I almost got electrocuted !!!

GUESS WHAT! This week I lost my voice for the first time ever!! It was pretty cool for about an hour. Buuuuut we lost lots of time this week because I had to stay at home like a day and a half. Basically just the common cold, sore throat, and body aches. But all is better now! ayyyy!

So WOW. another shocking thing (hehe)…the shower head shocked me this week. haha it’s hilarious how they have electric wires hanging around and metal handles in SHOWERS here. I mean, it’s probs just OUR house though…..

So hahah okay so this week we had Consejo de Mision where all the zone leaders and sister training leaders meet with President, the asistants and secretaries and talk about what we can do better in the mission. It was super fun. We even got Sister Richardson to do a jumping picture with the Hna Leaders. 😀 (no, i dont have that picture -_-) Afterwards, i was heading back home with Hnas Quizhpe and Irepan and we were in the metro and all of a sudden all the lights turned off and the metro shut down and we got stuck. IT WAS SO SKETCHY. We freaked out just a little bit! But then we escaped out the emergency doors and hopped into another metro.

Me, hna Irepan & hna Quizhpe de Mexico y Loya, Ecuador when the metro broke down.
Me, hna Irepan & hna Quizhpe de Mexico y Loya, Ecuador when the metro broke down.

Moving on to the IMPORTANT things now…

JHON AND NOEMI GOT BAPTIZED!!! They have the COOLEST story ever. Their son, David, was able to baptize them. 🙂 First, David and his wife Paola got baptized first about four months ago. Then their sisters got baptized. Then three of their friends. AND NOW DAVID’S PARENTS!

Jhon &Noemi's baptism
Jhon &Noemi’s baptism

Also, i really wanted to talk about a family we’ve been visiting. They are seriously a miracle. It’s the Peralta Bajaña family. Leonell, Tatiana and their two daughters, Natacha and Romina. Here is their story.

0. We had been praying to find families.
1. I ran into a woman i had contacted a while back and she told me to go to her house the next day.
2. At her house, we were going to teach her and asked if we could invite her sister and sister’s husband to join us..even though she told us they were busy, we asked and they JUMPED off their seats to join us.
3. Every time we have invited them to church, they have come.
4. Every commandment we teach, THEY KEEP. Even things that are hard for them like coffee!
5. This last sunday, only Leonell made it to church. We asked where the others were…he said they didn’t have a way of getting to church by bus or anything because they were going through a rough time economically…he’s the only one who made it because HE WALKED TO CHURCH. He walked about five or six miles just so you all know.

Romina & Natacha
Romina & Natacha

This gospel is amazing. Once you feel the joy of it, you won’t want anything else. 🙂 It’s brought me to tears of joy many times…i know that it’s true and that it is the reason i have had such great joy here in the mission. Take the time to ask God whether this church is the true church…sincerely. You will feel this truth if you ask sincerely, with real intent and a willing heart. Ponder on Christ’s words. 🙂

I love you all. Have integrity this week. Set the example. Serve others. Stand up for what’s right. Respect yourself and your worth. Respect everyone else’s as well. 


Hermana Dunne 🙂

p.s. I had McDonalds for the first time in over a year and it actually wasn’t all that great. ( that’s the picture at the top of the post)


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