First thing’s first: i miss knowing how my food is prepared. I have found bugs in my food every day this week now.

Okay, so my companion Hermana Berrospi is seriously THE BEST!! She works SO. HARD. We have had a lot of success this week because she came into the sector with a new energy, a new perspective, and we were able to work super well together. She’s a really great person and missionary and I am so excited to work with her this change. 🙂 She’s also super good at cooking and cleaning sooooo she’s inspiring me to be better. hehe…

Hna Berrospi and me.  I love her!
Hna Berrospi and me. I love her!

Welp, turns out I’m a sister leader and no one told me. hahaa So that’s SUPER nerve wracking. But i’m also extremely excited! I’m going to have my first division this week…wish me luck! (divisions are where Madison goes out with a different companion  to teach people and she will train her in areas that she might need to improve in. She’ll do this with many other sister missionaries as well)

Hna Tangedal...she knows a mutual friend
Hna Tangedal…she knows a mutual friend.  Also, I’ll go on divisions with her!

oh my gosh so yesterday, i wore the traditional clothes they wear here. The skirt is called an anaku. It is literally two fabrics. You put one fabric on, folded all tricky and stuff, and then the other fabric over to cover the first. Then, you wrap a belt thing called a faja super tight around your waist to keep it up. welllllp……THE WHOLE THING FELL OFF. We were hiking up the volcano to eat with our mamita…..elders included….and it completely fell off. i only had leggings underneath so we made it to the mamita’s house and i was clinging on to all that i could to cover up. hahaaa it was horrible. No one saw anything though….no worries…….

Hna Berrospi and I in our traditional clothing
Hna Berrospi and I in our traditional clothing

another question. can someone tell me what americans usually eat for lunch and dinner??? i dont know what to say because i dont remember what i ate. all i eat is rice and potatoes and chicken now -__-

Also, heads up! Next temptation you receive, respond with Alma 11:23. WITH POWER!

Also, i was reading in matthew this week and i really like what it says in chapter2 verses 13 and 14 where Joseph was commanded to leave and go to Egypt, and he immediately did so. It didn’t matter to him that it was the middle of the night…he went, and we went fast. We must be this way as well. If the Lord or the Prophet of the Lord commands us to do something–we must be immediately obedient! Joseph left immediately to protect Jesus Christ, his child. If we consider this gospel and our salvation to be precious to us as well, we must spiritually protect those things by acting immediately and obediently. The Lord promises us blessings–most especially a spiritual protection and anchor.

This week, not too much happened. It’s really just been a lot of hard working, being super exhausted, and feeling very satisfied…my companion’s the best!

The advice i have for you all this week is to search yourself. Who are you? Why are you here? What are you doing to prepare to meet God? What are your priorities in life right now? What do you love most about life? What don’t you like about your life? How can you fix it? Find your answers in the scriptures. Through asking God through prayer and searching the scriptures, you will find the answer to your questions.

God loves you all so much. He really does. Allow Him to heal you.

I know that this gospel is truly the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. He has allowed us to receive a baptism exactly the same as His–In a lot of water, at an age where we know the difference between good and bad, and by someone who truly has the power and authority of God, as John the Baptist did. Through a baptism by someone who has the Priesthood of God, we can enter into eternal rest with our Father in Heaven. This gospel only helps and saves us. Sincerely pray about this gospel to God. Ask Him if it is what He wants for you and act upon the answer you receive.

Me and Hna Berrospi with Blanquis
Me and Hna Berrospi with Blanquis

I hope you have a really great week! Please pray for me so i can help the sisters out in this mission and receive inspiration for them! If you have any ideas on how i can be creative and help them out spiritually and emotionally, email me!!! Thanks.

Till next week!!!
–Hermana Dunne 😀


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