that through your example, you truly are a follower of Christ. Let us reflect this in our personalities and our way of being. Be christlike. Show your loyalty to Him in ALL that you do.


I love you all so much and hope you all have a very great week. I pray for you all day and night! Show God your loyalty starting today. Be stronger, be better, be more loyal, and be an example. With all my heart,

Hermana Dunne! :}

**sorry no pictures this week:(

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