H.O.L.A = Hay que: Orar, Leer, Asistir

As for the things that went on this week….it was pretty normal. BUT…I DEFINITELY ATE SHRIMP THREE TIMES THIS WEEK. okay background story: The last time i ate shrimp was when i was 9 or 10. I ate the shrimp whole with the shell and everything and it scraped my throat. Ever since then, i never wanted to eat it again! plus, it has the texture of like a worm. ANYWAY, i ate it this week (praying i wouldn’t throw up of course) aaand i actually liked it. So that was a miracle.

We also taught our mission president’s counselor’s family this week! so THAT was nerve wracking. but it went well 🙂 His wife gave me and my comp a facial today! With all kinds of fancy lights and diamond tools and stuff. It was pretty cool hehehe!

mmmmm, what else? I am running again with my companion! yay! we are eating healthy. SHE IS FROM ILLINOIS AND HAS THE CUTEST ACCENT. ahhahah and that’s about it 🙂

Sorry…no pictures right now. I’ll see if i can steal some from my comp…another virus destroyed my card. SO DONE WITH THESE VIRUSES…….here’s an old one:

cutest girls ever
cutest girls ever

moving on to the spirituaaaal side of things…

I have realized these past two weeks that when you truly are doing what God wants you to do, satan tries his hardest to tear you down and destroy you. Don’t let him. When you are doing the right thing, stick to it. Pray, read your scriptures, and go to church. Never stop doing the basic things because that is what will strengthen you enough to overcome the destruction satan causes.

Sister Richardson, my mission president’s wife, gave me some really great advice through the scriptures:

she said that when you feel that satan really is attacking you, that you should read 2 Samuel 22:2-5. She said that usually when you get a new responsibility or are on the right track, satan does all he can to bring you down and will cause you to think of all the mistakes you have made in your life and will try and get you even to the point of self-loathing. Be stronger than him.

In 3nephi 7:5 I found a scripture that REALLY stood out to me. It says “…and all this iniquity had come upon the peojple because they did YIELD themselves unto the power of satan.” key word is yield. We are stronger than the adversary, but if stop doing the basic things to keep us spiritually strong, we are letting our spiritually guard down and slowly, satan finds his way into our hearts and minds to destroy us.

In spanish we have something really cool that we say to the members…that we must ALWAYS do “HOLA”, which stands for:
Hay que:

or we must pray, read, and attend (church). Those three key actions will strengthen us daily and weekly more than we can ever imagine. I can testify of the power of living this way. Try it out for a month and see how you feel. I promise that you will see a difference in yourself and in your life if you do it willingly and faithfully.

branch activity
branch activity

Now, going back to satan bringing us down…read the story in Ether 6. They were in a boat for THREE HUNDRED AND FOURTY FOUR DAYS. The boats we dark (with the exception of glowing stones), they were small, there were animals and people crammed together, who knows where they went to the bathroom or ate their food….imagine for a minute how AWFUL that situation would have been! Now read verses 9 and 10. Even though they were really suffering, they WORSHIPPED God all day and night. Now, why do you think they did that non stop?? Because if they stopped, I imagine that they would have been caught up in negative thoughts, leading to sorrow, leading to depression, leading to contention and yielding themselves to the devil! When we are going through hard situations, we MUST worship God if we want to be taken out of those hardships or strengthened to overcome them.

The solution to depression is worshipping God. I can testify of that. I have experienced it.

Now, another thing i have noticed is that another way satan can begin to have power over us is through our own pride. We see that example a million times in the Book of Mormon. “The pride cycle” leads people to destruction. Once we start loving ourselves more, our clothes more, our jobs more, our education more…once we start being more and more proud of ourselves, the more we distance ourselves from God. He deserves the glory. It is He who allows us to succeed, understand, progress, and prosper.

I encourage every one of you to make spiritual goals for yourselves right now. Once you acheive that goal, set another one. We must always be progressing spiritually and always have the goal to live as Jesus Christ and God our Heavenly Father want us to.

So just know that I know that these things are true. I have lived them. I have changed what i needed to change and i am still working on A LOT of things, but just know that change IS POSSIBLE. And God blesses us for changing.

Anyway, have a super super great week! love you all tons 🙂 write me please. Love, Hermana Dunne


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