I’m BACK in Calderon!

OKAY. so three things:

1- I dreamed I was wearing burkenstocks. soooo THAT tells you how much i miss those shoes.

2- i miss sloth jokes. a lot.

3- I don’t remember, so i’m just gonna move on…

branch activity
branch activity

So this week was really great! I did divisions in Ibarra and it was REALLY nice to see Ibarra again 🙂 I saw a few members I know too so that was cool. It is such a great experience doing division because i have seriously learned SO MUCH. It’s true that callings only humble you more. I love it because I can see more clearly now exactly what I need to improve and it’s helping me a lot. But shoot it was super tiring….we only taught one lesson sitting down. The other eleven were in the street, doorways, SUN and we walked A WHOLE LOT. It was a really great day…only i forgot how hot Ibarra is.

This week we had LOTS of meetings. It wasn’t the most ideal week to work, but we gave the Lord all we had when we could work.

It’s seriously the worst being sick in the mission, because NO ONE wants to stay home in the house, sick, when they could be outside changing lives! So we worked anyway and people just had a hard time understanding me through my congestion. ahha PERO VALIO LA PENA.

We saw a miracle this week.

The zone was going to end the month without even one baptism because of a lot of difficulties we had. We decided to fast as a zone for a miracle, and so we fasted–depending on the Lord–but we also work, as if everything depended on us. The next day, Rafael got baptised.

The miracle of Rafael
The miracle of Rafael

Rafael is a man other elders were teaching, but we had to go to his baptism because he seriously was a miracle. Never doubt the power of prayer, diligence, and fasting. God hears us if we do our part.

So we had changes halfway through the change and I’m BACK in Calderon! Just a different sector. It’s suuuuuper sad, but i’m also super happy.

Pros: I can see the people I taught easier, I’m with my “mom” (Hermana Alva, my first companion)in the mission again, the food has FLAVOR and is SAFE to eat, everything is more convenient.
Cons: the city is NOT as beautiful as the country….at all, my “mom” is “dying” this change (finishing the mission…), i can’t speak kichua to anyone, and calderon is the center of where the earthquakes were the strongest. gulp.

bags of beans,tostada,rice,grains,herbs and meat and they serve it in a bag at celebrations.  my companion found bugs in hers but I don't observe my food so I don't know how many bugs I've eaten.
bags of beans,tostada,rice,grains,herbs and meat and they serve it in a bag at celebrations. my companion found bugs in hers but I don’t observe my food so I don’t know how many bugs I’ve eaten.

Anyway. I am still SUPER STOKED to work here! It’s going to be really great.

If you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, be true to your covenants and ACT like a true follower of Jesus Christ. People are always watching and you can either help them come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ’s true gospel, or cause them to not want anything to do with it. Read Alma 39:11-12.

Those who aren’t members of this church, don’t judge the church based off of the members only. Hear what the missionaries have to say, pray to God and ask if it’s true, and then go to church and see how you feel! The gospel is PERFECT, no human being is perfect so base your decisions off of what you truly feel after praying and asking God what is true.

Something I really like from the conference is that if we TRULY believe that God desires our eternal salvation, then we MUST believe that God gave us commandments ONLY to HELP us acheive that goal of exaltation. Keep God’s commandments because God gave them to us to benefit us and protect us from sin, guilt, and sorrow.

I don’t have much more to say this week. I just hope you’re all doing great. And if you have aaaany questions, email me and ask! Talk to you all really soon 🙂

Hermana Dunne



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