Be strong and push forward.

Hey folks,

Rainy season started. Ayyyyy!

This change we have 28 sisters to do divisions with so THAT will be SO MUCH FUN! They’ll keep me busy for suuure. AAAND Hna Zaragoza (mija) is in my region now!!! AHH.

Federico passed his baptismal interview and is ALL SET for his baptism this saturday!! ayyyy! He is the FUNNIEST guy ever. I love teaching people from the coast. They’re just alll funny. Buena gente, diga!

This sunday we also had LASAGNA for lunch! Second time in my whole mission. Definitely ecuadorian style though. There were hot dogs in it. haahhahah nevertheless, it was lasagna.

Yesterday I gave a talk on why this gospel brings us joy, analyzing the 5 principles of the gospel; faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end. I invite you all to find scriptures and read the definition of every one of those terms…then look how you can receive joy from each of those things. It was really fun for me to study because I could see the reason behind it all as well. Heavenly Father really does have a perfect plan for us.

This week we had a specialized training with two other zones. President talked a lot about that talk i mentioned last week and also a talk called “Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence” ( which is FANTASTIC. There are 6 points we can follow and seriously if we strive to follow through with them, we become more confident. We begin to have a refreshing view of the world and ourselves, and we have a new energy to do what’s right.

The six points he hits are:

1. Take responsibility for your own spiritual well-being.
2. Take responsibility for your own physical well-being.
3. Embrace voluntary, wholehearted obedience as part of your life.
4. Become really, really good at repenting thoroughly and quickly.
5. Become really, really good at forgiving.
6. Accept trials, setbacks, and “surprises” as part of your mortal experience.

I invite you all to read or watch this talk. It’s powerful; Changed my perspective a lot.


Be strong and push forward. Christ is mighty to save, you are able to repent, God is loving and merciful, and everything is in your favor to receive eternal joy. Discover it through living it and ask “the mormon missionaries” about the plan of happiness…or plan of salvation! It’ll change your life if you listen with open ears so you can hear, open eyes so you can see, and an open heart so you can understand–because THAT is how the Holy Ghost can testify to you of the truth.

read mosiah 4:2-3 to learn how you can know if you’ve been forgiven of a sin after repenting and pleading for forgiveness through prayer.

That’s all i’ve got for y’all this week! I hope you have a good one. 🙂

Con todo mi shunku,
Hermana Dunne

ps–you should all visit this site:


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