LIFE is hard, NOT the gospel

Hey hey heyyy!! Great afternoon everyone!

I have a few funny stories to tell you all.

1. I had divisions with HNA ROJAS!!! I missed her soso much. She’s just ALWAYS happy. Honestly, when we were working together in her sector everyone was SO MEAN. We got looooots of rejections. But she just kept smiling, and laughing, and showed her faith by still talking to everyone she could . She really inspired me. But SIDENOTE: on the way to her sector, while we were on the bus, these two men hopped on and started rapping. We didn’t pay much attention but then they started doing a FREESTYLE. One of them, dreds and all, came up and started freestyling about ME! I felt sooooo awkward because i’m A MISSIONARY and i just covered my face. But he was saying things like “you’re more beautiful than shakira” and he rapped about my rose ring (props to Elder Anderson for sending it!) and the apple I was eating……it was hilarious but super awkward. He finally moved on to other people, but at the end he came back to me and gave me a free CD of his raps and then blew kisses to me….really odd experience.

2. When Hna Rojas and I were companions and she got changes, I gave her some floss to take with her because dad packed me up with TONS. So she told me that she got to her new sector and found the floss and thought it was candy. She licked it and said it was “too spicy” and she didn’t like the candy! So she put it away for a while until her companion asked if she could use it. So, as she flossed her teeth, Hna Rojas snuck around the corner and spied on her to see how to use it. HAHAHHAHA. We were laughing so hard when she told me that story. I LOVE HER!

me and hna. Roajas
me and hna. Roajas

In other news, a girl from our ward here got called to serve in the Los Angeles Temple’s visitor’s center!! They only gave her a month to prepare! Pretty cool though!

Honestly, I feel like Heavenly Father is really, really blessing us for all our hard work, determination to help others, and diligence in everything…we really are giving the Lord our all and we work super well together! This sunday we receive changes so hopefully neither of us gets changed!! We are even seeing a dad, who’s the only person in his family who’s not a member, is actually listening to us…WILLINGLY. Before he didn’t want anything to do with the church! God really is great.

This is where I have to walk while walking in my area!
This is where I have to walk while walking in my area!

Also, I want to testify of the reality of opposition. When you work hard and are doing everything God wants you to, opposition comes in. You see trials or problems or stress….just SOMETHING happens to keep you on your toes and remember God. Not every trial necessarily comes from God, but every trial DOES cause you to remember Him. Life keeps us humble. There’s a quote i really like from the talk “The Fourth Missionary” by Laurence E. Corbridge that says, “Often we are deceived to think that the gospel is harder than what it is. LIFE is hard, NOT the gospel…there is NO aspect of the gospel of Christ that is beyond your capacity.”

 looks like the grand canyon?!?! we were in la mitad del mundo
looks like the grand canyon?!?! we were in la mitad del mundo

This gospel helps us through the trials life throws at us. Honestly, if I didn’t have this gospel I don’t know HOW i would deal with all the hardships and trials that come in life. It would be very, very difficult. Because as we have faith in Christ and His Atonement and we truly and completely repent of our sins, we have the opportunity to be baptized exactly as Christ was baptized…and receive the remission of our sins. Receive the peace we look after…receive the forgiveness and mercy of God. And then we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost to comfort, guide, and testify to us daily of the truth and how to overcome the trials. I testify that Jesus Christ lives. He guides this church through His prophet, Thomas S. Monson. I testify that the Holy Ghost is part of the trinity and that He really does guide and protect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I can testify of it beause i have experienced it.

Trust in this gospel. Pray to know if this gospel is true. Trust that God will answer you if you ask sincerely. David O. McKay once said,
“The greatest battles you will ever fight will be within the silent chambers of your heart.” In order to avoid those battles, make sure you strive each day to do God’s will so that your divine nature and your carnal nature can be closer intuned. You will receive blessings.



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