Celebrate the joy Christ brings us with all you know as much as you can!

Hey folks. How ya doinnnn?

I dont know why but i’m in a really good mood today! Probably because i’m about to go buy christmas lights. hehe.

Okay so wow, God really does give us hard times to help us reflect and see what else we can do better. Lots of self reflection this week. You might get to the point where you think “wow, i’ve worked hard for a while now. I think i’m humble!” Then BOOM ya get humbled again. Or “wow I have super strong faith…that was always a struggle, but ya know I feel pretty strong” and then BOOM your faith gets tried! My advice: KEEP AT IT.

Also, I had a strong impression this week while reading in 2Nephi that i needed to share this with you all: Do not be tricked into thinking that all is well. That is how satan deceives you. 2 Nephi 28:20-30 ecplains that satan will deceive us by:
1- Causing us to anger against truth (prophets, commandments, scriptures, leaders)
2- Pacify us and “lull [us] away into carnal security” (thinking we’re okay with what we have and what we’re doing)
3- Flatter us away with things of the world (clothes, money, movies, or anything you give more attention than you do to God)
4- Says there is no devil (THERE IS. And you know it.)
5- Persuade us to deny the power of God and the gift of the Holy Ghost (This week someone told me that the Holy Ghost doesnt exist…that it is just a chemical imbalance that causes us to feel a certain sensation, etc… don’t fall into that trap. God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost live and are as real as you and I are.)
6- Think that “we have received [enough of God’s word] and we need no more!” (verse 29) (read 2 Nephi chapter 29 too)

Christmas dinner at the Presidents house.
Christmas dinner at the Presidents house.

On another note, This week we had our Christmas “dinner” (it was lunch) with President Richardson and his wife!! All of us leaders did a skit and it was super funny but at the end very spiritual.  I had a few epiphanies there.  Jesus Christ really is our Saviour.  This really is GOD’S work and HIS will. If we do our best, we should feel good at the end of the day. God will do the rest always. I love Him dearly.

Delicious brownie from Christmas dinner.
Delicious brownie from Christmas dinner.

We can work super hard all day long all week with a bad attitude and see no fruits, or we can work super hard all day long all week with a good attitude and see many fruits hasta milagros. Put it to test. Change your attitude, and you’ll see changes in your life.

Something interesting that my companion shared with me this last week too is that when we receive health blessings, we may have the faith to be healed…..but do we have the faith to NOT be healed? Do we have faith strong enough to accept that maybe God has it in our plan to not be healed? To suffer a little more? To grow a little more through the same hard experience? To learn a little more? Do we trust in God enough to accept whatever trial may come our way and to keep pushing forward? Let us analyze our faith and cause it to grow by reading our scriptures daily, praying always, and going to church every sunday.

the view at the President's house
the view at the President’s house

I love this work. It feels like time truly is winding down faster and faster every day out here. I’ll be SKYPING MY FAMILY AGAIN next week and two months later I’ll be home. It’s amazing how much you can learn in such little time.

God is great, life is a beautiful mountain range of ups and downs, but in the end the view of it all is priceless.

I hope you all have a really great week! Celebrate the joy Christ brings us with all you know as much as you can! And go visit christmas.mormon.org!! It’s seriously amazing! And the video is very touching.

I'm an elf
I’m an elf

Much love,
Hermana Dunne!!


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