Work daily to be considered as one of His sheep.

Hey everyone how’s it goin? goooood!

welp, highlights of the week:

Elder Waddel of the 70 came and i got to talk to him and i will definitely be talking more about him…

I heard that opera song that Taylor Dodrill and Kelsey Jost love so much. I wanted to cry…but not because it was beautiful…cuz it’s not *ahem* hahaha

This week I was standing in line to get food somewhere and this little girl ran up out of no where, hugged my leg suuuuper hard and then ran away laughing. hehe it was pretty cute.

Apparently my comp’s name is Madeleine but she goes by “madison” soooooo hahahah that’s pretty weird.

Me and Hermana Gonzalez...she's so tiny
Me and Hermana Gonzalez…she’s so tiny

In two days i hit NINE MONTHS. Saddest thing ever. my mission is going to be over so soon…. -__-

So, today I really wanted to talk about the things Elder Waddell shared with us. First of all..he is extreeeeemely tall. like 7 and a half feet tall. Second of all, I have never felt so much POWER before by only LISTENING to someone. He truly speaks with the power and authority of God because i felt something extremely different. He also speaks spanish reeeally well…but with a silly Spanish axthent. (imitating his accent)

He  told us that it doesn’t matter if we’re rich or poor, fat or skinny, black white red blue green yellow or orange, it doesnt matter if we are tall or short, our family members have been members of the church for generations or if we’re the only member in our family and they kicked us out for it. NONE of these temporal things matter. What matters is that we were put in a situation where we were able to know the church , that Heavenly Father has chosen you for this time, and He trusts in you.

Us and Elder Wadell
Us and Elder Wadell

Something else he made really clear is that exaltation doesnt come from the weight of our calling. Heavenly Father, on the day of judgment, isn’t gonna be there with a list saying “Okay….let’s see..oh wow, mission president! Okay, he gets exaltation.. and who’s next…oh wow only first couselor in the primary presidency…okay so she doesn’t get exaltation.” NO! It isn’t about ranks…ranks don’t mean anything except that God has chosen them and trusts them with that calling for that moment. Magnify your callings because Exaltation comes from KEEPING OUR COVENANTS.

Last of all, I’d like to talk about those who don’t keep the commandments of God…those who like to rebel. Elder Waddell taught us that “the person who disobeys is the most prideful person there is. They think it only affects them but it affects their family, friends, missionaries, and generations that come from all of them. ” When we make decisions, we must think more of the consequences and put things into eternal perspective because the decisions we make have eternal consequences. Just do what God wants you to do and love it.

I also wanted to share something I read in the Bible in John 10:27 where Jesus says “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

Are you really considered to be one of “His sheep”? Because if you are, then you are hearing his word; which means you listen to His prophets. He speaks to us through prophets…are you following all the commandments and revelations they give us? Because Jesus says that His sheep don’t only HEAR His voice, but they FOLLOW him. Are you living what you believe? If you are doing all of this, then He knows you…which means you are His sheep and He will save you through mercy in the day of judgment. Strive to be His sheep.

At first it may be hard, but it is a process. Work daily to be considered as one of His sheep. Times may be hard…they may have you to the point where you don’t want to get up in the morning. But the problems you can’t face standing on your feet, you can face on your knees. Pray to God and pour out your soul to Him. Pray and ask for strength, for the faith you may be lacking, and He will answer your prayers. Trust in Him. He is merciful and He loves you. Don’t you ever forget that. Strengthen yourself spiritually in order to face the problems you have in life–it’s the only way in the entire world to find true happiness.

Of these things I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Stay strong and trust more in God than you are right now! Much love,

Hermana Dunne

Maria Cortez....she's 65,can barely hear and has ADHD really bad and the most faithful woman I've met
Maria Cortez….she’s 65,can barely hear and has ADHD really bad and the most faithful woman I’ve met
Go Ecuador!!!
Go Ecuador!!!

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