Always reach out to help others in any way you can


Seriously this week FLEW by. We worked hard, and we worked till the very last day Hna Lopez had in the mission. May she rest in peace….in colombia….in the sand and ocean where she can swim. ..and dance…AHEM.

My change with Hna Lopez was reeeeally great. She’s a really great person. Really strong. NOW I have a NEW COMP! (duhhh)  Hna  Berrospi from Lima, Peru. THERE ARE SO MANY PERUVIANS HERE. anyway, she is really really great and we get along really well so far!    She’s hard working, obedient, and diligent so this change is going to be REALLY great.

My new companion is on the far right.
My new companion is on the far right.

Well this week was good, as i said, but i have to talk about a few things i have learned this week from challenges I witnessed.

First of all, I talked about Huari a while back. She’s 8 years old, and she recently got baptized. Her mom isn’t going to church because she got married to a really catholic, abusive man. Huari is seriously AN ANGEL. I have never met a little girl as intelligent, happy, and spiritual as she is. She found us in the street screaming our names and ran up to us and hugged us almost crying. She told us that her dad enrolled her in the catholic program where she has to get baptized and confirmed and do all sorts of things and that if she even mentions the name of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he “beats her hard”.  I hadn’t felt as awful as I felt in the moment in a long time.

This gospel is true. If it weren’t true, people wouldn’t get so upset when it’s brought up. Cherish the enormous blessing you have of having the freedom to worship how you please. This gospel only brings peace and salvation to our souls. It does no harm ever…so cherish it.

Second,  this week we were giving a person a tour of the chapel. The spirit was REALLY strong and it was a really spiritual experience until we turned the corner and found doors open. All the doors of the building had been  opened and we went further down the hallway only to find worse things. The door leading outside had been smashed open…glass everywhere…lock completely destroyed. To the side, the secretary’s door was cut up, lock also completely destroyed, and the computer and monitor were missing. More damage was done, more windows smashed, and dirt and big rocks were everywhere. In the moment that we saw all of this there was seriously a very evil energy that overcame us and we all felt weak. We waited in a room until leaders arrived and fixed the situation.

Me and Anita.  She had the tour of the  building that was broken into.
Me and Anita. She had the tour of the building that was broken into.

What I learned from these two experiences is that satan never stops. He will do all he can to destroy the church of God. Whether it be putting bad thoughts into minds and evil desires into hearts, or causing others to feel empowered by exercising unjust authority over others…he works both day and night. He will not stop.  Neither should we. Although the power and the workings of the devil are very real,  the power and workings of God are both very real and very powerful–more powerful than the devil. God will strengthen and support His loyal saints and followers. He will never leave us alone, but we must also always put in our part and work with all our heart, mind, might, and strength to build up and strengthen  His  restored gospel.

Put on the armour of God and defend the truth. Fulfill your purpose in this life and always reach out to help others in any way you can. This is the promise we make when we are baptized: that we will serve God for the rest of our lives. Remember that when we are in the service of our fellow beings, we are also in the service of God. This week we also had a  really powerful zone conference. During that meeting, i received revelation that brought me to tears… It doesn’t matter if you’ve been members all your lives, or are just getting to know the gospel–We are ALL fighting each day for our own conversion. If it weren’t for  serving this mission, i never would have been totally converted to this gospel. I know that for a fact. This mission has opened my eyes to the truths and mysteries of God, and to what our true purpose is here on this earth. This gospel is the most precious thing i have and this mission is the most important and influencial experience that has led me to know, with a great  certainty, that this church is the true gospel and church of Jesus Christ, with all the saving ordinances and powers that existed in His church before  His death.  


 This mission is the experience I will cherish most in all of my life because it brought me to gain my own testimony and conversion to the Lord and His gospel.

   With all my love,

Hermana Dunne


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