Today, a truck tried to run me off the road.

Buenas tardes!!!  The food in the picture is my breakfast.  It’s called Mote and the way my companion makes it is very yummy!!

First off, I have to report two really great accomplishments of this week.

1. I learned how to whistle SUPER LOUD.
2. I finally made my signature super cool.

Welp! Till next week!


ha. THAT’S a joke. I have way too much to say this week!!! As always!

So this week I chopped off a lot of my hair. I forgot how awful it feels cutting your hair so short -__- man.


I also have been wayyy congested all week to the point where i cannot HEAR. hahha It is super funny but also extremely annoying. I couldnt hear the speakers in church, or the investigators or sing in tune hahahah THE WORST. I feel like Maria Cortez. We literally have to talk loud in her ears so she can hear us…that is what hna Gonzalez had to do with me this week…ridiculous.

Maria Cortez at her baptism!
Maria Cortez at her baptism!

But speaking of Maria Cortez, SHE GOT CONFIRMED THIS SUNDAY! AYYYY! That was a relief. She was super happy and cute as always. We also gave her some of our skirts because she only has one.


We have  been working a lot in this little town called San Miguel and the people there are SERIOUSLY prepared to hear the gospel. Every single person we contact, invites us in and listens. Almost everyone has told us that they know that this church is true.  Gosh, I love this work so much. I wish i could do it my whole life. Seriously, I have never experienced a joy greater than the joy I feel here right now. I love this gospel and i KNOW it’s true. I crave those moments when we share this message with people and their faces totally change and you see how incredibly life changing this gospel is. Patricia is a really great example of this.

Sidenote, this week i laughed more than i have ever laughed in my whole mission. There were soooooo many things that went wrong and so many odd things that happened. I had a few men meow in my ear as i walked by them so that was disgusting. Today, a truck tried to run me off the road. I seriously was inches away from being slammed by the truck, but my comp yelled and I moved. I think he was antiamerican because he didn’t even honk haha so that was sad.

One day this week we had a SUPER great day and I was just like bouncing with joy. I wanted everyone to know how happy we were so I was just beaming and all, and we pass by this truck, and I had to step up onto the sidewalk (which, by the way, was like two feet off the ground of the street…) and BOOM I ate it so hard. hahahhaa RIGHT in front of a truck full of men too and i was so embarrassed and covered my face with my scarf and we booked it. So that was good.

But aside from all the ridiculous things that happened this week, it was a really spiritual one for me too. First off, Luke 12:14 hit me pretty hard. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Where is your treasure in this moment? In your family, in your clothes, in your occupation, or in the gospel of Jesus Christ? What is your priority in life right now?

There is a story I LOVE that is in the bible in John 21.  It always brings me to tears. In this moment, Jesus had left. He had resurrected and left his disciples. At this point, what are the apostles supposed to do? Their Saviour and leader had left. They had recently been converted to this gospel…maybe they felt like the load was too big, like being an apostle might be too hard. How would they know what to do next? They go back to what they knew best: fishing. So they’re fishing and are catching nothing and Jesus shows up on the shore and tells them to cast their net on the other side. Immediately, their net fills up to the point where they can’t even lift it into the boat. They knew it was the Saviour and rush over to Him. Once they get to the shore, Jesus is there with breakfast all ready for them. He loves them so much. Then He asks Simon Peter, “lovest me more than these?” He asks Peter this three times. When He asks him this, He isn’t just asking him if he loves fish more than Him. This is a question for us too. Do we love Jesus Christ more than “these”? Do you love Jesus Christ more than your job? Your clothes? Your money? You favorite TV show? Your reputation? Your friends? Your video games? Your manicures and pedicures? …Do you love Jesus Christ more than yourself? Again, where are our priorities?

John 21
John 21

Alma asks us “…have you spiritually been born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts?” (Alma 5:14) Because if we truly put Jesus Christ first, we will not only feel this change in our lives, but others will see a change in us. They will see a difference in your face, your attitude, your personality…in everything that you do. We were born physically to this earth and now we must all be born again spiritually, and clean our spirits of all ungodliness.

I’d like everyone to know that these scriptures hit me hard this week because I am in this process. I am not perfect and I still have things I’m working on. The words of these prophets have seriously inspired me and I hope you all were able to feel the power of them as well. Always put your life into perspective and make the changes necessary to put your life in line with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the commandments of God.  Make Him proud.

I love you all and hope you take these words to heart. The Spirit was testifying to me strong today and i felt very strongly that I had to share these words with you all, whoever you may be. Until next week!

Hermana Dunne


One thought on “Today, a truck tried to run me off the road.”

  1. Hi Hermana Dunne: Surely enjoy reading of your experiences. Beware of trucks! That was a close call. I love the scriptures you quoted this week. It made me stop and ponder about where my treasures are. Thanks for reminding us. You are an inspiration to mny people. Keep up the good work!
    You and your mission are in my prayers. Love, Sister Lyman

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