LIFE is hard, NOT the gospel

Hey hey heyyy!! Great afternoon everyone!

I have a few funny stories to tell you all.

1. I had divisions with HNA ROJAS!!! I missed her soso much. She’s just ALWAYS happy. Honestly, when we were working together in her sector everyone was SO MEAN. We got looooots of rejections. But she just kept smiling, and laughing, and showed her faith by still talking to everyone she could . She really inspired me. But SIDENOTE: on the way to her sector, while we were on the bus, these two men hopped on and started rapping. We didn’t pay much attention but then they started doing a FREESTYLE. One of them, dreds and all, came up and started freestyling about ME! I felt sooooo awkward because i’m A MISSIONARY and i just covered my face. But he was saying things like “you’re more beautiful than shakira” and he rapped about my rose ring (props to Elder Anderson for sending it!) and the apple I was eating……it was hilarious but super awkward. He finally moved on to other people, but at the end he came back to me and gave me a free CD of his raps and then blew kisses to me….really odd experience.

2. When Hna Rojas and I were companions and she got changes, I gave her some floss to take with her because dad packed me up with TONS. So she told me that she got to her new sector and found the floss and thought it was candy. She licked it and said it was “too spicy” and she didn’t like the candy! So she put it away for a while until her companion asked if she could use it. So, as she flossed her teeth, Hna Rojas snuck around the corner and spied on her to see how to use it. HAHAHHAHA. We were laughing so hard when she told me that story. I LOVE HER!

me and hna. Roajas
me and hna. Roajas

In other news, a girl from our ward here got called to serve in the Los Angeles Temple’s visitor’s center!! They only gave her a month to prepare! Pretty cool though!

Honestly, I feel like Heavenly Father is really, really blessing us for all our hard work, determination to help others, and diligence in everything…we really are giving the Lord our all and we work super well together! This sunday we receive changes so hopefully neither of us gets changed!! We are even seeing a dad, who’s the only person in his family who’s not a member, is actually listening to us…WILLINGLY. Before he didn’t want anything to do with the church! God really is great.

This is where I have to walk while walking in my area!
This is where I have to walk while walking in my area!

Also, I want to testify of the reality of opposition. When you work hard and are doing everything God wants you to, opposition comes in. You see trials or problems or stress….just SOMETHING happens to keep you on your toes and remember God. Not every trial necessarily comes from God, but every trial DOES cause you to remember Him. Life keeps us humble. There’s a quote i really like from the talk “The Fourth Missionary” by Laurence E. Corbridge that says, “Often we are deceived to think that the gospel is harder than what it is. LIFE is hard, NOT the gospel…there is NO aspect of the gospel of Christ that is beyond your capacity.”

 looks like the grand canyon?!?! we were in la mitad del mundo
looks like the grand canyon?!?! we were in la mitad del mundo

This gospel helps us through the trials life throws at us. Honestly, if I didn’t have this gospel I don’t know HOW i would deal with all the hardships and trials that come in life. It would be very, very difficult. Because as we have faith in Christ and His Atonement and we truly and completely repent of our sins, we have the opportunity to be baptized exactly as Christ was baptized…and receive the remission of our sins. Receive the peace we look after…receive the forgiveness and mercy of God. And then we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost to comfort, guide, and testify to us daily of the truth and how to overcome the trials. I testify that Jesus Christ lives. He guides this church through His prophet, Thomas S. Monson. I testify that the Holy Ghost is part of the trinity and that He really does guide and protect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I can testify of it beause i have experienced it.

Trust in this gospel. Pray to know if this gospel is true. Trust that God will answer you if you ask sincerely. David O. McKay once said,
“The greatest battles you will ever fight will be within the silent chambers of your heart.” In order to avoid those battles, make sure you strive each day to do God’s will so that your divine nature and your carnal nature can be closer intuned. You will receive blessings.



I am very comfortable with this life.

Not only am i spritually healthy right now, but i am being healthier physically 🙂 hehe not sick anymore, ayyy!! Anddd i only eat fruit basically with hna deveraux and we are running so that’s a nice feeling.

I made a healthy Aselga (have no idea what that is in english)/cheese/veggie soup and i got over my sickness faster 🙂 hehe!

This week went really well! We had made a calendar on sunday and passed it around during relief society so during the week we had a member to come with us EVERY DAY. Greatest blessing ever! We are seeing a lot more progress because the members are helping us out even more 🙂

we got yummy Halloween candy
we got yummy Halloween candy

One day when we went out with a member, we contacted one of their references and the person started talking to us in ENGLISH. coolest thing ever! I guess she grew up in New Jersey or New York but she spoke really well. I could hold the conversation alright, but when we started talking about the gospel, i COULD NOT express myself and i got super embarrassed and i guess my face turned red -__- I guess i will be working on that these next few months…cuz if not, THAT’S GONNA BE AWKWARD when i get home…

I dont have much more time left here 😦 It is a really odd feeling. I am very comfortable with this life…It’s a super healthy lifestyle and i love truly seeing the change in everyone…their change, studying the scriptures, and going through the hardships has truly changed me and I will keep changing me. I like living life this way because you are forced into awkward or uncomfortable or not ideal situations and you just gotta work with what you got! And as you work through those rough times, you grow and you get closer to God because He truly is the only One who can bring you out of those down times.

me and hna. Roajas
me and hna. Roajas

I’ve been actually reflecting a lot on what i have learned and liked up until now in my mission. Something i have realized is that my absolute hardest times out here have been my most favorite because I have changed something about myself and I truly only had my Heavenly Father to rely on to pull me out of it. Sure, it was hard in the moment…sure, i felt alone and weak…but in the end, I found strength and comfort in God’s promises. When we go through rough situations, it is to learn, grow, and overcome in order to become more like our Brother, Jesus Christ. Trust in Him. Keep God’s commandments and watch the blessings pour down upon you. It has me truly convinced of God’s love for me. He loves me unconditionally. He helps me when I’m weak. Living this gospel truly is the way out of depression or sadness. I know it. I have experienced it. I testify that Christ blessed us with this gospel so that we could truly LIVE it. And by living it, we receive a testimony of Christ’s true gospel and love because we see the blessing and the way it strengthens us.

This satuday, we passed by someone who was recently baptized in June and wasn’t coming to church. They are the only member in their family and are experiencing  a lot of opposition. When we came, she hugged us as if she had known us well even though we had never met. She ended up coming to church with us the next day. While we were there, she started to tear up and told me that this church truly is just HAPPINESS. She said how much she loves this gospel and Christ because He allowed her to find a way out of the hard times. She could feel at peace and she could feel Christ’s pure love. She almost made me cry too.

cute doggie
cute doggie

He loves us infinitely. He has blessed us so much, honestly I don’t know where i would be in my life right now if i was without it. It has become my life and will stay that way even after the day i die. I definitely think i took it for granted before i came out here on a mission…i didn’t realize what a blessing it is–my feelings are really indescribable right now. AH! My heart is full.

On another note, we are planning a thanksgiving feast for lunch for the last thursday of the month! The majority of our zone are northamericans so it’s a prettttty big deal. haha really though. 🙂 It’ll be good.

BBQ dinner with my group
BBQ dinner with my group

This week i also had a cough attack during a lesson to the point where my eyes were watering and turned red so THAAAAT was embarrassing! hahahha for real though ahhh.

ahem. okay last, but not least, we talked with a young man this week and he started telling us about his past beliefs. He said he used to go to a church where the mixed tree substance from the orient of Ecuador with some hallucinagines (and he told us that some people consider it to be drugs but “it’s not drugs”) and then they take those…..drugs…..and meditate. That is how they worshipped God and he said that -somehow–it is based on Christ’s doctrine. He said “it was a really cool church until our leader started telling us that Jesus Christ comes every 40 years and that HE was Jesus Christ”. It was a really odd experience. We’ll see if he keeps wanting to know more about the church cuz he was kind of lost.

HAHAHA! Welp, that’s it for the week! 🙂 Hope you all have a really really great week 🙂 hehe I love you all.

Stay strong. Push forward. Don’t lose your faith. Trust in God. Be obedient.
Hermana Dunne 😀

ps- about 30% of the people guess i’m from the U.S, 30% guess Holland, 30% guess Switzerland, and 10% guess either canada, australia, or england. HAAAA fun fact nada mas.
my question is, am i REALLY THAT white?!

I almost got electrocuted !!!

GUESS WHAT! This week I lost my voice for the first time ever!! It was pretty cool for about an hour. Buuuuut we lost lots of time this week because I had to stay at home like a day and a half. Basically just the common cold, sore throat, and body aches. But all is better now! ayyyy!

So WOW. another shocking thing (hehe)…the shower head shocked me this week. haha it’s hilarious how they have electric wires hanging around and metal handles in SHOWERS here. I mean, it’s probs just OUR house though…..

So hahah okay so this week we had Consejo de Mision where all the zone leaders and sister training leaders meet with President, the asistants and secretaries and talk about what we can do better in the mission. It was super fun. We even got Sister Richardson to do a jumping picture with the Hna Leaders. 😀 (no, i dont have that picture -_-) Afterwards, i was heading back home with Hnas Quizhpe and Irepan and we were in the metro and all of a sudden all the lights turned off and the metro shut down and we got stuck. IT WAS SO SKETCHY. We freaked out just a little bit! But then we escaped out the emergency doors and hopped into another metro.

Me, hna Irepan & hna Quizhpe de Mexico y Loya, Ecuador when the metro broke down.
Me, hna Irepan & hna Quizhpe de Mexico y Loya, Ecuador when the metro broke down.

Moving on to the IMPORTANT things now…

JHON AND NOEMI GOT BAPTIZED!!! They have the COOLEST story ever. Their son, David, was able to baptize them. 🙂 First, David and his wife Paola got baptized first about four months ago. Then their sisters got baptized. Then three of their friends. AND NOW DAVID’S PARENTS!

Jhon &Noemi's baptism
Jhon &Noemi’s baptism

Also, i really wanted to talk about a family we’ve been visiting. They are seriously a miracle. It’s the Peralta Bajaña family. Leonell, Tatiana and their two daughters, Natacha and Romina. Here is their story.

0. We had been praying to find families.
1. I ran into a woman i had contacted a while back and she told me to go to her house the next day.
2. At her house, we were going to teach her and asked if we could invite her sister and sister’s husband to join us..even though she told us they were busy, we asked and they JUMPED off their seats to join us.
3. Every time we have invited them to church, they have come.
4. Every commandment we teach, THEY KEEP. Even things that are hard for them like coffee!
5. This last sunday, only Leonell made it to church. We asked where the others were…he said they didn’t have a way of getting to church by bus or anything because they were going through a rough time economically…he’s the only one who made it because HE WALKED TO CHURCH. He walked about five or six miles just so you all know.

Romina & Natacha
Romina & Natacha

This gospel is amazing. Once you feel the joy of it, you won’t want anything else. 🙂 It’s brought me to tears of joy many times…i know that it’s true and that it is the reason i have had such great joy here in the mission. Take the time to ask God whether this church is the true church…sincerely. You will feel this truth if you ask sincerely, with real intent and a willing heart. Ponder on Christ’s words. 🙂

I love you all. Have integrity this week. Set the example. Serve others. Stand up for what’s right. Respect yourself and your worth. Respect everyone else’s as well. 


Hermana Dunne 🙂

p.s. I had McDonalds for the first time in over a year and it actually wasn’t all that great. ( that’s the picture at the top of the post)


God is merciful. Trust in His timing and His unconditional love.


Today was SOSO GREAT! k, so today we went to Guayabamba and went to the ZOOOO!! As a district and the sisters from the other district! (we’re the only two sister companionships in our whole zone, so that’s fun)



I saw a Tapir. Ya know those elephant/pig animals in ice age? THEY EXIST. I’ll send a picture, no worries.

the tapir
the tapir


Well I don’t have much time this week, but i want to testify that God is merciful and loves us unconditionally. I finished the Book of Mormon again and asked God afterwards if it’s true. He strongly confirmed to me that it is. He is so merciful that He has given us MORE scripture to help us a million times more in this life. Read it, love it, live it.

I saw God’s mercy in a lot of different things this week. There are too many miracles to write down, but here are a few of them:

I ate 7 burritoes one day for lunch. okay, really though….no one feeds us burritoes…just RICE. so THAT was a miracle.

typical food of the month. Coleda Morada & Guaguas. gua gua is a kichuan word for baby.
typical food of the month. Coleda Morada & Guaguas.
gua gua is a kichuan word for baby.


We met this man named Paul. He is this huge, intimidating guy and honestly i walked into the lesson thinking “shoot, if i say something wrong he could probably kill me!” BUT, he turned out being a SUPER NICE GUY. He took down his “tough guy” wall and opened his heart and was SO full of the Holy Ghost afterwards that he was almost dancing around the room, arms wide open, saying “i have never felt this kind of joy before!” Craziest 180 ever. He’s a cool guy.

Also, I havent talked much about the people we’re teaching, but we have been teaching the parents of some people who recently were baptized about three months ago. Their names are Jhon and Noemi. They will be getting baptized this friday! They passed their interviews and are extremely anxious to be baptized 🙂 GOSH it’s so exciting.

We also found THREE families this week! One of them (the Peralta Bajaña family) came to church ALL THREE HOURS and are preparing to be baptized the 22nd! They are the sweetest family ever, and i LOVE working with them.

There are lots more but i don’t have any more time. Just know that God is merciful. Trust in His timing and His unconditional love. Trust in His power to do anything.


HAVE A GREAT AFTERNOON! love, Hermana Dunne :}