I’ve moved to a mountain!

hi!!!! Okay. First off, I HAD CHANGES. Soooooo bittersweet. I have seriously come to love my comp, hermana gonzalez, SO MUCH. She is seriously one of my best friends. I have never worked so hard or been so happy as i was with her…! So we definitely cried when we said goodbye….but HEYY as the saying goes, all good things come to an end. I’ll see her again sometime though. i know it!

Now i’m in the province of Imbabura again instead of Pichincha….My sector is Quinchuqui. Basically, my sector is a mountain. haha So I am actually wayyyy too excited! It’s cold here, but it’s a really nice break because the sun in Calderon was SUPER strong. My new companion is Hermana Rojas. She’s from Bolivia and way cool also. Apparently we have a baptism this saturday, so that’s great! haha. I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow and have a full day to work. I love this gospel and I LOVE that i am out in the country again, I seriously missed it. oh! I forgot to mention that my comp, and best friend, from the ccm HERMANA STEPHENSEN is in my zone!!! As well as my mom in the mission–Hermana Alva!!! EEP 🙂 wayyyy too excited for this change. It will be really great. 🙂

the view from my window
the view from my window

I have been running every day and lost 5 pounds! woooo so i’m going to keep that up. However, some of my skirts dont fit me now -__- they’re too big so that’s a problem.

Anyway, onto the important stuff! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! My dad has been an incredible example to me all my life and i have learned so much from him. I want him to know that i love him and always will. THANKS DAD.

Well this week Patricia Valverde got baptized and confirmed. I cannot describe the joy I felt these past two days. Patricia is seriously incredible. After she came out of the waters of baptism, she couldn’t stop sighing and then we went into the bathroom she started crying. She told us that “today marks the end of my life of slavery to sin” i was really touched and couldn’t help but cry as well. She bore her testimony later and it was the most beautiful thing ever. Hermana Gonzalez and I also translated “Be still, my soul” into spanish and sang that hymn for her and the spirit was way strong. The next day she was confirmed a member of the church and received the Holy Ghost and you seriously saw a different glow in her face.

I just have to testify that this is the Lord’s work. HE prepares the people to hear and accept this gospel. HE guides us to where we need to go. HE gives us the words to say. All we do in this work is follow the Spirit, and the Lord does the rest. The way of God is incredibly beautiful and glorious. This is His work and I am only an instrument in His hands.

This week we also were able to find a woman moving into her house and we helped her out a little bit. She ended up being REALLY in need of the word of God. She told us that she let us in because we all seemed to be shining and that she had never felt or seen something like that before. It was really beautiful to hear that.

I know that God is an Eternal God of miracles. We will never stop seeing miracles. He lives, He loves us and He blesses us according to our faith and our obedience.

Also, sidenote, I just have to add that being in south america and NOT being allowed to watch the world cup is INCREDIBLY difficult and sad. buuuuut it is a true sacrifice and I’m just glad i got changed to be out here in the boondox because basically no one has tv so that won’t be a problem. haha

Yay for the World Cup
Yay for the World Cup

Something I studied this week that I found interesting was in Alma 10:6-8 where Amulek was living a pretty wrong life. He knew about the commandments and all but just chose not to live it. But he was visited by an angel and told that he’d be feeding a prophet. That changed his life. He shaped up and started doing things right. This made me think; what changes would you make if you knew you’d be visited by the prophet? Would you be more obedient? would you dress more modestly? would you clean up your language? would you treat your family nicer? Now what changes would you make if you knew that Jesus Christ would be visiting you? Think about what you would change, and change it.  This life is a life of probation but also a life of learning and joy. We should always be striving to be better. Start little by little–it’s easy!

That’s all i have for y’all this week. Hope you all had a fantastic week and have an even better one this week! :)))) much love,
Hermana Dunne


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