Work daily to be considered as one of His sheep.

Hey everyone how’s it goin? goooood!

welp, highlights of the week:

Elder Waddel of the 70 came and i got to talk to him and i will definitely be talking more about him…

I heard that opera song that Taylor Dodrill and Kelsey Jost love so much. I wanted to cry…but not because it was beautiful…cuz it’s not *ahem* hahaha

This week I was standing in line to get food somewhere and this little girl ran up out of no where, hugged my leg suuuuper hard and then ran away laughing. hehe it was pretty cute.

Apparently my comp’s name is Madeleine but she goes by “madison” soooooo hahahah that’s pretty weird.

Me and Hermana Gonzalez...she's so tiny
Me and Hermana Gonzalez…she’s so tiny

In two days i hit NINE MONTHS. Saddest thing ever. my mission is going to be over so soon…. -__-

So, today I really wanted to talk about the things Elder Waddell shared with us. First of all..he is extreeeeemely tall. like 7 and a half feet tall. Second of all, I have never felt so much POWER before by only LISTENING to someone. He truly speaks with the power and authority of God because i felt something extremely different. He also speaks spanish reeeally well…but with a silly Spanish axthent. (imitating his accent)

He  told us that it doesn’t matter if we’re rich or poor, fat or skinny, black white red blue green yellow or orange, it doesnt matter if we are tall or short, our family members have been members of the church for generations or if we’re the only member in our family and they kicked us out for it. NONE of these temporal things matter. What matters is that we were put in a situation where we were able to know the church , that Heavenly Father has chosen you for this time, and He trusts in you.

Us and Elder Wadell
Us and Elder Wadell

Something else he made really clear is that exaltation doesnt come from the weight of our calling. Heavenly Father, on the day of judgment, isn’t gonna be there with a list saying “Okay….let’s see..oh wow, mission president! Okay, he gets exaltation.. and who’s next…oh wow only first couselor in the primary presidency…okay so she doesn’t get exaltation.” NO! It isn’t about ranks…ranks don’t mean anything except that God has chosen them and trusts them with that calling for that moment. Magnify your callings because Exaltation comes from KEEPING OUR COVENANTS.

Last of all, I’d like to talk about those who don’t keep the commandments of God…those who like to rebel. Elder Waddell taught us that “the person who disobeys is the most prideful person there is. They think it only affects them but it affects their family, friends, missionaries, and generations that come from all of them. ” When we make decisions, we must think more of the consequences and put things into eternal perspective because the decisions we make have eternal consequences. Just do what God wants you to do and love it.

I also wanted to share something I read in the Bible in John 10:27 where Jesus says “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

Are you really considered to be one of “His sheep”? Because if you are, then you are hearing his word; which means you listen to His prophets. He speaks to us through prophets…are you following all the commandments and revelations they give us? Because Jesus says that His sheep don’t only HEAR His voice, but they FOLLOW him. Are you living what you believe? If you are doing all of this, then He knows you…which means you are His sheep and He will save you through mercy in the day of judgment. Strive to be His sheep.

At first it may be hard, but it is a process. Work daily to be considered as one of His sheep. Times may be hard…they may have you to the point where you don’t want to get up in the morning. But the problems you can’t face standing on your feet, you can face on your knees. Pray to God and pour out your soul to Him. Pray and ask for strength, for the faith you may be lacking, and He will answer your prayers. Trust in Him. He is merciful and He loves you. Don’t you ever forget that. Strengthen yourself spiritually in order to face the problems you have in life–it’s the only way in the entire world to find true happiness.

Of these things I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Stay strong and trust more in God than you are right now! Much love,

Hermana Dunne

Maria Cortez....she's 65,can barely hear and has ADHD really bad and the most faithful woman I've met
Maria Cortez….she’s 65,can barely hear and has ADHD really bad and the most faithful woman I’ve met
Go Ecuador!!!
Go Ecuador!!!

Pig skin is the worst thing I’ve ever eaten!!

Good afternoon! OKAY HOW IS EVERYONE?!

imma start off with a story about how this week I ate pig skin. aaand it is the worst thing i have ever eaten. i gagged numerous times and was realllllll close to not keeping it all down if ya know what i mean….not cool. not cool.

in happier news, i saw two rainbows this week! yeahhhh…………!

Also, oh gosh, the men here are so flirty. Especially like the 50 year old men. It is horrid. All i can think of is Ke$ha’s song “DINOSAUR” where she tells them that they basically just need to STOP. yeah. we’re on the same page.

So, this week we  had interviews with president and while everyone else got interviewed, we received a training. The training focused on the Book of Mormon and i haven’t felt the spirit as strong as i did then in a while. I felt the Spirit testifying to me so powerfully of the truth of this sacred book and it brought me to tears. I have never loved a book so much and I consider it to be the most precious thing i own. Sincerely, I invite everyone to read the Book of Mormon. Not to “convert you” as many might say…not to compare it to the Bible, because we read the Bible too and I love that book. But I want you all to read it, so you can feel the Spirit as I have felt it. The book of mormon is incredibly sacred and incredibly life changing. As you read it, you will feel God testifying to you through the Holy Ghost that it truly is His word. You will feel a change in your heart, and the more you read it, you will crave to read more. This book answers all of life’s questions. This book contains the word of God and helps us understand the life and sacrifice of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, even better. Read this book to be healed. Read this book to learn more from the word of God. Read this book to find your own conversion…your own testimony…to know for yourselves that it is true. I can say a million things about this book and I can tell you all that with every fiber of my being, i know it to be true, but in order for you to know you MUST read it and prayer about it. As you pray and ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, you will receive your answer. Heavenly Father will answer you through the Holy Ghost by impressing thoughts and feelings on your mind and heart. You will feel it. What are you waiting for? Go read it and find the answer to your prayers.

During the training we had, we watched a video of a talk given by Tad R. Callister, and he basically said that the Book of Mormon is either of God or it’s of the devil. THERE IS NO ONE ELSE. There is no “well, part of it is from God.” or”some of it is true” or “i feel good when i read it, but i have the Bible, so this can’t be true.” That doesn’t work. It can’t be partly God’s word and partly the devil’s. If Joseph Smith made it up, which is completely illogical when you look at all the facts, then you wouldn’t feel the power of God as you read it. You would know in your soul that it is a man created story. However, when you read the Book of Mormon with sincerety, you can feel the true power which it holds. You can literally feel the power of the Holy Ghost testifying to you that it is true. Either the Book of Mormon is the word of God, or it’s not. And you can find out by reading it. God told us he loves everyone and that He will give His word to the north, south, east, west, and “isles of the sea” little by little. He also said he will command men in all those parts to write down what He tells them. The Book of Mormon testifies of the communication between God and the people of the Americas. And it is true.

I would like to share a few scriptures to conclude. The first is Mosiah 2:36-37…ALWAYS strive to do the right because the Holy Ghost cannot dwell in you if you do not.

Last of all, this scripture is for all of those who don’t believe, those who think they believe, and those who know they believe:

“Believe in God; believe that he is, and that he created all things, both in heaven and in earth, believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all things which the Lord can comprehend. And again, believe that ye must repent of your sins and forsake them, and humble yourselves before God; and ask in sincerity of heart that he would forgive you; and now, if you believe all these things SEE THAT YE DO THEM.” – Mosiah 4:9-10


I testify of these things in the sacred name of our Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.

Till next week! Love,
Hermana Dunne 🙂

DSCN2690 DSCN2697

It's so hard to walk straight since there are opposing forces
It’s so hard to walk straight since there are opposing forces
I balanced an egg which was very difficult and won a certificate.
I balanced an egg which was very difficult and won a certificate.
I'm learning a new language so I can teach even more people.
I’m learning a new language so I can teach even more people.
A real shrunken head! yuck!
A real shrunken head! yuck!



Don’t enter the exit in Ecuador!!

Wellllllp hey everyone! again. YESTERDAY I got to skype my family aaaaand it was awesome. tears were shed.

Moving on…so first of all SHOUTOUT to my beautiful sisters Summer and Brie….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a suuuuper great week and eat tons of ice cream cake for me because there is none of that here…miss yall.

On another note, OHMYGOSH the most PRECIOUS thing happened this week! ahhaa….we were talking to this woman named Maria (who, btw came to chuuuurch!!!) and we talked to her about how our message was centered on Jesus Christ. Then her eyes got suuuuper watery and she said “Jesus Christ is already here? Where is He?!” it was SO PRECIOUS. and i said quickly “no no nooo!!! Hes not here yet…but he will be soon!” hahaha we all got a good laugh out of that one.

Something else that was super funny that I forgot to mention when i was with Hna Palau is that we were walking down the street and there was a flashing red light on a security system and she started freaking out. She told me it was igniting fire and that we had to get out of there asap. I told her it was just a light flashing and that we’d be okay…but she was actually way scared…so we left. haha

Bueno, first off…MY NEW COMPANION IS SO GREAT. She reminds me sooo much of Delaney Clevenger (holllaaaa! shout out to you giiiirl) seriously though. We work sooo well together and I have never had the spirit stronger on my mission. We are constantly guided by the Holy Ghost and our lessons are always directed by the Spirit. I quoted things I don’t remember reading…at one point I literally felt the Holy Ghost working through me so powerfully that i felt as if there was some force moving my tongue and literally giving me the words to say…it was really amazing because I have never experienced the Spirit have an impact so strongly on me before.

my new comp. Hermana Gonzalaz


Today me and Hna Gonzalez went to the offices and we had to take a bus to the metro stop and then take the metro. it was horrid. it is always horrid. they jam pack the people in there and you reeeeally have to watch your things or you’ll get robbed. I bought a poncho. pictures next week. ayyyy ha. yeah, so anyway. Then when we were on our way back home and had to get back on the metro and we were trying to enter in the “exit”….so someone told us we had to go around the other side. We step down onto the road–BOOM the metro bus is coming AT US. So we jump out of the way on the street…BOOM a whole clan of cars are coming at us, honking…i thought we were done for hahahha seriously though it was so scary. we sprinted to the sidewalk and made it out alive. On the way home on the bus we looked outside and realized the streets were rivers. it was awful.the usual 1 hour bus ride turned into 2. sooo we only have an hour to email.laaame.

sidenote, that song by ke$ha that goes “i’m yelling timberrrrr” has been playing in every bus since like february and i’m over it. i dont want to hear anyone yelling timber anymore


I  read two reeeally, really great talks. Search “The bitter cup and the bloody baptism by jeffrey r. holland” and “His grace is sufficient by brad wilcox”. You can look up good talks on

Why should you look up all of these things? To “hear the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul” (jacob 2:8) or in other words, “just do it”…….

All in all, everything starts with faith and action. Act in order to grow in your faith each day and as your faith grows, all the other things you need in life will grow too.

This week I also bought a Book of Mormon in Quichua and I am going to try and teach myself the language because if I go to Otavalo…that will be way hard because most people don’t understand Spanish there. We’re also currently teaching a family who speaks Quichwa ten times better than spanish and they want to keep hearing what we have to say because they “feel something special” but they cant understand us! haha….so hopefully there is a member here from otavalo that can help a sistah out!

I found Oregon

have a great week and stay safe 🙂 Love,
Hermana Dunne! 😀

Here are the links to the talks:

There is no growth in the comfort zone!

Hey all you beautiful people, how’s it goin?! OKAY. So today we had changes and I am wayyy beyond happy!! I am still in Calderon and my new comp is Hna Gonzalez. She came with me in the same group to ecuador and she is from the coast near Guayaquil. She is super great and hardworking and I am so excited to work these next 6 weeks with her. I know we are going to work really well together. 🙂

Sidenote, I am emailing in this little computer place and the guy in charge is blasting suuuuper ghetto music yelling “west side” and stuff and i cannot handle how ghetto it is. what’s worse is that it is in english. it’s horrid. anyway…

two weeks ago i forgot to mention that i got robbed..haha. they robbed thirty dollars, a copy of my passport, and a flashdrive. but that’s old news and all is well. haha.

After our district/zone meetings we always play some sort of game. One time we played teams and there is a balloon. there is one person on each side of the room on a chair with a pin to pop the balloon. your team has to pass the balloon over to them to pop it…but this week we played dodgeball. ghetto style. we bought rolls of toilet paper and wrapped them in packaging tape and used them as the balls. it was really fun buuuut my arm has been killing me ever since. hahaha. too hard..too hard.

Anyway, this week has really been a reflection week. I have learned so much on this mission and know with all my heart that even the hardest of times are the best of times for us. Through suffering, sacrifice, and patience we find spiritual and emotional growth, as well as a stronger relationship with God. When there is no one else to help you and all you have is God, that is when you truly find out who you are and what you need to change to become the person God has planned for you to be. When we put our will in line with God’s will, that is when we truly grow into who we are meant to be and become better, happier people. As Elder Alger said last week, “There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone” BUT IT IS NECESSARY.

We also had a really edifying zone meeting this last week about pride. I learned so much and the spirit was testifying so strongly during that meeting. I would like to share some of the notes I took because Pride is a topic that everyone should learn more about. A lot of times we don’t even realize we are being prideful. Pride is something that is really easy to recognize in others, but really hard to recognize in yourself. So pay close attention.

First of all, with pride comes feelings of hate, resentment, enemity, and jealosy. None of these feelings come from God, obviously so they will not make us feel good. Since we came from God, our souls are going to have an automatic attraction to good things; things that come from God. But if we are letting pride take over our lives, we will start to develope these feelings towards and for people. We will become more and more miserable, and we will not be happy in life.

This brings me to my next point. We may feel these things for other people, but these feelings can also be directed towards God if we are prideful. For example: You and your friend both get interviewed for the same job. Your friend gets the job and you envy them. That is a really normal situation and one might think that they are justified to feel that way. However, how would Jesus Christ react? He would congratulate the person, and keep searching diligently for a job until He found one. Because in reality, if you didn’t get the job, it was for a reason. There will be other opportunities in the future.

When we put our will in line with that of God, we will accept that we didn’t get the job. We will keep doing our part and search for a job, and when the opportunity comes up and God blesses us with a job we should thank Him. That is how a humble person would act. That is what Jesus Christ would do.

Pride starts with the comparison. When we begin comparing circumstances, people, financial status, and so on…we either become more prideful or more resentful. This is not healthy for our emotional, spiritual, or physical state. Nor is it healthy for our salvation. We cannot enter into the Kingdom of God being prideful. That is why in the Bible Christ pleads with the people so often to leave behind their pride and to “become as little children”.

Jesus Christ was crucified because of pride.

Pride literally limits our progression. Pay close attention to what I am about to explain. Jesus Christ suffered for our sins, right? Because He took upon Himself the sins of the world, we have the ABILITY to repent. He suffered to give us that ability in order to be pure before God and live with Him again. No impure thing can live in the presence of God, so we have to repent. As we repent, we change. We become cleaner, happier, and we put our will more in line with the will of God. Now, repenting is changing. If we do not change who we are in order to be more like God wants us to be, we are refusing the power of the Atonement, or Jesus’ sacrifice. We are also refusing the power of the Holy Ghost. As we repent, the Holy Ghost literally enters our hearts and heals and changes us. But if we don’t let Him enter our hearts, we will not change.

The elders who shared this meeting on pride share parts from Ezra Taft Benson’s talk “Beware of Pride” from General Conference of April 1989. In the talk President Benson says that in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, no one is put higher or lower than anyone else. If they are humble, they simple move forward. If they are prideful, they move backward. So never think that because John Doe is Stake president or Jane Doe is Stake relief society president, that they are better than you. Again, you are comparing. Their position is not any better than yours. They are progressing with their faith and testimonies just as much as you are.

If we all focus on our own spiritual progression, without comparing ourselves to others, we will receive so many blessings. First, we will be happier. We will not hold grudges, spread rumours, talk badly about others, or feel bad about ourselves. We will have more friends, better relationships within the family, and we will be happier with who we are.

It’s hard to not be prideful. Being prideful is the easy way out, so look deeper and try harder to be more humble. That is how God expects us to be, because He put us on this Earth to be happy. If you are not happy, you are missing something. Go to God in prayer and find out what it is. Lose yourself in the Gospel and you will find yourself. If having love for others who have hurt you is something hard for you to do, then pray for it and ask for it. Of course, you have to do your part first, but God will be there helping you have love for others, I promise you that.


Last of all, I want to share the scripture 2 Nephi 25:23. This verse tells us that they labour diligently to help their children 1-believe in Christ and 2-be reconciled to God. Parents, are you doing this with your children? Be diligent in teaching them the ways of God and helping them truly be reconciled to God. Then the verse continues to say that we are only saved by grace AFTER we have done all that we can do. Believing in Christ is not enough to save you. Ever. You must act and follow the commandments of God. One of them being baptism. Through baptism and baptism only like the one Jesus Christ received, can we enter into the kingdom of God. We must be totally immersed in water, baptised by someone with the Priesthood of God, and be of an age where we truly know the difference between good and bad. Receive a baptism like that and follow the commandments of God until the day you die. Then. you. will. be. saved.

That’s all I have for you all this week! Strive to be humble, strive to love others, and do all that you can in order to come unto Christ and be saved. I love you all 🙂 Have a really great mother’s day and strengthen your testimony daily! 🙂 Love,
Hermana Dunne

HAVE A GREAT WEEK! and shoutout to Elder Wesley Anderson for hitting his 1 year mark! Shoutout to Hermana Julia Dunne as well…HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUZ MISS AND LOVE YOU TONS.

yeah yeah….see y’all laytah

they just moved from Spain
they just moved from Spain