Don’t enter the exit in Ecuador!!

Wellllllp hey everyone! again. YESTERDAY I got to skype my family aaaaand it was awesome. tears were shed.

Moving on…so first of all SHOUTOUT to my beautiful sisters Summer and Brie….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a suuuuper great week and eat tons of ice cream cake for me because there is none of that here…miss yall.

On another note, OHMYGOSH the most PRECIOUS thing happened this week! ahhaa….we were talking to this woman named Maria (who, btw came to chuuuurch!!!) and we talked to her about how our message was centered on Jesus Christ. Then her eyes got suuuuper watery and she said “Jesus Christ is already here? Where is He?!” it was SO PRECIOUS. and i said quickly “no no nooo!!! Hes not here yet…but he will be soon!” hahaha we all got a good laugh out of that one.

Something else that was super funny that I forgot to mention when i was with Hna Palau is that we were walking down the street and there was a flashing red light on a security system and she started freaking out. She told me it was igniting fire and that we had to get out of there asap. I told her it was just a light flashing and that we’d be okay…but she was actually way scared…so we left. haha

Bueno, first off…MY NEW COMPANION IS SO GREAT. She reminds me sooo much of Delaney Clevenger (holllaaaa! shout out to you giiiirl) seriously though. We work sooo well together and I have never had the spirit stronger on my mission. We are constantly guided by the Holy Ghost and our lessons are always directed by the Spirit. I quoted things I don’t remember reading…at one point I literally felt the Holy Ghost working through me so powerfully that i felt as if there was some force moving my tongue and literally giving me the words to say…it was really amazing because I have never experienced the Spirit have an impact so strongly on me before.

my new comp. Hermana Gonzalaz


Today me and Hna Gonzalez went to the offices and we had to take a bus to the metro stop and then take the metro. it was horrid. it is always horrid. they jam pack the people in there and you reeeeally have to watch your things or you’ll get robbed. I bought a poncho. pictures next week. ayyyy ha. yeah, so anyway. Then when we were on our way back home and had to get back on the metro and we were trying to enter in the “exit”….so someone told us we had to go around the other side. We step down onto the road–BOOM the metro bus is coming AT US. So we jump out of the way on the street…BOOM a whole clan of cars are coming at us, honking…i thought we were done for hahahha seriously though it was so scary. we sprinted to the sidewalk and made it out alive. On the way home on the bus we looked outside and realized the streets were rivers. it was awful.the usual 1 hour bus ride turned into 2. sooo we only have an hour to email.laaame.

sidenote, that song by ke$ha that goes “i’m yelling timberrrrr” has been playing in every bus since like february and i’m over it. i dont want to hear anyone yelling timber anymore


I  read two reeeally, really great talks. Search “The bitter cup and the bloody baptism by jeffrey r. holland” and “His grace is sufficient by brad wilcox”. You can look up good talks on

Why should you look up all of these things? To “hear the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul” (jacob 2:8) or in other words, “just do it”…….

All in all, everything starts with faith and action. Act in order to grow in your faith each day and as your faith grows, all the other things you need in life will grow too.

This week I also bought a Book of Mormon in Quichua and I am going to try and teach myself the language because if I go to Otavalo…that will be way hard because most people don’t understand Spanish there. We’re also currently teaching a family who speaks Quichwa ten times better than spanish and they want to keep hearing what we have to say because they “feel something special” but they cant understand us! haha….so hopefully there is a member here from otavalo that can help a sistah out!

I found Oregon

have a great week and stay safe 🙂 Love,
Hermana Dunne! 😀

Here are the links to the talks:

3 thoughts on “Don’t enter the exit in Ecuador!!”

  1. I am not quite sure how I first learned of your blog but you wrote about meeting a man that goes up into the mountains to get plant leaves for diabetes. Can you recall what that plant is called? I have diabetes and on an insulin pump every second of my life. If you can find out from the people there, I would love to know of it. Thank you for your blog.

    1. Hello, I’m sorry it took so long to get this answer but the plant is called tres dedos or in english three fingers. I hope that helps and that you can find it!
      Lisa Dunne

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