I thought he was going to pound me to the ground

Great afternoon folks!

I just want everyone to know that walking up a volcano numerous times day and night is not ideal. haaha I am starting to walk with a wooden stick as protection against the dogs and the drunkards, so that’s good.

God bless America
God bless America

Really this sector is hard because of the quiet culture and because most already have their own beliefs and just don’t want to listen to us. It is seriously emotionally and physically draining working here but it’s a good change.

A lot of people here don’t know how to read or write, which is reeeeally sad. There are also a lot who can’t speak and are confined to their homes making bags and blankets and stuff…it is way sad. But they always have a smile on their faces when the say hi to us.

degraining corn & sorting it out...makes your fingers strong!
degraining corn & sorting it out…makes your fingers strong!


This week we asked the kids of a member what they learned in church and one said “my teacher told me that we shouldn’t be violinists” HAHA we were laughing so hard. He meant to say “violent”. Too precious.

One day we were walking down the street and some men–some drunk, but mostly not–were yelling at us “hey mormons, give us your money, mormons, come closer” but they were yelling it in a really disgusting tone and it took EVERYTHING in me and Hna Rojas to not turn around and “give them a piece of our mind”. We just kept walking until we were away from them.

And listen to this!

In our sector we have to return home early because there isn’t a lot of light and it gets dangerous at night. Last night we were walking home early but it was a little darker than normal and we almost got to the house. However, there was a really tall, buff man walking by our house so we decided to walk on the other side of the road and pass the house until he had gone. As we started to move towards the other side, the man came straight for me, lifted his arms up to either grab or hit me, and yelled. It was the most terrifying thing ever and I literally felt a rush of energy hit me of pure evil. Feeling that was horrible so I jumped backwards to avoid him. As i jumped back, my companion stepped forward and yelled “SAL DE AQUI” or “get out of here” and he stopped, glared at her for a second, and then left us alone. I could not believe what had just happened…because i seriously thought he was going to pound me to the ground. But the power of God worked through my companion and she scared him enough to leave us alone. She is shorter than me…usually girls her size can’t scare away angry, possibly drugged, men who are determined to attack. I know that God protected us last night.

My companion let me know that in this sector, things are different. People here either worship God hard core, or they worship satan. We must be more careful.

I want to assure everyone that the power of satan is real. He eminates pure evil and he will do all he can to drag you down to eternal misery with him. But I want everyone to know as well that the power of God will always and has always been stronger. God knows and loves us and whoever is on His side, He will protect.  Side with God now and have protection forever. Stay loyal and true to Him and He will bless you. As it says in Alma 37:46 “The way is prepared, and if we will LOOK we may LIVE FOREVER.”

me and my comp frollicking
me and my comp frolicking in the meadow while waiting for lunch

One of the scriptures that really stood out to me this week is found in the chapter 42 of Alma. This chapter is truly amazing…it cleared up so much for me! It explains why we’re here, why Jesus Christ atoned for us, why we must repent, what exactly is the plan of God for us, what must we do to live with Him again...really amazing and beautiful. God loves us. This is why we are here as missionaries. We are inviting people to be baptised and come unto Christ. As it says in the scripture–we do not obligate anyone to do anything, but it will bring eternal happiness. Because this gospel tells us exactly what we need to do, and provides the true power and authority to do it, in order to be saved and live with God again.

me, my companion and Diana (a new convert)
me, my companion and Diana (a new convert)

If we want to be sure that we will live with God again, we must speak with Him and do His will–do what He tells us to do. Ask God in prayer if what you’re doing is right if you want to live with Him again! Don’t go ask your pastor or bishop if you are in the true church–ASK GOD. He loves you. He will respond to your prayer. Ask Him about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Ask Him if it is true. Don’t go ask your friends or the internet. ASK. GOD. I promise you that He will respond to you as He has to me and millions of other people,  Find out for yourself today.

I love you all so much and hope you know that. Also, I will not be almost attacked again–no worries. I always walk around with a big wooden stick like a wizard or something..hahahaahah…just last night i forgot it. So i will be OKAY (*cough* mom *cough*) 🙂 LOVE YOU ALL! HAVE A GREAT WEEK! Con muchisisisimo amor, Hermana Dunne!!!!

me and my protection stick
me and my protection stick

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