I am very comfortable with this life.

Not only am i spritually healthy right now, but i am being healthier physically 🙂 hehe not sick anymore, ayyy!! Anddd i only eat fruit basically with hna deveraux and we are running so that’s a nice feeling.

I made a healthy Aselga (have no idea what that is in english)/cheese/veggie soup and i got over my sickness faster 🙂 hehe!

This week went really well! We had made a calendar on sunday and passed it around during relief society so during the week we had a member to come with us EVERY DAY. Greatest blessing ever! We are seeing a lot more progress because the members are helping us out even more 🙂

we got yummy Halloween candy
we got yummy Halloween candy

One day when we went out with a member, we contacted one of their references and the person started talking to us in ENGLISH. coolest thing ever! I guess she grew up in New Jersey or New York but she spoke really well. I could hold the conversation alright, but when we started talking about the gospel, i COULD NOT express myself and i got super embarrassed and i guess my face turned red -__- I guess i will be working on that these next few months…cuz if not, THAT’S GONNA BE AWKWARD when i get home…

I dont have much more time left here 😦 It is a really odd feeling. I am very comfortable with this life…It’s a super healthy lifestyle and i love truly seeing the change in everyone…their change, studying the scriptures, and going through the hardships has truly changed me and I will keep changing me. I like living life this way because you are forced into awkward or uncomfortable or not ideal situations and you just gotta work with what you got! And as you work through those rough times, you grow and you get closer to God because He truly is the only One who can bring you out of those down times.

me and hna. Roajas
me and hna. Roajas

I’ve been actually reflecting a lot on what i have learned and liked up until now in my mission. Something i have realized is that my absolute hardest times out here have been my most favorite because I have changed something about myself and I truly only had my Heavenly Father to rely on to pull me out of it. Sure, it was hard in the moment…sure, i felt alone and weak…but in the end, I found strength and comfort in God’s promises. When we go through rough situations, it is to learn, grow, and overcome in order to become more like our Brother, Jesus Christ. Trust in Him. Keep God’s commandments and watch the blessings pour down upon you. It has me truly convinced of God’s love for me. He loves me unconditionally. He helps me when I’m weak. Living this gospel truly is the way out of depression or sadness. I know it. I have experienced it. I testify that Christ blessed us with this gospel so that we could truly LIVE it. And by living it, we receive a testimony of Christ’s true gospel and love because we see the blessing and the way it strengthens us.

This satuday, we passed by someone who was recently baptized in June and wasn’t coming to church. They are the only member in their family and are experiencing  a lot of opposition. When we came, she hugged us as if she had known us well even though we had never met. She ended up coming to church with us the next day. While we were there, she started to tear up and told me that this church truly is just HAPPINESS. She said how much she loves this gospel and Christ because He allowed her to find a way out of the hard times. She could feel at peace and she could feel Christ’s pure love. She almost made me cry too.

cute doggie
cute doggie

He loves us infinitely. He has blessed us so much, honestly I don’t know where i would be in my life right now if i was without it. It has become my life and will stay that way even after the day i die. I definitely think i took it for granted before i came out here on a mission…i didn’t realize what a blessing it is–my feelings are really indescribable right now. AH! My heart is full.

On another note, we are planning a thanksgiving feast for lunch for the last thursday of the month! The majority of our zone are northamericans so it’s a prettttty big deal. haha really though. 🙂 It’ll be good.

BBQ dinner with my group
BBQ dinner with my group

This week i also had a cough attack during a lesson to the point where my eyes were watering and turned red so THAAAAT was embarrassing! hahahha for real though ahhh.

ahem. okay last, but not least, we talked with a young man this week and he started telling us about his past beliefs. He said he used to go to a church where the mixed tree substance from the orient of Ecuador with some hallucinagines (and he told us that some people consider it to be drugs but “it’s not drugs”) and then they take those…..drugs…..and meditate. That is how they worshipped God and he said that -somehow–it is based on Christ’s doctrine. He said “it was a really cool church until our leader started telling us that Jesus Christ comes every 40 years and that HE was Jesus Christ”. It was a really odd experience. We’ll see if he keeps wanting to know more about the church cuz he was kind of lost.

HAHAHA! Welp, that’s it for the week! 🙂 Hope you all have a really really great week 🙂 hehe I love you all.

Stay strong. Push forward. Don’t lose your faith. Trust in God. Be obedient.
Hermana Dunne 😀

ps- about 30% of the people guess i’m from the U.S, 30% guess Holland, 30% guess Switzerland, and 10% guess either canada, australia, or england. HAAAA fun fact nada mas.
my question is, am i REALLY THAT white?!

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