We need to follow ALL the words of God’s leaders

OH MY GOSH GOOD AFTERNOON! no time this week.

First off, this week was great. looooots of meetings, but we worked while we could and saw miracles. still getting used to this meeting thing. tomorrow we have consejo de lideres where the meeting is from 9am until about 7 pm so that’ll be fun.

Moving on! So this week, we were contacting (going from door to door) and it was really not super effective. most people just rejected us. so we said a prayer and felt drawn to a street and even a certain door. we knocked on his door, and Andres came out. He was incredibly receptive and let us teach him about the restoration and even a little about the plan of salvation. He told us that he wants to get baptized. just like that. Unfortunately, his cousin came to town and he wasn’t able to make it to conference…but he has all the desires to change his life! I am really excited to work with him because he truly was a miracle, and God has really prepared him to receive this gospel.

This gospel is so beautiful. In conference i thought they talked A LOT about our leaders, and united families–and good parents. I feel like that is what we need most in this time. We need to follow ALL the words of God’s leaders here on earth, and we need to give the example within our families too of faithfully living the gospel. (a talk i really liked about families was by L. tom perry)

here’s the link: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2014/10/finding-lasting-peace-and-building-eternal-families?lang=eng

The most special convert I have. Patricia Valverde. She's the strongest convert I have.  It was so touching seeing her again.
The most special convert I have. Patricia Valverde. She’s the strongest convert I have. It was so touching seeing her again.

The family is the most important social unity for God here on earth and HE WANTS to see us all together eternally again at His side. We must step up the way we’re living! I loved that Elder Carlos A Godoy talked about that if we want to be assured blessings in the future, we must analyze how we are living now and change our lives accordingly.

Here’s the link:   https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2014/10/the-lord-has-a-plan-for-us?lang=eng

Cutest girl ever
Cutest girl ever

I think three of my favorite talks though were these:

By Elder Jorg Klebingat– how to have spiritual confidence, Elder Bednar–helping others understand why we share this gospel so much, and Elder Uchtdorf—inviting us and helping us know how to find out for ourselves ALL TRUTH.

Klebingat: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2014/10/approaching-the-throne-of-god-with-confidence?lang=eng



Other talk i recommend re-watching or re-studying are by:

Elder Larry S. Kacher–choose your decisions carefully.
Elder Richard G. Scott–fundamental habits for securing your life in the Atonement of the Saviour
Elder Russell Ballard–STAY IN THE BOAT.
Elder Dallin H. Oaks–be humble and meek but DO NOT surrender your positions or values.

Conference really is something special. SERIOUSLY it’s like we truly have 3 Christmases every year….haha really though i couldn’t sleep i was so excited. WE ARE SO BLESSED to have a PROPHET OF GOD talk to US. really blessed.

Marlene and her kids
Marlene and her kids

Some things i want to add before i head off:

-I miss the birds in Quichuqui that did cat call sounds

– sometimes i put myself in front of people to contact them, like i did in lacrosse, when they try to walk past me when i say hi.

-If you want to get rid of a bad vocabulary or slang, go speak a foreign language for a year or two. it works pretty well.

-i can choose the portions of food i want here so i am exceedingly happy

-HELP OUT THE MISSIONARIES. the members here ASK to HELP US. and it makes life SO MUCH EASIER. there is a lot of success and unity and spirituality in this ward because the members HELP.

That’s all for now! got to go. love you all. thanks a ton for everything you do 🙂 keep pushing forward!! Signing off,
Hermana Dunne


me after I dyed and permed my hair.
me after I dyed and permed my hair.

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