Two weeks in one post:) I hit my year mark already!!

Well hey everyone. Another week gone by…..and it went by SERIOUSLY SLOW.

This sector is really hard. It’s really tiring because we literally climb up and down the volcano, teaching, every day.

This week we were studying and all of a sudden the refrigerator started to shake and i was all freaked out and then the whole room and building (we live on the third floor) started shaking and we looked outside and people were all scared. So we ran outside and then it stopped. That was on tuesday at 10:10am and it lasted like 10 seconds. this week there have been four earthquakes that i know of but i heard that there have been even more!! They’re feeling them more in Quito, but here we’ve been feeling them too.  It was a really cool experience! hahaa buuuut i really hope that it doesn’t get any worse than it’s been.

Just a lone palm tree
Just a lone palm tree

This week we also found a family…familia lema perugachi….they are great! They don’t really feel motivated to do anything though, which is kind of hard, but I know that in the Lord’s timing, they’ll come to know this gospel as truth. It was crazy though because we visited them and then immediately last sunday three “catequistas” (basically like visiting teachers from the catholic church) went to their house and told them that they have been catholic their whole lives and that they have to stay in the catholic church. We visited them this week and helped them understand that religion isn’t tradition. it isn’t a tradition that a family passes down. It is what a person feels to be true and real and truly be the only church of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ only formed one church. After He and His apostles died, people changed A LOT OF THINGS. His gospel, the way we should be baptized, what it says in the Bible…..and from that formed many churches. But Jesus Christ isn’t going to say that every church is true if every church teaches something different. It doens’t make sense. He will accept what HE created and left to us as truth.

I'm what makes her happy in life:)
I’m what makes her happy in life:)

This week has been super long and tiring and hard to be honest. I feel like i have less and less energy every day. BUT we are still working hard and giving all we can! I have also had some really great experiences this week where the spirit was REALLY strong…

I really enjoyed reading Matthew 7:21-23 this week. There are people from other religions saying that they worked miracles in His name but he tells them HE NEVER KNEW THEM because they didn’t have HIS AUTHORITY to act in His name. This is the priesthood. This is why there is only one church. Jesus Christ did not give His authority to every church on the earth. It doesn’t make sense. He has one church and it carries His name.

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Have a really great week and never forget to pray and ask God about what you do in life. He will guide you. With soooooo much looooooove,

Hermana Dunne! 😀

me in a jungle
me in a jungle
Pablito washing his clothes in the sequia.
Pablito washing his clothes in the sequia.







¿Que honda? Well another week gone by….and this week i hit a year -__- Really, really sad. Time has flowwwn by, seriously. But it’s also a good feeling because i know i haven’t wasted a day of the Lord’s time here.

Here are some facts about this week:

Wellll there is A LOT of wind and dust this month. It’s awful. We come home coated…literally with a coat of dust.

THERE ARE FIREFLIES HERE!!! EEP!! First time i’ve seen fireflies in my life so that’s great 🙂

There is a canadian muslim gringa who lives at the very top of Quinchuqui. weirdest thing ever but everyone always asks me if i’m her daughter. haaa….

This week we contacted a sweet old lady and she invited us into her house. We walk in and her husband’s in the bed asleep. But  when we walked in, he woke up and slooooowly sat up and said “OOOOOOO!” all high pitched “estoy aqui echado….ya voy.” it was the most hilarious thing ever and every time we showed him a picture of Jesus as we taught, he said “VE!” hahahaha so precious.

This week has been wayyyy too trunky.(fyi,  for people that don’t know what trunky is: missing home and loved ones)With my comp going home in two weeks it’s been rough….I just miss Eugene and the rain and going on hikes and all… :/ BUT NO WORRIES because i’m still doing well 🙂 aaand working harrrrd ;D

Me and my district celebrating Her. Lopez's 18 months.
Me and my district celebrating Her. Lopez’s 18 months.

well, sorry that those facts aren’t the greatest. it wasn’t the most interesting week. Moving on…

We have a woman we teach who got baptized recently and she’s mute/deaf. She is the sweetest person ever…she really has a really special spirit about her. It’s been kind of a challenge teaching her but we’ve been using lots of pictures and hand motions and we’ve learned a few things in Kichua because she can read our lips if we speak Kichua. It’s a really great experience teaching her.

This week there have still been lots of earthquakes in Quito supposedly. I think it’s calmed down a little though. I don’t really know, como no puedo ver la tele…

The Book of Mormon is really great! It’s really amazing to see HOW MUCH the Book of Mormon talks about Jesus Christ. 2 Nephi 2 was also a chapter I really liked this week. You learn so much about the Atonement, the resurrection, and judgment day.

I also recommend reading Romans 6:11-14…do not give in to the temptations of the devil unto sin…trust more in God and LIVE HIS GOSPEL. You will guarantee your eternal happiness.

Miryan's daughter
Miryan’s daughter

Also, i absolutely LOVED “The Hope of God’s Light” by Elder Uchtdorf (april 7, 2013) He says, “…the best path for healing (is) to understand and accept that darkness exists–but not dwell there.” I know that when we are in dark parts of our life…when we don’t feel God’s presence, we aren’t happy, we may have received some time of traumatic event…that it may seem that there isn’t hope. But there ALWAYS is. Just as when light enters a room, darkness cannot exists because it is overcome with light, Jesus Christ’s love and comfort can overcome whatever other darkness may exist in our lives. When we read the scriptures, when we pour out our souls in prayer to Heavenly Father, when we go to church–searching for a release from whatever pain we may be experiencing–darkness cannot exist. It cannot affect us and enter our souls because we will be overcome with light.

Elder Uchtdorf then says, “God’s light is real…It has the power to soften the sting of the deepst wound. It can be a healing balm for the lonliness and sickness of our souls. In the furrows of despair, it can plant the seeds of a brighter hope. It can englighten the deepest falleys of sorrow. It can illuminate the path before us and lead us through the darknest night into the promise of a new dawn.”

This house burnt down.
This house burnt down.

I know this is true. I have seen and experienced it. Trust in the Light of God and seek after it. There, you will find happiness. Your pursuit of happiness will be over, because as you live in God’s light and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you will be happy. I promise this.


Hermana Dunne

Shout out to my parents…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY THIS SUNDAY! 😀

Me and Sister Richardson...President's wife.  My second mom.
Me and Sister Richardson…President’s wife. My second mom.

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