I got transferred :( I’m in Ponceano, Ofelia

Hey everyone! Welp,not much time and this keyboard is a little awful…so let’s get to it!

I got transferred 😦 I’m in Ponceano, Ofelia now. It’s a super sad transfer because I wasn’t expecting it at all…and i really came to love everyone in El Vergel…but I mean, what can ya do? It’s God’s will. You just gotta adapt and overcome.That’s how everything in life is, right?

Anyway, last week i had a really bad experience with spirits again…to the point where i couldn’t even THINK to say my prayer. so we sang songs, said a prayer, and commanded it (or them) to leave. scary stuff.

Something interesting I learned this week in a training we received this week is that when 2 people get along it’s either because they’re both obedient or both disobedient. When 2 people don’t get along, it’s because one wants to do the right thing and the other doesn’t care enough. It really is this way. Not just in the mission,but in life as well. If you have problems within your family or marriage, analyze the situation and see how you can care more. Also, read “The Family: A Proclamation for the World” and apply the principles you find there. 🙂

Also, i want to share the experiences we had every day this week with Leonel and Tatiana getting married and baptized so you can see the miracles that happened:

Leonel & Tatiana's wedding
Leonel & Tatiana’s wedding

monday– Leonel couldnt get the marriage date because he didn’t have all the witness information.

tuesday–he didn’t have an ORIGINAL copy of the documents he needed from witnesses so he still couldnt get assigned a date.

wednesday– FINALLY GOT A DATE (almost wasn’t an opening until monday until they double checked)

thursday– Leonel wanted a tie and suit and a dress for his wife
and really scrambled finding them

friday–One of the witnesses got to the Registro Civil ten minutes late so they almost didn’t get married, but luckily they found a way to just make us wait an hour…

yay they did it!
yay they did it!

saturday–They couldn’t enter the baptismal faunt for a while because the water was too hot (hmmm reminds me of my baptism!) so we had to wait a while

sunday–they got confirmed members of Jesus Christ’s church!

their baptism and Tatiana's daughters.
their baptism and Tatiana’s daughters.

Really this was probably the happiest week of my whole mission.They are amazing people and they were able to do all they did because of their faith and prayers…they seriously are very,very converted to the Lord and His gospel. It’s amazing. 🙂 I love them so much.

Well, I just want you all to know that God really still is a God of miracles and that truly by our faith,we see them. I know this gospel is true. I have seen more miracles this week than in my whole mission. Search the scriptures. Apply them to your lives. Live what you learn. Blessings and miracles will come.

Our delicious Thanksgiving feast.
Our delicious Thanksgiving feast.

I love you all.Have a really great week. 🙂
Hermana Dunne

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