God will strengthen us and if we give it our all, He promises us blessings.


That’s the name of a talk given by Elder Eyring (april 21, 1988) you should definitely read it ASAP. It is such an inspiring talk. Especially since school is starting and all…definitely worth your time.

Okay so my companion reminds me SO MUCH of Shiloh Jackson. holllla. She’s great. Also, there is a redhead (sorry bout it) in my district, Hermana Smith, AND she is SO great! And reminds me tonnns of Kelsey Jost. And then there is a new elder in the zone who is exactly like Joe Ricken. I don’t know if I just see them that way because I miss those people, but they make me feel more at home.

me and my comp at Lago de Mojanda
Me and my comp at Lago de Mojanda.  We weren’t expecting the cold rain.

So, as i’ve said earlier, our sector is kind of rough. The catholic and Evangelist churches are very prominent here and teach their members lies about our church and that they cannot listen to “the mormon missionaries”. So, it’s only been a little rough. However, this week we fasted to see a miracle, and we did.

We hiked up to the very last house on the volcano, and we found a man with his daughter. He told us that we could share our message with him, so we did. At first he seemed like a super tough guy; wearing a tight shirt to excentuate his muscles, standing tall above us, with a stern, serious face, and with his arms crossed he heard us out. As we taught, he had a lot of questions where he tried to stump us, but the Spirit was really strong. When I thought i didn’t have the answer, I opened my mouth and the Spirit gave me the words. Seriously, I testify that the Holy Ghost works through the Lord’s servants. When my companion was speaking, i prayed asking Heavenly Father to give me the words to say through the Holy Ghost, and as I began to speak I literally felt a power come over me. I felt a kind of energy behind my eyes, around my tongue, and I spoke the thoughts that came to my mind. I’m not so sure I believed much in the Spirit truly giving people words to say in the moment they need to say them until I came on this mission and learned for myself that it is true.

The more we talked, the softer his face got, his arms uncrossed and he changed his attitude completely. He said that he would love to learn more. I don’t know if we are only “planting the seed” by teaching him the basics and leaving him time to truly pray and come to know that it’s true, or if we will see him make a covenant with God. All i know is that we did what God wanted us to do in that moment.

Fasting is rejoicing because fasting brings miracles.

Okay, sidenote…I just have to say how much i miss fall in Oregon. Rain is starting here, it’s super cold and wet…but it’s not like Eugene! There aren’t leaves on the ground, or carmel apples, or cross country races, or time to bundle up in the house and watch a movie with hot chocolate. I miss my puppy willy…and i miss playing lacrosse. A LOT. Just have to throw that out there. It’s gorgeous here… but it’s nothing like fall in Eugene!

ALMOST EVERYTHING that happened Sunday was awful. I’ll fill y’all in a little bit…

I burnt the pot boiling water (hableme en serio), we were late leaving and had to take a taxi up the volcano (where usually a taxi is $2) we paid $5 only to arrive to the meeting place and see family (investigators) who were going to go to church with us wave at us and hike up to their house, ditching us…then we got to church, and hardly anyone came–no investigators, hardly any recent converts, and less people returning to church. It was rough but I still gave my talk. Then the sun burnt me bad (third time this week) and we got caught in the rain and mud at night. Definitely NOT ideal. I tried reflecting on the day and what blessings I saw but the only thing i could come up with is that my talk went well (i didn’t stutter…and people paid attention!) Aaaaand the fact that I was breathing and had the energy to hike up the volcano. (Seriously with the faja wrapped around your waist after eating it is seriously difficult to breath!!)

At church with my companion and sisters Diana and Laura
At church with my companion and sisters Diana and Laura

All I know is that the adversary never stops…but we’ve got to keep puttin’ along! God will strengthen us and if we give it our all, He promises us blessings.  Through our diligence, fidelity, and prayer of faith we receive ALL glory and victory. So keep up the hard work! Don’t let ANYONE or ANYTHING get you down! You have it all!

I love you all and hope you have a super great week! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love, Hermana Dunne :}



First thing’s first: i miss knowing how my food is prepared. I have found bugs in my food every day this week now.

Okay, so my companion Hermana Berrospi is seriously THE BEST!! She works SO. HARD. We have had a lot of success this week because she came into the sector with a new energy, a new perspective, and we were able to work super well together. She’s a really great person and missionary and I am so excited to work with her this change. 🙂 She’s also super good at cooking and cleaning sooooo she’s inspiring me to be better. hehe…

Hna Berrospi and me.  I love her!
Hna Berrospi and me. I love her!

Welp, turns out I’m a sister leader and no one told me. hahaa So that’s SUPER nerve wracking. But i’m also extremely excited! I’m going to have my first division this week…wish me luck! (divisions are where Madison goes out with a different companion  to teach people and she will train her in areas that she might need to improve in. She’ll do this with many other sister missionaries as well)

Hna Tangedal...she knows a mutual friend
Hna Tangedal…she knows a mutual friend.  Also, I’ll go on divisions with her!

oh my gosh so yesterday, i wore the traditional clothes they wear here. The skirt is called an anaku. It is literally two fabrics. You put one fabric on, folded all tricky and stuff, and then the other fabric over to cover the first. Then, you wrap a belt thing called a faja super tight around your waist to keep it up. welllllp……THE WHOLE THING FELL OFF. We were hiking up the volcano to eat with our mamita…..elders included….and it completely fell off. i only had leggings underneath so we made it to the mamita’s house and i was clinging on to all that i could to cover up. hahaaa it was horrible. No one saw anything though….no worries…….

Hna Berrospi and I in our traditional clothing
Hna Berrospi and I in our traditional clothing

another question. can someone tell me what americans usually eat for lunch and dinner??? i dont know what to say because i dont remember what i ate. all i eat is rice and potatoes and chicken now -__-

Also, heads up! Next temptation you receive, respond with Alma 11:23. WITH POWER!

Also, i was reading in matthew this week and i really like what it says in chapter2 verses 13 and 14 where Joseph was commanded to leave and go to Egypt, and he immediately did so. It didn’t matter to him that it was the middle of the night…he went, and we went fast. We must be this way as well. If the Lord or the Prophet of the Lord commands us to do something–we must be immediately obedient! Joseph left immediately to protect Jesus Christ, his child. If we consider this gospel and our salvation to be precious to us as well, we must spiritually protect those things by acting immediately and obediently. The Lord promises us blessings–most especially a spiritual protection and anchor.

This week, not too much happened. It’s really just been a lot of hard working, being super exhausted, and feeling very satisfied…my companion’s the best!

The advice i have for you all this week is to search yourself. Who are you? Why are you here? What are you doing to prepare to meet God? What are your priorities in life right now? What do you love most about life? What don’t you like about your life? How can you fix it? Find your answers in the scriptures. Through asking God through prayer and searching the scriptures, you will find the answer to your questions.

God loves you all so much. He really does. Allow Him to heal you.

I know that this gospel is truly the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. He has allowed us to receive a baptism exactly the same as His–In a lot of water, at an age where we know the difference between good and bad, and by someone who truly has the power and authority of God, as John the Baptist did. Through a baptism by someone who has the Priesthood of God, we can enter into eternal rest with our Father in Heaven. This gospel only helps and saves us. Sincerely pray about this gospel to God. Ask Him if it is what He wants for you and act upon the answer you receive.

Me and Hna Berrospi with Blanquis
Me and Hna Berrospi with Blanquis

I hope you have a really great week! Please pray for me so i can help the sisters out in this mission and receive inspiration for them! If you have any ideas on how i can be creative and help them out spiritually and emotionally, email me!!! Thanks.

Till next week!!!
–Hermana Dunne 😀

Always reach out to help others in any way you can


Seriously this week FLEW by. We worked hard, and we worked till the very last day Hna Lopez had in the mission. May she rest in peace….in colombia….in the sand and ocean where she can swim. ..and dance…AHEM.

My change with Hna Lopez was reeeeally great. She’s a really great person. Really strong. NOW I have a NEW COMP! (duhhh)  Hna  Berrospi from Lima, Peru. THERE ARE SO MANY PERUVIANS HERE. anyway, she is really really great and we get along really well so far!    She’s hard working, obedient, and diligent so this change is going to be REALLY great.

My new companion is on the far right.
My new companion is on the far right.

Well this week was good, as i said, but i have to talk about a few things i have learned this week from challenges I witnessed.

First of all, I talked about Huari a while back. She’s 8 years old, and she recently got baptized. Her mom isn’t going to church because she got married to a really catholic, abusive man. Huari is seriously AN ANGEL. I have never met a little girl as intelligent, happy, and spiritual as she is. She found us in the street screaming our names and ran up to us and hugged us almost crying. She told us that her dad enrolled her in the catholic program where she has to get baptized and confirmed and do all sorts of things and that if she even mentions the name of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he “beats her hard”.  I hadn’t felt as awful as I felt in the moment in a long time.

This gospel is true. If it weren’t true, people wouldn’t get so upset when it’s brought up. Cherish the enormous blessing you have of having the freedom to worship how you please. This gospel only brings peace and salvation to our souls. It does no harm ever…so cherish it.

Second,  this week we were giving a person a tour of the chapel. The spirit was REALLY strong and it was a really spiritual experience until we turned the corner and found doors open. All the doors of the building had been  opened and we went further down the hallway only to find worse things. The door leading outside had been smashed open…glass everywhere…lock completely destroyed. To the side, the secretary’s door was cut up, lock also completely destroyed, and the computer and monitor were missing. More damage was done, more windows smashed, and dirt and big rocks were everywhere. In the moment that we saw all of this there was seriously a very evil energy that overcame us and we all felt weak. We waited in a room until leaders arrived and fixed the situation.

Me and Anita.  She had the tour of the  building that was broken into.
Me and Anita. She had the tour of the building that was broken into.

What I learned from these two experiences is that satan never stops. He will do all he can to destroy the church of God. Whether it be putting bad thoughts into minds and evil desires into hearts, or causing others to feel empowered by exercising unjust authority over others…he works both day and night. He will not stop.  Neither should we. Although the power and the workings of the devil are very real,  the power and workings of God are both very real and very powerful–more powerful than the devil. God will strengthen and support His loyal saints and followers. He will never leave us alone, but we must also always put in our part and work with all our heart, mind, might, and strength to build up and strengthen  His  restored gospel.

Put on the armour of God and defend the truth. Fulfill your purpose in this life and always reach out to help others in any way you can. This is the promise we make when we are baptized: that we will serve God for the rest of our lives. Remember that when we are in the service of our fellow beings, we are also in the service of God. This week we also had a  really powerful zone conference. During that meeting, i received revelation that brought me to tears… It doesn’t matter if you’ve been members all your lives, or are just getting to know the gospel–We are ALL fighting each day for our own conversion. If it weren’t for  serving this mission, i never would have been totally converted to this gospel. I know that for a fact. This mission has opened my eyes to the truths and mysteries of God, and to what our true purpose is here on this earth. This gospel is the most precious thing i have and this mission is the most important and influencial experience that has led me to know, with a great  certainty, that this church is the true gospel and church of Jesus Christ, with all the saving ordinances and powers that existed in His church before  His death.  


 This mission is the experience I will cherish most in all of my life because it brought me to gain my own testimony and conversion to the Lord and His gospel.

   With all my love,

Hermana Dunne



For real I hit my year mark this week–MOST BITTERSWEET THING EVER.

The sun has also been WAY strong this week. Definitely got super sunburnt BUT i can’t send pictures this week because a virus destroyed my card…AGAIN. so hopefully i can get that fixed for next week.

I was walking this week and got ortiga’d again. I don’t remember if i already told you all this, but ortiga is a plant that if you touch it from the top to the bottom, it causes an allergic reaction in your skin and it gets super itchy and burns…only for like twenty minutes though. if you touch it from the bottom to the top, it doesnt do anything. haha but yeah i had the joy of experiencing it this week. CHEVERE

I’m going to be honest…it wasn’t easy this past week and i’ve been pretty down. There are a few trials with where we are right now…because we literally knock doors of the same houses every week and all the houses are REALLY spread out because everyone has land for their crops. So it’s been lots of walking, lots of sun, lots of dust, and lots of rejection. But this week i have a new energy…THANKS EVERYONE for the emails! they cheered me up FOR SURE.

I’ve got to say though…I MISS COLDSTONE ICE CREAM AND SWIMMING. I asked my comp a few times this week to push me in the sequia….which is basically a ditch where people wash their clothes. buuuut unfortunately she didn’t… :/ maybe this week. HA. NOT.

Pablito washing his clothes in the sequia.
Pablito washing his clothes in the sequia.

Anyway. This week was really great because Hna Cayama asked me what I think God wants me to learn in the sector where i am right now. It really made me reflect. I have been able to realize that I truly am here for a reason, and if i have to stay here for one or two more changes, i’ll do it because it’s what God wants…I really think that this sector is teaching me to believe more in God’s miracles. He also is teaching me to have patience and to learn to make the best of what i have. He’s teaching me lots of diligence too because, like I already said, I literally talk to the same people every week…But I am learning Kichua better! I feel like it’s something i really  need to do in order to help the people here.

I don’t know…all i know is that the mission truly is a really beautiful experience! There is so much time to learn and teach and grow and strengthen and reflect. I love it and I don’t want this time to end. I have been able to change myself in ways I never thought possible and it’s all thanks to Heavenly Father, the people i’ve met here, and my companions. Honestly, I don’t want to know who I would have been without coming out here on a mission. I encourage all of you debating on whether or not you should serve…TO PRAY AND FAST ABOUT IT! Go to God…WHO KNOWS ALL…and ask Him if it’s something He wants of you. Remember that in the end, only if you do what God wants you to do, can you end this life with a reassurance and a peace of mind. Pray and counsel with Him in ALL you do.

I really love 2nephi 32:1-3. God loves us…go to Him for help. He will guide you. Something that’s really cool is that after we get baptized, we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! It’s an extra help because the Holy Ghost guides us…but not only Him but ANGELS. There are angels of God always surrounding us, trying to help us choose the right. In these verses of 2 Nephi, it says that angels speak through to power of the Holy Ghost. If we always live worthily enough to have the Holy Ghost, we will be able to receive the impressions, thoughts, and help we need from ancestors or friends that are on the other side, doing all they can to help us.

THIS GOSPEL SAVES LIVES. Give us a chance and listen to us. Those who are already members, LIVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE. A sign of your true loyalty to God and the covenant you made by being baptized is what you do once you’re alone and think no one’s around to see you. Do what’s right in all TIMES, all PLACES, and in all THINGS. If you have chosen to take a different road, repent and come unto Christ. That is the only way to attain true salvation. Be true and diligent with the covenants you have made with God and He will bless you.



LOVE YOU ALL seriously i do! Thanks for all the support you’ve given me. 🙂