So  much to say, so little time. Okay seriously the weeks go by faster and faster.This week I want to share a few experiences I had with the people who live here.

First, this week we were walking home and passed a woman, barefoot, carrying wood on her back with a blanket about four times her size. She was also dragging a tree by a rope behind her….SHE WAS TINY and it looked SO heavy! So we helped her out. Turns out she was deaf and mute. (there are SO MANY deaf/mute people here by the way.) So we talked to her a little in hand motions and she was just smiling the whole time. We finally made it to her house and she was so pleased…pardoning herself for not having bread to give us. But it was a really spiritual experience. I felt the spirit really strong with her, as i do with all the other deaf/mute people here…they are really special people. They have really sweet spirits and i love them so much.



sweetest family ever. Camuando family
sweetest family ever. Camuando family

Second, we contacted a woman on the street this week and told her we are missionaries and that we share a message about Jesus Christ that blesses families a lot! She started going off on us saying she is Evangelist and doesn’t need our help, but we remained calm talking to her. Then this woman approached her and they started talking in Kichua so we couldn’t understand. I only understood “missionaries” “mormon” and “religion” and they looks on their faces and the spirit felt there helped me understand that they weren’t talking good about us. They were talking for about five minutes straight (without breathing so we couldn’t cut in!) I felt the spirit telling me really strongly that i needed to testify and honestly i was really sick of just standing there listening to them gossip about us right in front of us. So i cut in and said “Excuse me. Sorry to cut you off, but I just wanted to let you know that if you want to know the truth about this church, you should ask a member because they actually know what we teach, instead of learning from gossip. I know that Jesus Christ lives, I know this is His church, and I know that this is what you need in your lives. It was nice meeting you two, have a really great day and keep to the faith.” The spirit was really strong and they both looked a little stunned and only said goodbye to us. It was a nice experience.

I am learning Kichua a lot more now!!! i can semi speak. it’s still super hard though, but it’s coming along.

lake Cuicocha
lake Cuicocha

I am also starting to really dislike the sound of English now 😦 it’s so sad, but every time i hear someone speak English, it just sounds ugly 😦 aaaand i am LOSING MY ENGLISH SO BAD. I cannnnnnot speak. It’s really really bad. so imma work on that….

okay, last note: I CANNOT HANDLE COW STOMACH. For the wedding reception, we helped set up and they gave us cow stomach soup (that i had JUST watched them wash where they wash clothes) and just the smell made me wanna throw up. I snuck the cow stomach into a plastic bag and we GOT OUTTA THERE FAST. buuuut I’m pretty sure the groom knew. hahhahaha but he’s cool and understand…. hehe.

In front of Lake Cuicocha
In front of Lake Cuicocha

Basically this week i just want everyone to know that it is better to be clean in all aspects of your life. don’t do anything that harms your body in any way. use the temple God has given you wisely and show Him your respect through respect for the gift He has given you.

Seek the Lord “early”. Live His doctrines NOW. (isaiah 2:9)

Some good things to read are: 3nephi 18:24, 3 nephi 18:32, Moses 632-34 and Isaiah 1:17-19. as well as “truths most worth knowing” by boyd k. packer in the liahona of august 2014 p. 48


BE CLEAN!!!! It is the thing most worth doing in this life. Love y’all!! have a really splendid weeek!!!! Ciaoooooo!! 😀



Hermana Dunne!




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