God will strengthen us and if we give it our all, He promises us blessings.


That’s the name of a talk given by Elder Eyring (april 21, 1988) you should definitely read it ASAP. It is such an inspiring talk. Especially since school is starting and all…definitely worth your time.

Okay so my companion reminds me SO MUCH of Shiloh Jackson. holllla. She’s great. Also, there is a redhead (sorry bout it) in my district, Hermana Smith, AND she is SO great! And reminds me tonnns of Kelsey Jost. And then there is a new elder in the zone who is exactly like Joe Ricken. I don’t know if I just see them that way because I miss those people, but they make me feel more at home.

me and my comp at Lago de Mojanda
Me and my comp at Lago de Mojanda.  We weren’t expecting the cold rain.

So, as i’ve said earlier, our sector is kind of rough. The catholic and Evangelist churches are very prominent here and teach their members lies about our church and that they cannot listen to “the mormon missionaries”. So, it’s only been a little rough. However, this week we fasted to see a miracle, and we did.

We hiked up to the very last house on the volcano, and we found a man with his daughter. He told us that we could share our message with him, so we did. At first he seemed like a super tough guy; wearing a tight shirt to excentuate his muscles, standing tall above us, with a stern, serious face, and with his arms crossed he heard us out. As we taught, he had a lot of questions where he tried to stump us, but the Spirit was really strong. When I thought i didn’t have the answer, I opened my mouth and the Spirit gave me the words. Seriously, I testify that the Holy Ghost works through the Lord’s servants. When my companion was speaking, i prayed asking Heavenly Father to give me the words to say through the Holy Ghost, and as I began to speak I literally felt a power come over me. I felt a kind of energy behind my eyes, around my tongue, and I spoke the thoughts that came to my mind. I’m not so sure I believed much in the Spirit truly giving people words to say in the moment they need to say them until I came on this mission and learned for myself that it is true.

The more we talked, the softer his face got, his arms uncrossed and he changed his attitude completely. He said that he would love to learn more. I don’t know if we are only “planting the seed” by teaching him the basics and leaving him time to truly pray and come to know that it’s true, or if we will see him make a covenant with God. All i know is that we did what God wanted us to do in that moment.

Fasting is rejoicing because fasting brings miracles.

Okay, sidenote…I just have to say how much i miss fall in Oregon. Rain is starting here, it’s super cold and wet…but it’s not like Eugene! There aren’t leaves on the ground, or carmel apples, or cross country races, or time to bundle up in the house and watch a movie with hot chocolate. I miss my puppy willy…and i miss playing lacrosse. A LOT. Just have to throw that out there. It’s gorgeous here… but it’s nothing like fall in Eugene!

ALMOST EVERYTHING that happened Sunday was awful. I’ll fill y’all in a little bit…

I burnt the pot boiling water (hableme en serio), we were late leaving and had to take a taxi up the volcano (where usually a taxi is $2) we paid $5 only to arrive to the meeting place and see family (investigators) who were going to go to church with us wave at us and hike up to their house, ditching us…then we got to church, and hardly anyone came–no investigators, hardly any recent converts, and less people returning to church. It was rough but I still gave my talk. Then the sun burnt me bad (third time this week) and we got caught in the rain and mud at night. Definitely NOT ideal. I tried reflecting on the day and what blessings I saw but the only thing i could come up with is that my talk went well (i didn’t stutter…and people paid attention!) Aaaaand the fact that I was breathing and had the energy to hike up the volcano. (Seriously with the faja wrapped around your waist after eating it is seriously difficult to breath!!)

At church with my companion and sisters Diana and Laura
At church with my companion and sisters Diana and Laura

All I know is that the adversary never stops…but we’ve got to keep puttin’ along! God will strengthen us and if we give it our all, He promises us blessings.  Through our diligence, fidelity, and prayer of faith we receive ALL glory and victory. So keep up the hard work! Don’t let ANYONE or ANYTHING get you down! You have it all!

I love you all and hope you have a super great week! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love, Hermana Dunne :}



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