From small and simple things, great things come to pass.

Hey everyone! How y’all doin?


So this week I ate fish eyes. Here when they serve fish they just fry the whole thing head, tail and all. They told me i had to eat everything soooo to be polite that’s what i did but the whole time i was praying that Heavenly Father would help me not vomit. haha.


For Easter there were also a lot, A LOT, of drunk people. It was really sad actually. All sprawled out all over the streets or stumbling into taxis. So anyway, we were walking down the street and this drunk man made this super loud whistle at me and it was super awkward and then he said, “mijita, quieres aguita?” He offered me the two bottles he was holding. i think it was liquor.


We were contacting this week also, where we go door to door asking if people if they want to hear our message, and we came across this one house. SHOOT. This man answered the door and said “ustedes son misioneras de la iglesia de los desviados?” or “you are missionaries of the church of the lost (or on the wrong path)?” HABLEME EN SERIO. He started telling us how the Catholic church is the only true church and how we need to come back to the fold and then he started saying a lot of really crass things so I told him thank you for your time, have a great day. and he kept yelling at us as we walked away. I was just laughing but my companion was so upset. It is insane how awfully mean people can be out here…and for no reason either! We invite people to learn about Christ and how families can be eternal and some people just explode! It’s insane. So that happened.

This is how I had to enter my new apartment when I arrived on my first day….

how I entered my new apartment


All the kids here ask me if PCA the school from “Zoey 101” is real. hahhaah apparently that show here is really popular. so that made me laugh quite a bit.


This week has been so bipolar, weatherwise. It is really really hot during the day and then at night it pours and is all windy and I cant feel anything…but we visit nice people who give us hot bread and warm drinks 🙂


If you have access to internet and are not a missionary, look up “porque estoy vacilando, cual es tu tusa” by a band from “esmeraldas, ecuador”. it is super catchy and all the buses play it. haha

our epic pic

Our epic pic!

So this week the spirit was really strong during our lessons! It was so nice. It is the BEST feeling in the world testifying of this gospel and its doctrine and principles, feeling the spirit seriously giving you the words to say, and seeing the change in the expressions of the people. THAT is why I am serving a mission. For those moments. Where you see a change in the person when they realize and can truly feel that what you are saying is true. It is the most beautiful feeling and sight.

While I was studying this week I read Isaiah 49:16 and it is SO true. How could the Lord EVER forget us when he was nailed to a cross for us? You may feel abandoned or alone, but you are never abandoned by God or Jesus Christ. He loves you. He suffered FOR. YOU. He thought of you all throughout His atoning sacrifice and He will never forget you.


Something else that we must do is remember Jesus Christ in all the moments possible. During church yesterday, our stake president told us why this is so important. He said that as we think more about or read more about Jesus Christ, that we will begin to imitate Him. We will begin to reflect His attributes and be more and more like Him with each day. I know this is true because I have seen a difference in my life by doing this in the mission. He also taught us that we must pay a lot of attention to the small and simple things because from small and simple things, great things come to pass. We hear this all the time, but I have never understood how crucial that statement truly is. When we stop reading the scriptures daily, saying our daily prayers, dressing modestly…little by little we go backwards. If we are not strengthening ourselves spiritually daily, then we are doing the opposite and slowly we will go farther and farther away from God. However, if we pay attention to the small and simple things like reading and praying daily, we will notice that we become stronger and stronger in our faith and that we will have the light of Christ eminating from us more brilliantly.



Anyway, if what i said didn’t make sense or you didn’t have time to read it all, just make sure you understand this: the small and simple things are most important. Focus on those things and focus on Jesus Christ in every moment possible. Strengthen your testimony daily and you will see a difference in your life, I promise you that as a representative of Jesus Christ.


Till next week! Stay strong! 🙂 Love,

Hermana Dunne

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