For real I hit my year mark this week–MOST BITTERSWEET THING EVER.

The sun has also been WAY strong this week. Definitely got super sunburnt BUT i can’t send pictures this week because a virus destroyed my card…AGAIN. so hopefully i can get that fixed for next week.

I was walking this week and got ortiga’d again. I don’t remember if i already told you all this, but ortiga is a plant that if you touch it from the top to the bottom, it causes an allergic reaction in your skin and it gets super itchy and burns…only for like twenty minutes though. if you touch it from the bottom to the top, it doesnt do anything. haha but yeah i had the joy of experiencing it this week. CHEVERE

I’m going to be honest…it wasn’t easy this past week and i’ve been pretty down. There are a few trials with where we are right now…because we literally knock doors of the same houses every week and all the houses are REALLY spread out because everyone has land for their crops. So it’s been lots of walking, lots of sun, lots of dust, and lots of rejection. But this week i have a new energy…THANKS EVERYONE for the emails! they cheered me up FOR SURE.

I’ve got to say though…I MISS COLDSTONE ICE CREAM AND SWIMMING. I asked my comp a few times this week to push me in the sequia….which is basically a ditch where people wash their clothes. buuuut unfortunately she didn’t… :/ maybe this week. HA. NOT.

Pablito washing his clothes in the sequia.
Pablito washing his clothes in the sequia.

Anyway. This week was really great because Hna Cayama asked me what I think God wants me to learn in the sector where i am right now. It really made me reflect. I have been able to realize that I truly am here for a reason, and if i have to stay here for one or two more changes, i’ll do it because it’s what God wants…I really think that this sector is teaching me to believe more in God’s miracles. He also is teaching me to have patience and to learn to make the best of what i have. He’s teaching me lots of diligence too because, like I already said, I literally talk to the same people every week…But I am learning Kichua better! I feel like it’s something i really  need to do in order to help the people here.

I don’t know…all i know is that the mission truly is a really beautiful experience! There is so much time to learn and teach and grow and strengthen and reflect. I love it and I don’t want this time to end. I have been able to change myself in ways I never thought possible and it’s all thanks to Heavenly Father, the people i’ve met here, and my companions. Honestly, I don’t want to know who I would have been without coming out here on a mission. I encourage all of you debating on whether or not you should serve…TO PRAY AND FAST ABOUT IT! Go to God…WHO KNOWS ALL…and ask Him if it’s something He wants of you. Remember that in the end, only if you do what God wants you to do, can you end this life with a reassurance and a peace of mind. Pray and counsel with Him in ALL you do.

I really love 2nephi 32:1-3. God loves us…go to Him for help. He will guide you. Something that’s really cool is that after we get baptized, we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! It’s an extra help because the Holy Ghost guides us…but not only Him but ANGELS. There are angels of God always surrounding us, trying to help us choose the right. In these verses of 2 Nephi, it says that angels speak through to power of the Holy Ghost. If we always live worthily enough to have the Holy Ghost, we will be able to receive the impressions, thoughts, and help we need from ancestors or friends that are on the other side, doing all they can to help us.

THIS GOSPEL SAVES LIVES. Give us a chance and listen to us. Those who are already members, LIVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE. A sign of your true loyalty to God and the covenant you made by being baptized is what you do once you’re alone and think no one’s around to see you. Do what’s right in all TIMES, all PLACES, and in all THINGS. If you have chosen to take a different road, repent and come unto Christ. That is the only way to attain true salvation. Be true and diligent with the covenants you have made with God and He will bless you.



LOVE YOU ALL seriously i do! Thanks for all the support you’ve given me. 🙂


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